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11k- 1986-87 _ Davidson's Sesquicentennial 
Yeai edition ol the Quips & Cranks is dedi- 
cated to .ill the men and women who work lor 
Davidson College ["heir loyalty and dedication 
make Davidson a trul) special place. 

Jane E. Campbell 


US* 1 



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Upon arm me at Davidson, members of the class of 1987 learned of their unique position history. 

During freshman orientation. then-Interim President Fronds Johnston told these students they beloi ividson's ' 

150th class. . . 

By chance rather than merit. Sesquicentennial class members arrived at Davidson at a particularly exciting point, I He 
Sesquicentennial celebrates the college's historic strengths, but the occasion also can provide a logical opportunity to 
scrutinize the current situation and to plan thoughtfully for coming years. Past, present and future Davidson can meet in the 
Sesquicentennial celebration . 

? 4 


"The insistent ringing of a 
solitary school bell through the halls 
of Chamber reminds us all that the 
mandate laid upon students and 
teachers on that March morning in 
1837 is today reiterated. Get up and 
do it again: live faithful lives; dis- 
cover in this place the ways of wis- 
dom and virtue; open yourself to 
truth; learn justice and compassion; 
offer yourself in service." 

— President John Kuykendall 
Sesquicentennial Opening 
Convocation introduction 
A single bell chimed in David- 
son's Sesquicentennial Celebration 
as a March 12, 1987 convocation 
commemorated the opening day of 
classes 150 years earlier. On that 
date in 1837, two professors and 
President Robert Hall Morrison 
began teaching 64 students at a 
"Manual Labor School" founded 
by Concord Presbytery. 

This church connection domi- 
nated the Sesquicentennial Opening 
Convocation. The program's theme, 
' " Faith and Learning , " incorporated 
Yale Divinity School Dean Le- 
ander E. Keek's speech, entitled, 
"Academe and Steeple: Shared 
Vocation." Keck and three other 
theologians received honorary 
degrees; the other recipients were 
Director of Claremont Graduate 
School Institute for Antiquity and 
Christianity James M. Robinson; 
President of San Francisco Theolog- 
ical Seminary J. Randolph Taylor; 
and Duke University Professor of 
New Testament Dan O. Via. 

1 . In the shade of the towering 
Sesquicentennial logo. Assistant 
Chaplain Brenda Tapia; Chairman 
of the Board of Trustees Ben Craig; 
and former Interim President, Dean 
Emeritus of Faculty and Kenan His- 
tory Professor Emeritus Frontis 
Johnston wait for their parts of the 

2. Announcing candidates' 
names. President John Kuykendall 
and Vice-President for Academic 
Affairs, Dean of Faculty and History 
Professor Robert Williams bestow 
honorary degrees. 

1. Conferring before leading fellow faculty members down the straight 
and narrow path through the auditorium are History Professor Malcolm Les 
ter and Archivisl Chalmers Davidson. 

2. "Our lathers loved thee, gave their best . ." sing Student Govern- 
ment Association President Mark Sandy, Tapia, Craig. Johnston and 
Ku\ Kendall. 

] Yale Divinity School Dean 
Leander li Keek emphasized 
church-related higher education's 
responsibility to transmit \alue and 


Davidson's aerial appearance will differ dramatically upon construction ol a planned sports facilitj Scheduled for completion b> late 1988, the 
new complex will be the college's largest building. The 135,000-square foot structure will house seven racquetball courts, one squash court, an 
eight-lane swimming pool and diving area, a 6,000-seat basketball arena, an indoor track, a weight room, locker rooms, offices, and training 





183 7 WnVJII^JXB 198 7 




Marcus Lamar Allen 
Charles Fitzgerald Bratton 
Kerry Walter Brown 
Marino Anton Bruce 
Corliss Nichele Carter 
Kimberly Lavita Clayton 
Jackie Denetrice Daughtry 
Donald Ray Davis Jr. 
LaVetta Nichelle Dawkins 
Karin Michelle Douglas 
Maria Turnetta Douglas 
Aaron Maurice Edwards 
Edward Gaines Jr. 
Tracy Renee Gaines 
Sheldon Leonard Gannon 
Melissa Evelyn Givens 
Maurice Edward Gray 
Jeffery Theodore Harris 
Stephanie Maureen Harris 

Jason Bruce Hillen 
Jeffrey Darrell Himes 

Howard Humphries Jr. 
Alan Keith Hunter 
Vanessa Lynn James 
Donyale Jones 
Michael Ray Jones 
Vincent Karl Knight 
Reginal Lenard Leggette 
Alan Randall Lewis 
Benjam Michael Makonnen 
Sonja Ann Miller 
Muadi Mukenge 
Ramona Oliver 
Tim Poston 

Michael Patrick Rogers 
Derek Alan Rucker 
Michelle Serrano 
Charles Olean Showers Jr 
Mervin Levonne Taylor 
Sabrina Elaine Walton 
Wayne Allan Williams 


Ras mond John Annen 
Steven John Baggarly 
Brett Andrew Bakke 
Beth Michele Bowen 
James Forrest Bowen 
Barbara Suzanne Brooks 
Nanc) Lynne Castle 
Mar) Kathryn Edmonds 
His. in Andrew Feigenbaum 
I >erek Anson French 
Katherine Ann Gatchel 
John Thomas Gathings 
Marj Martha Hammond 
Mar) Margaret Doyle Hill 
1 lizabeth 1 ouise Hoh 
Timoth) Franklin Jac ks 
Da\ k1 Somers Johnston 
Katrina Anne Lehman 
Anne Christine Montrem 
Ellen Mane Morrisse) 

Belton Covington Myers 
John Lamar Odom 
Shannon Coleen O'Shields 
Frances Bethune Parker 
Fredric Walter Pullen 
Greta Leigh Ratlifl 
Douglas Brewster Rohelen 
Norma Matilda Rodriguez 
Patnek Neil Schlag 
I lorence Durboraw Snivel) 
Ann Bradle) Spues 
William Dale Staneil 
Christopher Paul Sullivan 
Mark David Swift 
Caroline Elizabeth V inson 
Basil Gordon Watkins 
Cristin Mcintosh Williams 
Kimberl) Rene Williams 
Wayne Allen Williams 
Michael Charles Stephens 

Kappa Alpha 

lliwiinw rw—wgin 




« / 

Charles Lyndorf Abney 
Thomas Gibson Allen 
lames Patrick Armstrong 
Bnan Henry Asbill 
Bnan Christopher Beard 
David Kenneth Becker 
William Howard Benson 
David Jeter Bialock 
Rj> Laveme Boyet 
KivhjrJ -\ndrew Bright 
Stephen Samuel Burgoon 
Tod Roben Caldwell 
Hueh Brown Campbell 
Ronald Craig Carlock 
Richard Loomis Case 
Barry Paul Clark 
Andrew ( ronin Clarke 
John Roben Coleman 
Donald Michael ( ollins 
Allen Ayres Compton 
Bryan Carroll Counts 
Davidson Hayes Dallas 
Jonathan Parker Darse) 
Bruce Shelby Etch 
Moms Malvern Ewmg 
David Phillip Foote 
Coleman Deane Fnwble 
Edward Michael Genovesc 
Marion Boyd Gillespie 
J.'hn Edward Goff 
Thorn a 1 - McBnde Good rum 

Revnoid Carter Grine 
MacDonald Kelmer Hardcastle 
James Mark Hams 

Stephen Hall Harrison 
Joseph Scott Han 
Steven Todd Hoekman 
Frank Stone Holt 

Michael McElwee Holt 
Charles Lee James 
George Henrv lobe 
Charles Milford Jordan 
Kent Williams Kerchei 
Brooke Austin Knight 
Michael Ramsav Ladd 
Daniel Senn LaFar 
Stephen Rogers Lau 
John rhomas I jv 
Da\id Anthony Lloyd 
Michael Duane Mallor) 

David Russell Mavnard 
John William McCaute) 
Uexanda Ward McKeimen 
William Francis Mitchell 
Kenneth Roben Mobte) 
Robert Charles Moore 
Andrew Justin Morgan 
Sean [nomas Mosei 
Daniel Beaslej Munej 
Matthew Waller New sum 
Frank Kenneth Noojm 
Stephen Wiiherou Nuckolls 
Steven loddOmli 
Curtis L\man Ott 
Stephen Paul Ott 
Edwin Leonard Page 

Junius Scon Prince 
John Bcniamin Renter 
l ric Charles Rmcwali 
William Couchell Robinson 
David Richard Rosselot 
Winston Mitchell Rosl 

tee Sandy 
Charles Sherburne Sentell 
John Calvin Sharp 
James Barron Shaw 
Robert Bruce Shemll 
Allen Coleman Smith 
Paul Dibrell Sowell 
Michael Scott Spear 
Gary Thomas Stewart 
Eric Fumian Strothei 
Richard Blair Tankard 
William Gordon Tanner 
rhomas koodathumanm 
James Bcrkelev Thompson 
Roben Scotl VanKirk 
Roben Alexander Vest 
Wdliam Bemhan Wahlhein 
William Fdward W aitsman 
Steven Todd Wallemus 
Cecil Francis Whitakei 
John Whitfield Wilks 
William Tipton Willoughb) 
Edward Croft Wilson 
Peter Dednck Wright 
Benjamin Allen Yarbrough 
Roberl Paul Zimmerman 


Kappa Sigma 

Eric Anthoin Bach 
W illiam Hill Brown 
William Pfinesl Carrel 

Robert Vaughan Cornish 
David Gordon Lett 
Rohb Ashb\ McDaniel 

Da\ id John Rochtord 
William Daggetl Whitfield 
I "Ad Gordon Young 


Thomas Michael Allen 
David Hine Alyea 
Julius Norman Arey 
Victoria Vance Atwell 
John Costley Barrow 
Wanda Gail Bass 
Randal Paul Bast 
Alfred Dudley Bell 
Margaret Marie Bledsoe 
Laura Anne Brown 
William Adolphus Bugg 
Kathleen Howard Caldwell 
Kendra Elizabeth Carr 
Anne Elizabeth Caughej 
Lsnn Campbell Chesnut 
Boyd Wayne Coggins 
Kimberly Jo Crabtree 
Caroline Evelyn Craig 
Nancy Verna Craig 
Elizabeth Bennett Davis 
Emily Susan Dolan 
John Charles Gilmer 
Lara Elaine Glenn 
Adrianne Lisbeth Coins 

Charles Carlisle Gowing 
Julia Diane Grant 
John But'ord Grier 
Richard Harley Hammond 
Simeon David Harbert 
Virginia Palmer Harmon 
Amy Elizabeth Addison Harrel 
Charles Glenn Hoyle 
John Warren Hoyle 
Ismat Syed Husain 
Kenneth Phillip Jones 
Hugh McLean Lee 
Dana Lynn Lemon 
Aaron Stuart Levine 
Diana Kathryn Long 
Elizabeth Maria Majoros 
Julie Virginia Mayfield 
Thomas Parker McCrary 
Patrick Shannon Mullen 
Denise Louise Norby 
David Williams Norris 
Paul Haile Norris 
Susan Martin Park 
Kenneth Charles Place 

Katherine Ellen Prillaman 
John David Ramsey 
David Kilburn Ray 
Sheley Rene Revis 
Susan Brame Roberson 
George Dave Robinette 
Victoria Carr Rogers 
Scott Christopher Saye 
John Allen Smith 
Laura Holloway Sparks 
Sharon Elizabeth Spong 
Karen Alena Sterner 
Todd Evan Straw ser 
Linda Ruth Tatsapaugh 
James Sheppard Taylor 
MiTia Tran 
Thomas Oliver Vinton 
Thomas Riley Whipple 
Martha Virginia White 
David Greenhill Williams 
Katherine Olivia Womble 
Christopher Alan Wood 
Pamela Dawn Wright 
William Van Dorn Young 

Phi Delta Theta 

\lu had Howard Heard 
Brett Enz Beebe 
James Nicholas Boink 
Christopher James Bopp 
Mathijs Henri Brentjens 
Jonathan Paul Brinkman 
kev in Lee Hums 
William Gaston Caperton 
Michael Carroll Cate 
Rodnev Reed Cate 
Stewart Mitchell Cates 
Emil .lames Cekada 

Paul Cattell Collins 
Thomas I oliis Bear Crv stal 
Da\ id Northrop Dalrymple 
w illiam Craw lord Dixon 
\\ illiam Bryan Dukes 
Aaron Maurice I dwardi 
Ian Robinson Filiss 
Theodore Nestor Graser 
Christopher Edward Hardin 
Imiothv Clifford Hem/e 
Douglas Alan Hicks 
William Jordan Hollowa) 
Michael C. Howard 

Stephen Daniel Judge 
Alexander Jung 
Brian Dennis K o 1 1 \ 
Habib ( ieorge Kurani 
David Frank Lilies 
Robert Hutchinson Lutz 
Lesley Charles Mabe 
James Alan Marehewka 
Robert Alan Martin 
John Steven Maxwell 
Jaek William McCollum 
Matthew Braine McConnell 
Matthew McDonald Merrell 
Jell Allen Mtnr 
David Marion Murrav 
Kenneth David Nazemetz 
Douglas Joseph Neil 
Tmiothv Arnold Nielsen 
Dennis Anihonv Nutter 
James Michael Putard 
lames Raj Poag 
W ade Hampton Powell 
John Michael Reynolds 
Michael Patrick Rogers 
lames lee Ruark 

Charles Douglas Saintsing 

Todd Michael Sautter 
Harr\ Grant Schiavi 
Paul McCann Searle 
Bryan Edward Skelton 
Jonathan Paul Skinner 
Robert Samuel Smith 
Joseph Crier Stewart 
\rthur Bowers Stit/er 
John Robert Swanson 
Jeffrej Scotl Swyers 
Michael Anthony Taibi 
Michael Shannon Teel 
Olivier Jerome Van Dierdonek 
Andrew Graham Vaughn 
Glenn Lee Wagner 
Timothj Patrick Weaver 
Glen W hilener W ilkerson 
Jesse I erov Wilkins 
Herbert Pieree Williams 
William Anthonv Willoughb) 
Romulus Claiborne W right 
Seott Craig Brandon 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Russell Eubank Booker 
Theodore Harris Davis 
Nelson Harold Fredsell 
Carl Daniel Garlington 
Carl Patrick Hobson 
Thomas Ellis Holland 
Georg Allen Howe 
Robert Holmes Lee 
Stuart Brannan MacCallum 
Charles Tidmarsh Major 
Samuel Scott McKinney 

Daniel Charles Michaelis 
Eric Charles Peterson 
David Albert Petranick 
Thomas Eugene Ridenhour 
Gregory Russell Smouse 
James Campbell Sorenson 
John Thomason Townsend 
Bryan Stanton Tuttle 
George Shane Meeks 
Howard Bromley Moyes 
Carl Knight Whipple 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

David Thomas \i hi i 
Bruce Jonathan Bacon 
Steve Ragsdale Bavkm 
i im i iou| lass B m hi III i 
William Charles Beckwith 
Donald Ro) Bergsma 
i tavid i amai Blouni 
Michael Nolan Bohan 
lames I dward Bradlej 
Stephen I Irani Bradle) 
Petei Reynolds Bream 
Richard Wayne Browdei 
Roben Kdrian Brown 
Jason MacRae Buddc 
lohn Blasi Budd 
Bennett Stover Cardwell 
i ■ 

Philip i arli I lifTord 
\ndreu Boxlej Cooke 
David William I 01 
Erii Lee < rowte) 
Samuel rhomas Cutting 
lohn Warren Davis 
Stephen John Davis 
Michael Vnthonj DeTurc 
Kevin Riomas Donnaltej 
Bil ii Moh imrm d I 
David Charles 1 itzgerald 
lohn David I leenoi 
Bretl Manin Rinchum 
David Mian I ullei 
Mien \$hli ■■ I iu i 
I dgai ( larem i I iamponia 
Seth Hawki 

i n dei i< * rattiket 
Mart I lien Gosnell 

John Brute Gl 
Kevin Lee Grooms 
John George Guise 
David ( In J Hand) 
Peter Richard Harding 
John kirk Harper 
James Edwin Harris 
John Martin Hicks H.m 
William Mathews Hartman 
Man Daryl Hatfield 
i, in, Dancl Himes 
Mil hael Dickinson Hobbs 
John Stafford Hutton 
William Scoti lrMn 
Donaldson Earwood James 
i harles Pierre Jenkins 
Richard Carl Jones 
William Bradford lung 
Jacob Oswald Kamm 

John Suk Hoi I 

i iwrence Keith 
Bernard lose] I I 
William Perrj Killam 
I rancis Bryan Kirtle) 
Ronald Douglas Krnacik 
( raifl Walla 
Austin Kelli I 

I ! 

Roben Andrew I ovas 


■. . Mann 
Paul l onrno Man iano 
David William Mathews 
1. 1 i ayloi Mayo 
lames * rraj M 

Anihons Pat: ■ 
Scott Rams* 


Robert Sean Miller 
Micahel Brett Mom-. 


■ .ii Murrcll 

i Orlando 
J Phillips 

Frank Hon) Prwc 

John Juhuv Reel 
Brian l evict Rice 
Oliver Hunter Rodde> 
John Cartyle Schmin 
William Mich 
John Angu ' 
John Franklin Startle) 


Derek I yni Si 
R Ian Slraub 

Daniel Warren Stuelpcuuwl 
Mervin I evonnc raylor 
John WhitTM 

i dward lodd 
hrw Tysinga 
i Vaughn 

Christopher Lee Waller 

Steven Mdlihcvs White 

James Eric Whusell 
iki Wilcor. 

Bietl Christopher /ion 


Lauren Brooke Adums 

Karen Elaine Dailev 

Kathenne Lee Huster 

Catherine Page Moreau 

Whitnce Lynne Stevens 

June Carter Adcock 

Elizabeth Rhodes Damewood 

Elizabeth Jane Ingram 

Kirsten Elisa Morrill 

Heather Jean Stewart 

Sheryl Lynn Aikman 

Deborah Grace DeCou 

Alexandra Webster lve\ 

Kimberlv Karen Mulhs 

Deborah Jo Snehr 

Caroline Sloan Aldav 

Mehnda Dickinson Dennis 

Martha Coleman Johnson 

Carolyn Meade Neale 

Marion Stallworth Stone 

Anne Louise Allen 

Andrea Lvnn Diedrich 

Sarah Kristin S Johnson 

Elizabeth Leigh Nealt 

Shannon 1 lizabeth Stow 

Elizabeth Pern Anderson 

Melissa Beth Dilelluso 

Mehnda Lee Johnston 

Knsiin Ellen Nelson 

Alice Carson Slubbs 

Allie Miller Baldwin 

Lisa McGowan Dockers 

Lori \nn Kalahal 

Kimberlv Anne Nikles 

Ann Isabel Slude 

Laune Graee Ballenger 

Kann Michelle Douglas 

Eileen Median Keeley, 

Stephanie Dawn rhomi 

Amanda Bears Barret 

Mardi Anne Dover 

Elizabeth Newell Keenan 

i ath i M N II Norton 

Ann Bierlv Thompson 

finslev Porter Bales 

Sarah Elizabeth Dnimmond 

Lucinda Stewart Kellam 

Stephanie Powers Town 

Laura Taylor Barren 

Elizabeth Sue Dultera 

Alyssa Mane Kendall ss Passhall 

Virginia Mead Tubman 

Mary Grelchen Beal 

Anna Kathenne Erwin 

Elizabeth Allen Kenned) 

Susan Middle-ton Pcirsall 

Pamela Mane Turner 

Tamara Beckham 

Susjn Howell Evans 

Kara Lvnn K.s.kcn 

Kappa McGee Peddv 

Leslie Anne Urban 

Ruth Elizabeth Boone 

Laura Olivia Fannin 

Lvnda Susan Kortmann 

Kimberlv Anne Powell 

Ellen Rebecca Voss 

Christine DeVore Brclscher 

Mickev Priscilla Faucelle 

Kristin Kclls K,.si 

Jane Havnsworth Price 

Gracia Gillican Walker 

1 li/ubeth Ella Brice 

Lienor Frances Frame 

Kathenne Carpenter Kraemer 

Kathenne Ms San Prise 

Susan Mane Walls 

Elizabeth Carey Bryan 

Elizabeth Lee Griffin Franklin 

Liza Beth Lahr 

Margo Smith Piiskcti 

Julie Mane \s alsh 

Anne Elizabeth Bryson 

Marisa Due ret (iaha 

Joanna Tomta Lav 

Sabnna Elaine Walton 

Virginia 1-ee Burke 

Allison Carol Gabay 

Kathenne Anne Lee 

VA endj Lee w amet 

Muce\ Elizabeth Burks 

Laura Elizabeth Gabel 

Jennifer Susan Link 

Milbrev 1 wine Ranee 

Jennilei Ruth Watson 

Jane Elizabeth Campbell 

Reubie Holliday Gaston 

Jennifer Moore Livingston 

Morioes 1 li/aklh Reeves 

Anne Alyson Walls 

Kcm Robin Carder 

Carol Lee Gatewood 

Maurya Mas Neil 

Shen Ann Revnulds 

Laura Felkcr \schh 

Julia Carol Cardwell 

Debby Clonnda Giles 

Kristin Michaela Malone 

Flora McNair Robinson 

Susannah Beverlej Wei 

Elizabeth Howard Carlton 

Rebecca Koch Gilmer 

Kimberlv Ashto 

Sallv Ann Robinson 

Kathenne Cummings W 

Corliss Nichele Carter 

Mary Jane t ioode 

Karen Spencer Marston 

Diane Lvnnc Rose 

Sarah Elizabeth Whitest 

Lisa fclaine Ceely 

Lisa Kav Grace 

Barbara Lynn Mathenv 

Laura Leslie Ross 

Sarah Louise Whiteside 

\lisun Anne Chapman 

Ajita Grewal 

Suzanne Brown Mauz. 

1 lizabeth Pound Rothschild 

Cvnlhia Lvnn Whillinet 

1 lizabeth Bradlord Clark 

Marc Sarah Griffith 

Nancy Sloan McAltster 

Jane Kalhcnnc Roval 

Susan Neal W ilkins 

K.mberly Lavita Clayton 

Leslie Camilla Hamilton 

Anne Kimherlcv McAllister 

Ancela Carol Ruden 

Man Melissa Willis 

Man Jean Cooper 

Margarel Ellen Hane.*_k 

Julia Snead Mst ones 

Lauren Susan Russell 

Elizabeth lime tt inn 

Caryn Ellen Coppedge 

Elizabeth O'Kelley Hardman 

Alison Kav Mchnlire 

Man Elizabeth Sanders 

Ann Megan young 

Lauren Elizabeth Corbett 

Pamela Jeanne Hannunn 

Margarel Campbell McGee 

Sarah McCrav Schilling 

Elizabeth westward Comelson 

Virginia Hornadav Harris 

Heather loan McKee 

Linda Ann Sehmclzcr 

Kimberly Ann Craig 

Rachel Haynie Hennine 

Kalhryn Margaret Mckenzie 

Grelchen Ferns Schoel 

Lara Michelle t raeen 

Caroline Gisela Hollman 

Melissa Suninei McTcinore 

Man Elisabeth Schwalbe 

Laurie Frances Crawford 

Frances Langhome Hniist 

Ann Lvnn MsSclis 

rracj Kaic Seckinger 

Man Scott Cruse 

Lisa Ann Howe- 

Jennifer lee McQueen 

Marian Slaton Singer 

helle Culbenson 

Leah Ruth Howell 

Sarah Elizabeth Merrill 

Catherine Mane Sloop 

Eudora Mauldin Cunningham 

Man Robertson Howell 

Diana Leslie Miller 

Rulh Miller Snyder 

Maxine Christopher Curry 

Mice Howard Hull 

Susan Havs Montgomery 

l-li/uhclh Glyilll Soseell 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Herbert I i) 

Pem William tycock 

\ndre\s kudsard Bj|] 

Bradford Franklin BfaK 

rullon Hunllev Boston 
Charles FitZgenld Bral 

William Pari 

Jusiin Joli 

Robert Bain B 
Chrislophei Kenned) Bums 
Walla Woodrov. Bu„„ 
Galileo 1 nnijue Cabrales 
I hapin 


Michael v.. 1 

I tDwihci 

Ki(xn Ross Ill son 
tin I i.l ' 


I I Jnuin.K 

w I ihridge 
William I lei Wilkin 
Charles I indsej Fbnvillc 
Seth Daniel Force 
Ronald I ouii Fresh 

M Inedlander 

S...H V., | 

i iKMnpson Haddoi k 
Mexandci Ivey rladre) 

Matthew I Hailc 

Charles Andrew Handler 

. Hankins 
Chnsropher Hill Hargrove 

rVndrev. < lameron Harwood 
Dunn IVnson Hotlil 
R,.ben Bales Houck 

Ward \authn HoiKk 

Chrislophei Neil lacobs 

Nathaniel Peyton lobe 

Chrislophei Nicolas June, 
vrt Jones 
rsirtn kilpalrisk 
Collia Coo Lilly 

tei Utile 
David Guistopher Lona 

Joseph J. -tn 

I dwtn < .'melius Luihcr 

Joseph Ba.on Martin 

rn Mjlhis 

Idwjrd Craig Martison 

Alexander Lyon Maullshs 

'.! N 

lohn Read McNtcholi 

JeMres \ auehn Mcscr 
Jellre. Wil 

Scott Alan Milkes 

Whitncs Hjjtis Momgesmcrv 

Joseph Wil 

Harrison SladC Murrjs 

Roger Bnjsc Nolsingcr 

John Blake 

i levscllsn Odom 
H.implon Oliscr 
kirk RasnyonJOmrll 
Bnjii MtChacI IKetYjsh 
John rrccman Patten 

ion Osijnt/ 
n Reeen 
Brian Daniel S 
Joseph Paul Simpson 
William Rcsnolds Sinelclon 
Ralph Mar. ■ 
Stephen Liks Stuh 
R.-oert Tsler Stone 
Pelct Christopher Stuart 
V. ilium Under Sutton 
Das id William Terrell 
Da, id Man 

Michael Andrew \alnuena 
William Bsrd Warlisk 
Timothy Jas Water. 


Charles Michael \ 

Charles J.^eph W mnunn 
William Pcnnuel W...J 
Waller Hcnrs W.suJs 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Ashlaq Alam Ahsanucklin 
John deSaussure Allison 
Robert William Asinger 
Robert Milam Austell 
Jeffrey Taslor Batten 
Todd'DeBower Beddard 
Russell Smuh Bitter 
Thaddeus Richard Busby 
Andrew Sutton Clark 
Richard Winfield Cloudt 
Aaron Bernard Cohen 
Scott Bradley Costanlini 
Mark Benjamin Cntchett 
Thomas Edward Davis 
Tennej Infills Deane 
Robert Collins Downie 
Christopher Scotl Duke 
Theodore Andrew Dunn 
James Edwin Earle 
John Haden Eckbert 
Hugh Lee Eichelberger 
John Robert Elster 
John Augustine Engel 
Carter Lowell Garrett 
Andrew Tibbals Graves 
Anthony Conley Griffin 
Michael Roberts Gross 

Robert Christopher Grzeszczak 
William Mitchell Hall 
Henry Lytic Harrcll 
Jeffrey Roger Hearle 
Ered Noms Higgins 
John Eric Hoffmann 
Kevin Michael Horan 
Charles Weston Houck 
John Greenaway Humphrey 
Arthur Jackson Hurt 
John Patrick Hutchinson 
William Laird Jones 
Robert Francis Kennedy 
Douglas William Kim 
Robert Andrew Kromer 
William Bruce Labiosa 
James Wesley Lewis 
Prank Knight Lord 
Lance E. Luckey 
Robert Edward Matthews 
Joseph Shcppard Minus 
Thomas Hampson Moore 
Grant Gibbons Morain 
Muadi Mukcnge 
Kenneth Edward Neal 
Craig Thomas Normand 
Holme N OltTOgge 

Paul George Papadopoulos 
Richard John Pollard 
David Bruce Roberson 
Douglas McGuire Robinson 
Christopher William Ruffner 
Frank Conrad Schwalbe 
William Turner Scouten 
George Lawrence Sledge 
Elliott Grainger Smith 
William Guy Smith 
Michael Alan Snell 
David Todd Spong 
Geoffrey Fielding Strouse 
Jon Reynard Tarleton 
William Poole Thomason 
Thomas James Vaccaro 
James Robert VanDerzee 
Jacques Leonard Vauclain 
James Edward Walker 
Jerry Andrew Walker 
Christopher Charles Westlake 
John Mark Wright 
Julian Huim Wncht 
Michael Andrew 'McDonald 



Sarah Belh Abrams 
Chelle) Kaye Alexandei 
Katharine fhayei Armstrong 
Susan Antoinette Austin 
Ark-no J.n Bach 
Colleen Renee Bairas 
Kathryn I laine Barnetl 
Suzanne Beckham 
Vnnemarie Belanger 
Kendra I enoi Benjamin 
Rebecca I ynn Benton 
Elizabeth Long Bostick 
Catherine Bryan Bowman 
Judith Wynn Bowman 
I lizabeth In in Brown 
Margaret I laine Brown 
I enna ( arol Brubakei 
Thanh Nga Laura Burrell 
Debra I ynn Bynum 
Judith Cameron Chalmers 
"i ounglan Loni Chung 
Constance I ynn I lark 
Moll) Maude ( ochran 
Cheryl Lynn Connor 
Catherine Camille Coopei 
Deborah Mison Coultet 
Elizabeth lennings Craig 
Mar) I lizabeth ( Irook 
\pnl I ynn Dail 
LaVetta Nichelle Dawkins 

Janet Lee Dees 
I aura Ayei Dodenhofl 
Elizabeth Ann Dolan 
Wend) Gayle Dunn 
lulie I ynn Earles 
Ann Elizabeth Edwards 
Elizabeth Grace Eldei 
Stephanie Layne Fannin 
Patricia Ann Fisher 
Heathei I ea I >>rhis 
Amelia I ox 
\nn McCarlej Giles 
Melissa I velyn Givens 
Sheryl i .I..-, ( lordon 
Susan i lardnei ( ir.mi 
\ alerie Vnn < Iraves 
Therese Marie ( lyau< h 
\ irginia Childs Hall 
Marj 1 ik ilc Hampton 
Marion Michael Handle) 
Ellen Anne Harding 
Hannah I ind Harrell 
Morrill Elizabeth Harrin loi 
\m\ Ruth Hemdon 
I lizabeth \nn Hicks 
Linda Marie Hi 
Sara I eigh Hinson 
Jennifei I ynn Hoffman 
Penelope Payne Hughi 
Vanessa I ynn lames 

I in i.i I ivingston Kendall 
I mi ■) oung Kim 
Elizabeth Ann kirkland 
Susan English Knowles 
I i.k \ Karen Kooglei 
Kyong slim Lee 
Emit) Elizabeth < i I ong 
April Dawn 1 o\ ing 
Patti \ileen Lucas 
Katherine Ann MacDonald 
Joanne < hristene Maheras 
Katherine Elleene Malloi 
Mia Glade Markewitz 
I lina \ihi.i Mazzella 
Mai jorie < laldei M i 
Jennifei Bonner Met lun 
Sonja Ann Miller 
I leanoi ( la) Moore 
Judith Ellen Moore 
Mar) Katherine Myatl 
I ee Rajamalliga '■ 
< latherine Mav Nelson 
\ i in I ow lei I imura 
I eelia t lodfrej < Iwen 
Ameesha Jayantilal Pandya 
Sharon How land Patton 
Sarah I lizabeth Powell 
Christina I .mum- Ramsaui 
Kristine Marie Rengel 
Karen I h/aheth kilter 

Sjt.ih Lynn Huberts 
Annette Carlton Rogers 

Vngela Renee Simms 
I .iIlss.i Anne Smith 
Melinda Ruth Smith 

Kirsten Steele 
I isa Place Stewart 

I lizabeth Smlt 

Christine Lizette Taquechel 
Melissa \nne I err) 
t alherine Mar) Imte 
I aura Mi.i.i ^ ml very 
Janna Mac Wallace 

l lixon \\ .ii.l 
Elizabeth 1 X- \ 1 1 n Watson 
Elizabeth Grimes Whitaker 
Kristen Virginia White 
Kuih Ann Whitehead 
Katherine Winfield 
Jerrilyn Wells Woodard 
Stephanie Elizabeth Wyatl 
Julie llelene /unnierniann 

Holi\ ( l.mi ( arlton 

Warner Hall 


Frances Lanier Sykes Alexander 
Susan Copland Arnold 
Catherine Yvonne Beckle) 
Jane Holt Bernhill 
Dawn Renuka Bhasm 
Braden Bledsoe 
Elizabeth Harmon Block 
Man Jennifer Blomquist 
Barbara Elizabeth Blood 

■ M.i 


Elizabeth Anne Lee Bowers 
Susan Hall) Bo\d 
Jill Mane Boyette 
Ann Sj\rt: Bradford 
Margaret Bkkcrsutl Bradle) 
Noel Celeste Brewster 
Virginia Blanton Broaddus 
Charlotte Abel Brooks 
Jennifer Lynne Bush 
Caroline Louise Buxton 
Elizabeth Jones Byne 
kristma Munel Calhoun 
Angela Gail Carter 
Ann Parker Cartledgc 
Rom) Lanier Cawood 
Man. Moir Chapman 
Alicia Hilton Clark 
I isa Ann Cowan 
Christine Helen Curtin 
Karl a I vnn deBeck 
Sandra Elizabeth Dew 
Maria Tumctla Douglas 
Harrifl Elizabeth Downs 
Amanda Hargis Dowtv 

Diane Lynn Duvall 
Yolanda Mercedes Dwight 
Mary Elizabeth Erwin 
Jessica Elizabeth Fisher 
Heather Elizabeth Fttzpatncl 
Man Hubbins Frasche 
Kristin Sue Gallowaj 
KmiberK Ann Gambal 
Jacqueline Martin Glynn 
Jeanne Howard Golding 
Clisbv Louise Hall 
Emma Hopkins Hartndge 
Florence fowler Hay 
Chnst\nn Lynn Hayes 
Holl) Spafford Hayes 
Tharon Curnn Howard 
Jennifer Lvnn Ingram 
Elizabeth Christie Johnson 
Donyale Jones 
Sandra Leigh Knox 
Catherine Wood Loftin 
Mar) Margaret Luchsmger 

Lnn Samantha Lvman 
Trace Hill Mayes 
Naomi Leda Mavfietd 
Nelle Carter McCorkle 
Leigh Alexandra McCoy 
Chnsiinc Marie McGuire 


: Mir 

Kathcnne McCants Momson 
Martha Erwin Mvnck 
Susan Boyd Okel 

Margaret Mackall Oliver 

Ramona Oliver 
Elizabeth Anne Peeler 
Donna Lynn Peters 
Caroline Lee Prince 
Jennifer Mane Rebman 
Susan Joyce Roark 
Kimberlv Anne Robertson 
Amelia Ann Roddev 
Bngille Routail 
Anne Marie Sanders 
Linda Cameron Speight 
Elizabeth Merrill Slanat 
Caroline Grace Sterling 
Julie Ann Sternal 
Sara Rebecca Strachan 
Stephanie Ann Thomas 
Diana Mitchell Titus Allen 
Man Malm VanAntwerp 
CcliU Margaret Van Praagh 
Gahnella Olive Vaughan 
Shawn Ellen Walker 
Jennifer Ann Wallace 
Delia Gilman Welton 
Sarah Gra\ Wheliss 
Katherine Wood White 
Kimberl) Paige White 
Margaret Gibbon White 
Earlev Brooks Wilkerson 
Carolyn Hi/abcth Wilson 
Mary ■Xdair Woodall 
Andrea Gail Word 
Susan Elaine Schofield 
Judith Atkins Wall 

Patterson Court Candids 








i -■•■ ■■■■* 

11 ■ jC' v ^H 

... ^wi 







The 19X6-87 Union Board 

Lucinda Kellam, Sheryl Aikman, Bobb) Houck, Will Mathis, Bonnie Bolton. PamTumer, Chris Jacobs, Rachel Henning, Missj 

White. Ann Check, lom Allen. Shannon Stanlorth. Isabel Stuck. Sloan McAlister, Bilal el Amine, Eric Win (sell. Rand) Ingram. 
John Hart. Allen Compton, Kim McAlister. Kate Whitaker. David Ethridge, Sarah Smith. Steve Davis, Mark Gosnell, Jod} Hart, and 
Allen Futral. 



Sitting L-R: Reed Herrero. John Coleman, Larry Ray, Reid Chisolm. Standing L-R: Patricia Fisher, V.K. Knight. John Doe. Leslie Morris. 



Fellowship oi Christian Athletes 

Back Row L-R: Jim Taylor, Hill Carrell, Lucia Kendall, Hill Madden. Barbara Brooks, Hob Fish Front Row Jennings Craig, Heather Stewart. 

The Davidsonian 

News and Editorials 

Inside Art and Photograph) Staff 

Honor Council 

Members of the 1986-X7 Honor Council 

Lauren Ad. mis 

John McNeill 

Jeff Lesesne, Sll Dl M SOLICITOR 

Janet Bitter 

John McNichols 


And} Bright 

Dan Murrey 


Trip Caldwell 

Shel Robinson 

Moll) Cochran 

Gretchen Schoel 


Hollj Gaston 

HolK Sparks 


Jodj Hart 

1 ik Strother, SI ( Rl 1 ARY 

Michael Holt, CHAIRMAN 

Hill Sutton 

Bobb\ Houck 

Hoh VanKirk 

College Democrats 

Ted Davis. Catherine Bowman. Dan Garlington, Bill Jones. Erie Bach, Tim Poston, Alan Thornburg, Conrad Doenges, Adrianne Goins 
Jane Campbell. 

College Republicans 

^S I i 

r 1 

' I '. 


Front Row L-R: Pal Long, Reese Boyd, John Eckbert. Back Row: Bill Bunii. Paul Renner 

i^m : -; 


———__«_—. _ _j 

£ I 

'» * laSf^ -*~ ^ 


The Choir 

Wind Ensemble 

e B 

P a 





Philanthropic Society 

The 1986-7 Philanthropic Literary Society: Beth Parker. John David Ramses. Mark. Da\id Robinette, John M Gilliken, Shane 

Eumenean Society 


The 1986-87 Eumenean Society 

Rape Awareness 

The 1986-7 Rape Crisis Commute 





Artists Series 

Fall Production 

Sweeney Todd, The Barber 

Spring Production 
Brighton Beach 

One Acts 

The Opera 

Dido and Aeneas 


Dr. John Carey. President of Warren Wilson College speaks to a 900 
Room crowd. 

L-R: Dr. John Carey 

Dr. John Kuykendall 

Dr. Jack Perry 

Dr Juanita Kreps delivered an economic 

lecture She was introduced In Dr. Kaihll 

Hi Barr) Buckhart from Auburn I niversit) 
discussed the topic ol "Sex and Aggression." 

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations 
Jeane Kirkpatrick — May I, 1986 

The Highest Ranking Soviel Defector — Arkady 

— Mas 6, 19X7 




JRk ^ 

SB . 






Homecoming 1986 

Patterson Court Council President Fran Houck 
announces the Homecoming Court. 

Alumni Association president Carol Willingham crowns Lucinda 
Kellam the 14X6 Homecoming Queen. 

Formei Hall Counselors Alva Moore and Mar\ Griffin ("85) returned loi the Homecomine celebration 

The Homecomine H.hkI rocks 

Fall Convocation photos by Cotten Alston. 

Fall Convocation 

Christmas < 


\ n 

; k) Si 

* Uj \ 

Mid Winters 






p II 




Spring Convocation photos by Bill Gidu; 

The 1987 spring convocation Honorary Degree recipients 

U.S. Senator Wwhc r-'owlcr 

ormei Secretary m State - Cyrus Vance 





Davidson: Class of 1987 


# i 



. • 




& CLUB 5 

o f$ r% 

^ d | 


^wy A 





5 ^ 




V W 



Hill Dixon 

Marcus Allen' ' ' 

Kevin Donnallej 

Hill Benson 

Aaron Edwards 4 " 

Jell Blanton 

[an 1 Hiss" 

Brad Black 

David Fuller*' 

t'hn-. Bopp 

Sheldon Garmon 

Dan Bowman 

Hen Giles Boyel 

John (loll 

Steve Bradley ' ' 

Ted Graser" 

1 manuel Burch* ' 

Kevin Grooms 

|)i in \ «. .irr 

Michael Gross 

i lai i aperton 

Chns Hardin 

Alan (Chip) ( ole 

Howard Humphries* 

James Combs 

Peter Hughes 

Soon Costanlini 

Jeff Jacqmein 4 

1 ri< Crow lej 

Mike Jones' 

Pai dime 

Steve ludge 

Robert Davidson 

Brian Kell) 

John Lantis 4 
David L.ille\ ' 
Mail McConnell 
Jaek McCollum* 
Jim Marchewka 
Rohbie Martin" 
Ken Na/eniel/ 
Done Neill' ' ' 
Steve Nell- 
Den ii is Nutler 

I i I igden* 
Bryan < (vercash* 

Mike PoulOS* 

Mike Rogers 
Jim Ruaik' 
Todd Sauliei 
Hair) Schiavi 
Paul Searle 

Charles ShOWl 
Robert Sickles* 
Uryan Skellon 
Jon Skinner 
Gary Slew an — 
\n stit/er 
Jeff Swyers 
Shan Teel 
Cole Thomason 
David Troni/ ' 
And) Is singer 
And> Vaughn 
Bills Waitsnian" - 
I mi Weavei 
Buddv Wilkerson 
Hen Williams 
Charlie Winbo 
•Denotes Letters Won 



Susan Montgomery 

Joanna Lay 

Kristin Kosl 

Elizabeth Franklin 

Katherine Mallory 

Maria Bukovt ski 

Suzanne Mauze 

Sharon Patton 

Christ) Sloan 

Amanda Barret 

Heather McKee 

Wendy Warner 

Mary Seott Cruse 

Marian Singei 

Tyler Smith 

Eileen Keeley 

KimberK White 

Polly Northern 

Head Coaeh: Bets\ Pryor 


No. Name 

* Jim Kelly** 
Josh Budde 

2 Michael Spear** 

3 Chris Jones 

4 Frank Bricio 

5 Mike Friedlander 

* 6 Steve On 

7 Curtis On 

8 Tracy Hankins 

9 Joe Moss i ■ 
10 Rob Vest 

12 Chip Wittmann 

13 John doles 
*14 Steve Stith** 
15 Scott Poisson 

18 Brian Shockles • ' 
21 Andy Clarke** 
25 Craig Mattison* 
'in Captains 
***Returnin«j Letterman 
Head Coach: Charlie Slagle 
Student Coach: Steve Omli 
Student Trainer: Tripp Norris 

William iJayl Barron 

William Matthews Hartman 

Lisa M. Culbertson 

Other participants: 

Michael (Bain) Butcher 

David Remisiewicz 

Laura O Fannin 

Susan (English) Knowles 

Emil J. Cekada 

Thomas Eugene Ridenhour 

Karen M. Kemerait 

Katie Morrill 

James (Jay) Clugston 

Robert (Sam) Smith 

Morrow E. Reeves 

Captain: Jennifer Wallact 

Robert V. Cornish 

Other participants: 

Sarah Lvnn Roberts 

Coach: Gary Andrew 

Chris Fisher 

William D. Whitfield 

Jennifer A Wallace 

James (Greg) Foreman 

Captain: Emil Cekada 

Virginia (Ginny) White 

Raymond J. Harshbarger 

Coach: Gary Andrew 

Melissa (Missy) Willis 

Cross Country 



.». V 




1111 1987 DAVIDSON IK u k II \M 




Maurice (inn 

**Jefl Himes 

■ • Derek Rucker 

Mike Gvnn 

**Ace Tanner 

Dick Seidel 

Alan Hunter 

Jeff Harris 

Edward Gaines 

Jas Schmitl 

Dean Keener 

Bill Sellers 

Dave Fitzgerald 

• rodd Scott 

***Chris Heineman 

'Denotes lettei 


Mikio Aoki 
Kc\ in Bums 
Philip Clifford 
David DePaul 
Dave Fitzgerald 
George Halter 
lames Harris 
Douglas 1 licks 
Joseph Hoovei 
Peter Hughes 
Brian Kellj 
Ron Kmacik 
Alan Lewis 
Steven Livesev 

Jefl I .'-el 
Bill> Masse 
Brum Moure 
Harrison Murraj 
Carlo Orlando 
Dan Simonds ' 
Chris Stuart 
Mark rhompson 
Da\ id Turgeon 
OUie Wagner 
Bills Waitsman 
Gregorj Wilcox 
Rob Zimmerman 
Michael Holland 



Kath) McDonald 
Tami Beckham 
Julia Cardwcll 
Sarah Johnson 
Petty Tietgen 
Jyoti Harding 

Beth Elder 
Michclc Millci 
Moll) Cochran 
Maria Douglas 
Bonnie Bolton 



Mike Mallorj 
Matt Merrill 
Doug Batcheller 
Gary Branch 

Bruce New some 

Holme Oltrogge 
Tim Heinze 
J.T. Lay 
Doug Saintsing 
Sherh Sentell 


O T 

M E 

E N 

N N 

S I 



Mar) Sanders 
Martha lohnson 
I lora Robinson 
Stephanie Tow nsend 
Amj McNelis 
Alice Stubbs 
Debb) DeCou 
Munon Stone 

Angela Rudert 
Julie Mayfield 
Laura Ross 
Debbie Podolin 
Jane Price 
Melissa c !an 
Virginia Hall 

Men's Tennis 

¥****•* v~^ 


, V 

H v 

- r^ 



- - - - ^l^^^BI 


€^W€€€€€ffffM-^^^m- s " 

Sebastian Koch 

Carlos Ortega 

Will Willoughb} 

John (inllith 

Michael Meyer (Co-Capt. i 

Tim Hagood 

Trip Caldwell (Co-Capt. i 

Jim Thompson 

Charles Jordan 

Bill Young 

Elijah ( iow in 

Rick Hodge 

Women's Golf 

1986 Women's Golf Team L-R: Jane Campbell, Betsy Rothschild, Tim Tallent — coach, Mandi 
Barret, Elizabeth Brice, and Heather McKee. 

"Davidson's Women's Golf Team did not have to play an 
NCAA Division I schedule this year. ..." 

Men's Golf 

Cayce \we 
Craig Carlock 
Tom Goodrum 
( t.iics ( Irainger 

T\ ler I ong 
Scan O'Neill 
Scoii Prince 
B.-h Sherrill 














Ki:i 7WIZVJI US / VM /'>.'>' 


Office of the President 


Dr. John W. 

(clockwise trom I 

eft) Denise Howard. Melissa Jones, Kick Love, Judi Murphy, Flash Campbell, John \\ Kuykendall 


for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Robert C. William 

Robert C. Williams, Pat Gardner 


Di Sue Fields Ross 

nol pictured, Mrs. Hogg 


Admissions (front 1-r) Gary Mason. Gardner Ligo, Kaudie McLean. Jim Shaw (back 1-r) Kathleen Stevenson, Harriet Kessler, Jim Hendril 
(Director). Laurie Buchmiller, Lynda Suther, Martha Giles. Roni Jennines. Ann Callahan. Robvn Oldham 

Alumni/ Annual Fund 

Alumni and Annua! Fund (I r) Hunter Roddey. Leslie Mclver, Nancj Blackwell, Francis Howie, Cissi Lyles, Gracia Slater, Lori 
Haves. Jamie \la\ I Director) 




m . 

. 4 

Bctt\ Walle\ 

Athletics/Wildcat Club 

mil Parker, Sports Information 


»!»•' ** ! 

hkI\ Carnegie, Wildcat C'luh 


for Business and Finance 

Robert Sutton. VPBF 

. «-* 

Gail Hoke 


Comptrollers (1 r) Boh Davidson (Comptroller), Joyce Hight, Shelva Russ, Sarah Bums. Benita Peace, (front) Pegg) Cashion 


Carol Jordan 



College Relations 

Jerrs Stockdal 

Pat Burecss 

Barbara Mayer 


Development (front l-r) I rancis White, Julius Melton, Mai > Mack Benson, Lemie Richards, Beth Craddock (middle l-r) Susan 
Abbott, Denise Armstrong. Jim Gudaitis, Thomas Evans, Dean Jones (back l-r) Jud> Whittington, Marilyn Gilmore 

Vice-President for Institutional Advancement 

John V. Griffith 

Gail Sloop 

Dean of Students 

Dean of Students (l-ri Tish Kimbrough, Jo Archie. Paula Moore. Harriette Fulton. Will Terry 


Electricians and Engineers (front In Phillip Cashion, Dale Caldwell (middle l-r) Jimim Freeze, Keith Frey, Curtis Beatty (back lit 
Mack Puckett. Jerry Archer 

Faculty Secretarial Services 

Faculty Secretarial Services il r) Cheryl Branz, Pal Richart, Sarah Davis, Pal Snow 

Facilities Planning/Personnel 

Grover Meetze. Facilities Planning 

. . ■ 

I i m 

i ■ r 


Robert Stephenson. Director Personnel 

Residence Life Office 

Tom Jennings 



Laundry (front l-rl Lula Houston. Harry Lee Johnson. Chuck Lee. Betty Gosnell, Mary Johnson. Diane Forney. Alice Brandon. 
Ha/eline Knox. Cecelia Connor, Juanita Archer (back 1-r) Walter Johnson. Denise Sloan. Cecelia Forney, Frank Jackson. Denise 
Honeycutt, Mary Archer. Betty Brown. Robert Donaldson. Frances Beaver (Manager). Don Humphrey. Juanita Barker. Ruth Barnett 


Library (from I r) Mittie Wally, Hazel Goodman, Lynda Dalton, Nadine Caldwell, liarbara Irwin. Cindj Pendergraft (back l-ri 
Sharon Byrd, Evelyn Thomas, Chalmers Davidson (Archivist), Mar) Bety, I velyn Criminger, Kell) Wood, Shirle) Childers, Mar) 
Wilson, Pal Meeks, Leland Park (Director), Bobbie Dalton 

Student Store 

The latest "Davidson-wear" from the student 


Dr. Robert C. Williams and his latest book 

Computer Services 


Union Staff 

College Union (l-r) Ed Daugherty, William Brown. Fred Deese. Ruth Pittard, Rand Hartsell, Lynda Daniels, Eirik Christensen, 
Myrtle Knox. Michael Withers 





Anthropology and Sociology 

Dr. Ruth 

Dr. Jones 



9 # 

Dr. Jackson 

Dr. Smith 

Dr. Ligo 

Theatre and Speech 

Dr. Gardner 

Dr. Barber 

Dr. dime II 


Dr. Grant 


Dr. Fredrickson 

Dr. Schuh 

Dr. Bumett 


Dr. Nutt 

Dr. Gable 


Dr. BeesU'ti 


Dr. Kincaid 

Dr. Kumar 

Dr. Bell 

Dr. Lindsey 

Dr. Rat lift 

Dr Ross 

Dr. Nelson 


Dr. Engell 

Or Perkins 

Dr. Mills 

Dr. Nelson 







Dr. Dockery 

Dr. Jacobus 

Dr. Sinnermun 

Dr. Sutton 



Dr. S\\ isher 


Dr. Barnes 

Dr. Edmondson 

Dr. KoIIl- 


Dr. Roberts 

Dr. Kins 


Dr. Davis 

• iK 

Dr. Bi\en» 

Dr. Stroud 


Dr. Brown W 

Dr. McHenry 

Dr. Mele 



Dr. Sum 

Not pictured Di McCulloh 

Dr. Epcs 


Dr. Christian 
Not pictured Visiting Prof Pollars 

Dr. Mannins. 

Political Science 

Or Thornbern 

Dr. Shaw 


Dr. Palmer 

Dr. OConncll 


Dr. Kcllo 

Dr Ramirez 


Dr. Pol lev 

Dr. Cathev 


Dr. Rogerson 

Dr. Kemp 



Dr. Lonsiliilc 

Dr. French 

Dr. Colakis 

Dean Rusk 





Jane Aurrell. Asst to Dir 

..-**■ -- 

Office of Education 

Dr. Leiva 

Center for Special Studies 

Dr. Brockwav and Mrs. Dauehtry 



■ I 


L-R: Mr. Keever.Cpt Strong. SFCMarrano.Cpt Cutler, 1 rCDiehl.CFl Curtis, SGM rurner.CFl Blue Catawba, SSG lohnson.MSGl 
Catawba, Not pictured SIC Pierce 






\brams, Sarah Bel 

Addison, Andrew Joh 

Alexander. Chelle) Kaj 

Allen. Edward Chrislia 

Armstrong, Katharine Thayer 
Austell. Robert Milam 
Austin. Robert Eugene 
Baeon. Bruee Jonathan 

Barringer. Paul Jehu 

Bates. Tinslej Porter 

Beckham, Tamara 

Bi\b\ . Barbara Ann 

Branch. Elizabeth Lee 

Bream. Peter Reynolds 

Brewer. William Clarence 

Bruhaker. Lenna Carol 

Bryan, Elizabeth Cares 

Budde. Jason MacRae 

Butcher. Michael Bain 

Bvnum. Debra L\nn 

The Class of 1990 

Cardwell, Bennett Stover 

( .hi Melissa Dealing 
Carrell, William Pfingsl 
Chisholm, Donald Reid 

Chung. Younglan Lcini 
Clark. Alicia Hilton 
Clugston, James Raymond 
Craig, Kimberl) Ann 

Craymer, Suzanne Lisa 
Cunningham. Eudora Mauldin 
Decou, Deborah Grace 
Dodenhoff, Laura Ayet 

Duttera, Elizabeth Sue 
I arles, Julio l.\nn 
Ewing. Morris Malvern 
Fannin. Stephanie Layne 

Forbis, Heather Lea 
Freed. Mar) Candler 
Gaines, Edward 
Gaines, I racj Renee 


Gannon. Sheldon Leonard 

Garrett. Carter Lowell 

Glenn. Lara 1 laine 

Cioodrum. Thomas MeBride 

Gowin, Elijah Peter 

Grainger, Gates Ericson 

Gra) . Maurice I dward 

Grewal. Ajita 

Gurung. Jit Bahadur 

Gyauch, ["herese Marie 

Haddock. Samuel Thompson 

Halverstadt, Peter Breen 

Hardin. Christopher Edward 

Harrell, Henry Lytle 

Harrington. Morrill Elizabeth 

Herndon. Arm Ruth 

Hicks. Douglas Alan 

Hicks. ElizabethAnn 

Hoffman, Jennifer Lynn 

Holt. Erank Stone 

The Class of 1990 

Huebinger, Emerson Paul 
Hunter. Alan Keith 
Irvin, w iIIuiti Scoti 
Jacks. Timolh) Franklin 

James. Vanessa L\nn 
Janice . (Catherine Janice 

Johnson, Surah Krisim S 

Johnston, Daud Somers 

Jones. ( iregor) Hertx n 

Jordan. Charles Milford 
Jung, Alexander 
Kalahar, Lori Ann 

I li ihn Suk-Hoon 

Kellj Brian Dennis 
Kendall. Alyssa Marie 
Kendall, Luna I w ingston 

Kenneth. Elizabeth Allen 
Kim. Eun-Young 
Kirk. Krisia Lee 
Kirtle) . Francis Bryan 


Knowles, Susan English 

Kudva, Suman 

Kurani. Habih George 

Labiosa, William Bruce 

Law, Lai-vvah 

Letson. Austin Kellelt 

Lipscomb, George Burke 

Liltle. George Lesler 

Long, Donald Dixon 

Long, Emily Elizabeth G 

Longest, Jennifer Lynn 

Lontz, David Christopher 

Lynn, Kevin Wayne 

MacDonald, Katherine Ann 

Markevvitz. Mia Glade 

Marston, Karen Spencer 

Masse. Bernard 

Maxwell, John Steven 

May held, Naomi Leda 

Maynard, John Gary 

The Class of 1990 

Mazzella, Dina Anita 
McAden, lame i 
Met lenej , Mai joi 

Mil lure k-i 

McDaniel, Robb Ashbj 
McFadden, I homas Lee 
McKay, Roben Wade 
McQueen, Jennifei Lee 

Mohurn. Da\ id Jason 
Moore, ["nomas Hampson 
Morrill, Kirsten Elisa 
Mukenge, \1ujJi 

Mulhem, Margarel lane 
Mullen Patrick Shannon 
Murraj . Da\ id Marion 
Myatt, Marj (Catherine 

Nazemetz, Kenneth David 
Nelson, Catherine Ma) 
Newsome, William Bruce 
Noojin, Frank Kenneth 


Norby. Denise Louise 

Oldenburg. Todd Steven 

Oltrogge. Holme N. 

Owen, James Judd 

Page. Nancy Anne 

Peacock. Donnda Lea 

Pearsall, Susan Middleton 

Phillips. Joel Courtney 

Phillips. Tracev Lynn 

Pickard. Carey" Owen 

Poisson. Scott Lincoln 

Powell. Sarah Blizaheth 

Prince. Caroline Lei 

Prosser. Julian Bransoi 

Regen. Suzanne Prat 

Rengel. Kristine Mam 

Respess. Kendis Elizabeth 

Roherson, Susan Braille 

Rousset. Thierry 

Ruffner. Christopher William 

The Class of 1990 

Schaver, Thomas 
Schiavi, Harr) (Irani 
Schmitt, John Carlyle 
Scouten, William Turner 

Sharp. John Calvin 
Shine. Dana lean 
Sikkelee, Kirsten Drake 
Simms, Angela Renee 

Singleton, William Reynolds 
Skinner, Mar) Cordes 

Snell, Donald Joel 
Spong, Dawd Todd 

Stidham, Thaddeus Jon 
Sioit. Jennifer 
Straub. Robert Jordan 
Stxawser, Todd Evan 

Swanson, John Robert 

Sv.iii. Susan Elizabeth 
ion Reynard 
favernise, Peter Scofield 


Ta\lor. Memn Levonne 
Terrell. Matthew Ashley 

Terry. Melissa Anne 
Tietaen. Margaret Louise 

Todd. Christopher Edward 

Tolbert. Thomas Ross 

T\ singer. Charles Andrew 

Vauelain. Jacques Leonard 

Walker. James Edward 

Wallace. Janna Mae 

Ward. Margaret Dixon 

Warlick, William Byrd 

Warren. Brett Elizabeth 

Watson, Jennifer Ruth 

Watts. Anne Alyson 

Wellford, Susannah Beverlev 

White, Steven Matthew 

Whitehead. Ruth Ann 

Williams. Curtis Hamilton 

Williams. Herbert Pierce 

The Class of 1990 

\\ illis, Marx Nk-lis--u 
\\ infield, Katherine 
Wood, \\ illiam Pennuel 

Woodard, Jerrilyn Wells 
Woods. W .iltci IK nt 
Wright, Romulus Claiborne 
:phanie Elizabeth 


Ahsanuddin. Ashfaq Alam 

Alday. Sloan 

Allen. Anne Louise 

Anderson. Elizabeth Pern 

Austin. Susan Antoinette 

Bakke, Brett Andrew 

Baldwin. Allie Miller 

Ballenger, Laurie Graee 

Barton. Sara Elizabeth 

Bearce. David Hildner 

Beard. Brian Christopher 

Becker. David Kenneth 

Berry, Brett Matthew 

Black. John Wesley 

Blanton. Jeffery Scott 

Bledsoe, Braden 

Bostick. Elizabeth Long 

Bowik, David Dennis 

Boyd, Reese Rodman 

3 ration, Charles Fitzgerald 

The Class of 1989 

Brcntjens, Renter Joseph 

l rancisco Jose Rosales 
Brooks, Charlotte \ivl 
Brown. Margaret Eliane 

Brown, William Hill 
Bryant, Ham, Sinouk 

Bryson, Anne Elizabeth 
Burke. Virginia Lee 

Burrcll. Thanh V 
Busby, Gregorj Evans 

Campbell. Hugh Brown 
Carlock, Ronald Craig 

Caughey, Anne Elizabeth 
( 'a wood, Ronn Lanier 
Chun . Charles Morton 
Clayton, KimherK lasna 

Clifford, Philip I arle 
Cock lohn Preston 

Coleman. John Robert 

Conner. Gerald Foster 


Connor. Cheryl Lynn 

Cooper, Catherine Camille 

Cornish. Robert Vaughan 

Cowan. Michael Andrew 

Crabtree. kimherly lo 

Craven. Lara Michelle 

Cruse. Mary Scotl 

Crystal, Thomas Louis Beat 

Cunningham. Dixon Courson 

Curtin. Christine Helen 

Cutting. Samuel Thomas 

Dabbs. Alan Whitefield 

Dail. April Lynn 

Dairy mple. David Northrop 

Davis. Doris Elaine 

Dawkins. LaVetta Nichelle 

deBeek. Karla Lynn 
Dengler. Thomas Alan 
Dew. Sandra Elizabeth 
Dillon. James Edward 

» 4 

The Class of 1989 

Dougan, Cameron Ross 
Douglas. Maria Tumetta 
Dowtj . Amanda Hargis 
Dunn. Kevin Crawford 

Dwight. Yolanda Mercedes 
Edwards, Ann Elizabeth 
Engel, John Augustine 
Susan Unwell 

I isher, Patricia Ann 
Fitzgerald, Michael Collins 
Fitzpatrick, Heather Elizabeth 
Foote, David I'hillip 

Frasche, Mar\ llohhins 
Freeland, Iran Allison 
Gabel, Laura Elizabeth 

Gillikin. John Morton 

Givens, Melissa Evelyn 
Glynn. Jacqueline Martin 

Mien I (ira\ 
( lowing, Charles Carlisle 


Grant. Julia Diane 

Grant, Susan Gardner 

Graves. Valerie Ann 

Griffeth, Phillip Comer 

Haile. Matthew Edward 
Hammond. Mar. Martha 
Hancock, Margaret Ellen 
Handles. Marion Michael 

Hams. Stephanie Maureen 

Hartman, William Mathews 

Hartndge. Emma Hopkins 

Henderson. Zoe Anne 

Hoh. Elizabeth 

Host. David Lesser 

Houck, Charles Weston 

Howell. Leah Ruth 

Hull. Alice Howard 

Humphries. Howard 

Huster. (Catherine Lee 

Hutchinson. John Patrick 

The Class of 1989 

Johnson. Martha Coleman 
Jones. Donyale 
Jones. Kenneth Phillip 
Jordan. Christopher Page 

Keller. Edward Lowell 

Kilpatrick, Jefferson Kirhs 

Koenig, Jeffrey (iranl 

Kosi. Krisim Kell) 

l.ahr. Li/a Beth 
Lee. Hugh McLean 
Leidig, Paige Robert 
I ohani ; 

Steven Patrick 
Luther. Edwin Coronelius 
Lyman, Erin Samantha 

Maheras. Joanne Chnstene 

Mallor) . Katherine 
Mallory, Michael Duane 
Mangone, Pett i 
Manm. CaUm Wallace 


Massengill. Clint Erwm 
Matheny, Barbara Lynn 
Mauze. Suzanne Brown 
Mayfield. Julie Virginia 

McCrorey, Julia Snead 

McGee, Margaret Campbell 

Merritt. Sarah Elizabeth 

Miller. Sonja Ann 

Minis. Margot Chace 

Montgomery. Susan Hays 

Moore, Eleanor Gay 

Morris. Leslie Louise 

Moms. Michael Brett 

Mullis. Kimberly Karen 

Murray. Harrison Slade 

Nagendran, Lee Rajamalliga 

Nicholson, Thomas W. 

Nikles, Kimberly Anne 
Ordoubadian, David Reza 
Overcash. Bryan Michael 

The Class of 1989 

Owen, Leelia Godfrey 
Pandya. Ameesha Jayanlialal 
Park, Susan Martin 
Partington. Ldgar Willis 

Paschall, Eliza Lee 

Patterson. James Dean 
Patton. Sharon Howland 
Petranick, David Albert 

Phillips, William Myers 
Polak. Douglas Halden 
Pollj . Matthew Stuart 
Poston, Timothy Lawrence 

Price, Jane Havnsuorih 
Quinn. Blanche Willard 
Raney . Milbrey Ewing 
RaUiff, Greta ' 

Ray . Da\id Kilhurn 
Rav . Larry Graydon 
Regen, William Watson 
Rentier, Paul Marvin 


Reynolds, Sheri Ann 

Roberts. Sarah L\nn 

Robertson, Kimberly Anne 

Robinson, Flora McNair 

Rodriguez, Norma Matilda 
Rudert. Angela Carol 
Russell. Lauren Susan 
Sarkisian, Bruee S.H. 

Scherer. John Payne 

Schwalbe, Mary Elisabeth 

Sellers. William Michael 

Sentell. Charles Sherburne 

Sheridan. Richard Martin 

Sillars. John Angus 

Singer. Marian Staton 

Smalley, Robert Harris 

Smith. Tyler Jo 

Sorenson. James Campbell 

Speight. Linda Cameron 

Stewart. Heather Jean 

The Class of 1989 

' .[ ion Stallworth 
Tanner. William 
Taylor, James Sheppard 

Thomas, Stephanie Ann 
Thornbur;:. Akin Zieglei 
1 imberlake, Rulus Johnston 
Titus-Allen, Diana Mitchell 

Townsend, John I homason 
Tuttle, Bryan Stanton 

i eslie Anne 
\ anEvery . Laura Alula 

VanKirk, Robert Scotl 
\ inton, I nomas ( )h\ er 
Voss, Ellen Rebecca 

Vu, Chining Huang 

Wagner, Glenn 

Wahlheim, William Bemhan 

Walker. Shawn Ellen 
Watson, Elizabeth Devlin 


Westbrook, Joseph Craig 

Whipple. Curl Knight 

Whitaker, Cecil Francis 

Whitaker. Elizabeth Grimes 

White. George Ormand 

Whue. Kimberlj Paige 

Wightman, John Lduard 

Wilks, John Whittield 

Williams. Cristin Mcintosh 

W inn. Charles Michael Anthonv 

Yarbrough, Benjamin Allen 

Young, John Joseph 


Adams, Lauren Brooke 

Allison. Johon deSaussure 

Alyea, David Hine 

Annunziala. Laura Anne 

Armistead, Stan Meriwether 

Alwell. Victoria Vance 

Bairas. Colleen Renee 

Bast. Randal Paul 

Beckham. Suzanne 

Belanger, Annemane 

Benton. Rebecca Lynn 

Bergsma. Donald Ro\ 

Bitter. Russell Smyth 
Bledsoe. Margaret Marie- 
Booker. Russell Eubank 
Bowling. Theodore Chesebroutih 

Bowman. Catherine Bryan 

Bowman. Judith Wynn 

Boyd, Basil Manl) 

Bradley. Margaret Bickerstaff 

The Class of 1988 

Bright, Richard Andrew 
Broughton, Ruben Bain 
Brown, I h/abclh Ir\ in 
Brown. Timoth) ! IK 

Busby, I hjddeus Richard 

Cabrales, Galileo Enrique 
( ardwell, Juki I 
Carter, Corliss Nichele 

(ale. Rodne\ Reed 
Clarke. Andrew Cronin 

Collins, Donald Michael 
Compton, Allen Ayres 

Coppedge, Caryn Ellen 
Core, I 'a\ id William 
Coulter, Deborah Alison 
Cowie, David Knighi 

I Craig. Caroline Evelyn 
Craig. Elizabeth Jennings 
Davis, Elizabeth Bennett 
Dees. Janet lee 


DeTure, Michael Anthony 

Dick. Elizabeth drier 

Donald, Marion Lide Coggeshall 

Douglas, Karin Michelle 

Duke. Christopher Scott 

Edwards, Aaron Maurice 

Eichelberger, Hugh Lee 

Elder. Ehzabeth 

Erwin. Mary Elizabeth 

Fish. Robert James 

Fisher. Christopher Shannon 

Gartner. Seth Hawkins 

Genovese. Edward Michael 

Grant. Hugh McPhail 

Gregory, Jeffrey Steele 

Griffith. John (Tollman 

Gynn. Michael Christopher 

Hadley. Alexander [vej 

Hampton. Man. Lucile 

Handv. David Grev 

The Class of 1988 

Herbert. Simeon L)a\id 
Herrero, Gaulden Reed 
Higbie, Linda Marie 
Hillen. Jason Bruce 

Himcv Jeffiej narrell 

Howard, Michael C 
Hoyle, Charles Glenn 
Ho) le, John Warren 

Hughes, William Christopher 
Humphre). John Greenawa) 
[vej . Alexandra Webster 
Jacqmein, Jcltn, Alan 

Jobe, George Henr\ 
lones, Richard Carl 
Karki. Sh\am Bahu 
Keener. Dean Matthew 

Kemerait, Karen Marie 
Kim I touglas W illiam 
kini. I dwand 1 ae 
Kirkland. Elizabeth Ann 


Knight. Brooke Austin 
Knight. Vincent K.irl 
Koogler. Trac\ Karen 
Lee. (Catherine Anne 

Lehman. Julie Elizabeth 

Lett. David Gordon 

Levine. Aaron Stuart 

Lewis. James Weslej 

Lucas Patt\ 
MacKay. Benjamin Wesley 
Makonnen. Benjam Michael 
Martin. Charles Richardson 

Martin. Robert Alan 

Mathis, William Nelson 

Mattison. Edward Craig 

Maves. Tracie Hill 

McAllister. Anne Kimberle\ 

McCoy, Leigh Alexandra 

McCrar) . Parker 

Minus. Joseph Sheppard 

The Class of 1988 

Montgomery, Whitney Harris 

Judith Ellen 
Moore, I nomas Robert 
Morain, (iranl Gibbons 

Mubayi, Pisush 
Nesbitt, Robert David 
Newsome, Matthew Waller 
Nnmv Das id Williams 

Northinglon. Oils Borders 
Odom, Douglas Llewellyn 
Ogden. Lne I. en 
Omli. Steven Todd 

Onega. Carlos I uis 
Payne, Sarah Lynn 
Pedds. Kappa McGee 
Poulos, Michael James 

Powell, Jonathan Stokes 

Pricked ' 

Ramsaur, Christina Louise 

Rand, I.duard lewis 


Rawlley, Ranjit Kumar 

Redding. John Fulton 

Reeves. Morrow Elizabeth 

Richardson. Jr.. William M. 

Robinette. George Dave 

Robinson. Sally Ann 

Rogers. Annette Carlton 

Rogers. Mary Elizabeth 

Rogers, Victoria Carr 

Rosselot. David Richard 

Rothschild, Elizabeth Pound 

Rumple, James Carl 

Saintsing, Charles Douglas 

Schilling. Sarah McCray 

Schmelzer, Linda Ann 

Schoel, Gretchen Ferris 

Shaffer, Valerie Lynn 
Sloop, Catherine Marie 
Smith, Allen Coleman 
Smith, Carlene Louise 

The Class of 1988 

Smith, Elliott Grainger 
Snuih. Melinda Ruih 
Smith, William (iu> 
Snively, Rorence Durborav. 

Sparks. Laura Hollowa) 
Spear, Michael Scott 
Spong, Sharon Elizabeth 
Sicck-. Leanne kirsien 

Stewart, Joseph Ciricr 
Talwar. Deepak 
Tambiah. Charles Rajkumai 
raquechel, Christine Lizette 

I atsapaugh, Linda Ruth 
Teed. John Whittle) 
Thomas, Stephanie Dawn 
Turner. Earle Alexandei 

Valbuena, Michael \ 
Walker, Gracia Gillican 
Wallenius, Steven I odd 

Walls. Susan Marie 


Walton. Sabrina Elaine 

Welton, Delia Gilman 

White. Katherine Wood 

White. Kristen Virninia 

Whystell. James Eric 

Willoughby. William Anthony 

Winn. Elizabeth Anne 

Wright. Pamela Dawn 

Wright. Peter Dednck 

Wright. Tony Marrone 

Young. William Van Dorn 

Zimmerman. Robert Paul 


Abemethy. John Miles 

Aikman. Sheryl Lynn 

Alexander. Frances L 

Anderson. John Caldwell 

Archer. David Thomas 

Arey. Julius Norman 

Barron. Andrew Clark 

Baskin. Steve Ragsdale 

Bass. Wanda Gail 

Batten. Laura Taylor 

Beard. Michael Howard 

Beddard. Todd DeBower 

Bell, Alfred Dudley 

Bhasin. Dawn Reunka 

Block. Elizabeth Hamson 

Blomquist. Mary Jennifer 

Bockus. Karen Irene 

Bolton. Bonnie Marie 

Bond, Emily Preston 

Boone. Ruth Elizabeth 

The Class of 1987 

Bowen, Belh Micbele 
Bowen, James Forresl 
Bowers, Elizabeth Anne Lee 
Boyette. Jill Marie 

Bradlej . Stephen Gram 
Branch, Gary Dasid 
Bretscher, Christine DeVore 

Brewster, Noel Celeste 

Brooks. Barbara Suzanne 
Brown. Kerry Walter 
Bugg. William Adolphus 
Bruns. Patricia Lynn 

Caldwell. Kathleen Howard 
Caldwell. Tod Robert 
Campbell. Jane Elizabeth 
Carder. Kern Robin 

Carlton. Elizabeth Howard 
Carlton. Holly Gaul 
Cartledge. Ann Parker 
Ceel) . I isa Elaine 


Cekada. Emil James 

Chapin. Lloyd Walter 

Chapman. Mary Moir 

Chesnut, Lynn Campbell 

Clark, Andrew Sutton 

Clark. Barry Paul 

Clark, Constance Lynn 

Cloudt. Richard Winfield 

Coggins. Boyd Wayne 

Colwell, James Travis 

Cooper. Mary Jean 

Corbett. Lauren Elizabeth 

Comelson. Elizabeth Woodward 

Cowan, Lisa Ann 

Craig, Nancy Verna 

Daughterly. Soma Elizabeth 

Daughtry. Jackiei Denetrice 

Davis. Stephen John 

Davis. Theodore Harris 

Dennis, Melinda Dickinson 

The Class of 1987 

DePaul. Dawd Matthew 
Dolan. F.mily Susan 
Douglass, Edwin Latimer 
Downs, Harriet Elizabeth 

Duvall. Diane Lynn 
Edmonds. Mary K.ithiy n 
Ellison, Robert Munroe 
Fair. Cynthia DeVane 

Feigenbaurn, Bryan Andrev 
Raniken, James Stephen 
Foreman, James Gregory 
Frame. Elenor Frances 

Fredsell. Nelson Harold 
Fuller. DAvid Allan 
Gabay . Allison Carol 
Garlinglon. Carl Daniel 

Gaston, Reubie Holliday 
Gibbes, Flame Guiignard 
Giles, Debby Clorinda 
Gilmer, John Charles 




Golding, Jeanne Howard 

Gosnell, Mark Glen 

Grace. Lisa Kay 

Graser, Theodore Nestor 

Gnffin. Anthony Conlev 

Griffith, Mary' 

Grine. Reynold Carter 

Haithcock, Jennifer Lynn 

Hall. Clisby Louise 

Hall, Elizabeth Rivers 

Hamilton. Leslie Camilla 

Harding, Ellen Anne 

Harmann, Pamela Jeanne 

Harmon. Virginia Palmer 

Harrell, Amy 

Harris, Virginia Hornaday 

Hay, Florence Fowler 

Hayhurst. James Cole 

Heineman, Christopher George 

Henning, Rachel Haynie 

The Class of 1987 

Higgins, Fred Morris 
HHL Mur> Margaret Doyle 
Hiott, Eunice Mabel 
Hobbs. Michael Dickinson 

Hoffmann, John Erie 
Holloway, William Jordan 
Horan, Kevin Michael 
Houck, Frances l.anghomc 

Houck. Robert Ualc^ 

Howard, Tharon Cumn 
Howe, George Allen 

Howell. Man. Robertson 

Hyatt, James Torrey 

Ingram, Randall Met all 
Inman, Joel Ray 
Johnson, Allen McDaniel 

Johnson. Elizabeth Christie 

Jones. Christopher Nicolas 
Jones, William I aird 

June. William Bradford 


Kellam, Lucinda Stewart 

Kemerait, Robert Chester 

Khazaeli. Meitra Elizabeth 

Kline. Laura Lee 

Kromer. Robert Andrew 

Ladd, Michael Ramsay 

Lassaletta. Margarita Maria 

Lay. Joanna Tonita 

Lay, John Thomas 

Leggett. Reginal 

Lemon. Dana Lynn 

Lesesne. Arthur Jefferson 

Link, Jennifer Susan 
Link, Richard Emerson 
Lloyd. David Anthony 
Loftin. Catherine Wood 

Long. Tyler Franklin 

Luchsinger. Mary Margaret 

Luranc, Joseph John 

Lutz. Robert Hutchinson 







The Class of 1987 

Mabc. Lcsk-> Charles 
Mai. Neil. Maun, a 
Majoros, Elizabeth Maria 
Mank. Stephen Geoffrey 

Mann. Keith Wallace 
Mathewes. Charles Peronncau 
Mathews. David William 
Maullsby . Alexander Lyon 

McAlister. Nancy Sloan 
McClartv. Enc Tyrone 
McCorkie. Nelle Carter 
McDonald. Michael Andrew 

McEntire. Alison Ka> 
McGuire. Chnsline Mane 
Mckee. Heather Joan 
McKenzie. Kathryn Margaret 

McLemore. Melissa Sumner 
McNeill. John Windward 
Meyer, Carla Ann 
Meyer, letter, William 



Micham. Kathleen Man. 
Milkey, ScoH Alan 
Miller. Diana Leslie 
Miller. Robert Sean 

Montream, Anne Christine 

Moser. Sean Thomas 

Moyes. Howard Bromley 

Murrey. Daniel Beasley 

Neale. Elizabeth Leigh 

Neil. Douglas Joseph 

Nelson, Kristin Ellen 

Ng. Cheryl Ann 

Norman, Robinson MacDougall 

Northen, Polly Norcross 

Norton. Catherine McNeill 

Odom. John Lamar 

Osbom. Laura Anne 

Page. Edwin Leonard 

Papadopoulos. Paul George 

Patten, John Freeman 

The Class of 1987 

Peeler, Elizabeth Anne 
Phillips, Ida Wills 
Podolin. Deborah Ann 
Powell, Kimberly Anne 

Pyle, Christen Diana 
Quant/. Newton Gaston 
Ramses . John Das id 
Revis. Shelev Rene 

Rhodes. Pauline 
Ridenhour. Thomas Eugene 
Rint:ualt. Lnc Charles 
Robelen. Douglas Brewster 

Robinson. William Couchell 
Roddey, Amelia Ann 
Rose. Alison Barclay 
Rost. Winston Mitchell 

Sanders. Anne Marie 
Sanders. Mary Elizabeth 
Sand) . Mark Steven 
Saye, Scott Christopher 


Schofield, Susan Elaine 

Schrum, Blair Moran 

Schwalbe, Frank Conrad 

Sebesta. Emilie Ann 

Shockley, Brain Daniel 

Simonds, Dan Louis 

Smith, Sarah Brooks 

Smouse, Gregory Russell 

Snyder, Ruth Miller 

Stanat. Elizabeth Merritt 

Stanforth, Melvin Shannon 

Stanley, John Franklin 

Steiner, Karen Alena 

Stephens, Michael Charles 

Stephens, Thomas Eric 

Sterling. Caroline Grace 

Stemal, Julie Ann 

Stevens, Scott Michael 

Stevens, Whitney Lynne 

Stewart, Gary Thomas 

The Class of 1987 

Stiehr. Deborah Jo 
Stowe, Shannon 
Strother. Eric Furman 
Strouse, Geoffrey Fielding 

Studee, Isabel 
Swift. Mark David 
Terrell. David William 
Thomason. William Poole 

Thompson, Ann Bierl) 
Thompson, Mark Stephen 
Tran. Mitia 
Tubman, Virginia Mead 

Turner. Pamela Marie 
Vaccaro, Thomas James 
VanAntwerp, Mary Malm 
VanDerzee, James Robert 

Van Dierdonck, I aure Nicole 
Van Pelt. David Todd 
V aughn, Andrew < iraham 
Vinson, Caroline Elizabeth 


Wagner, George Oliver 

Waitsman. William Edward 

Wall, Judith Atkins 

Waller. Christopher Lee 

Warner, Wendy Lee 

Watkins, Basil Gordon 

Webb, Virginia Lea 

Webber. Mary Campbell 

Westlake, Christopher Charles 
White. Margaret Gibbon 

The Class of 1987 

Whittington, Cynthia Lynn 

Wilkins. Jesse I 
Wilkins, Susan Ncal 
Williams. l)j\ni Greenhill 

Williams. Dean Michael 
Wilson, Edward ('mh 
Wood. Christopher Man 
Wright. John Mark 


*t . J E 











1 ~ /i 












}> * -I ■ 






i 1 L- —~ i 


H vt — ■ 



The Year in Photos 







oompbinl In the 

S(|lkl1('lx > hM/ 

Wi iick gl k 



- M^j 

^»i^r «■••-■? 

■•- A"* 



-r y" 

^>.^ . 

L 111 

I ■ ' 













ABERNATHY. Marcus Twain 
5024 Prosperity Church Road 
Charlotte. NC 28213 
ABERNATHY. John Miles. Ill 
330 South College Avenue 
Newton, NC 28658 
ABNEY. Charles Lyndorf, III 
46 Woodcrest Avenue. N E 
Atlanta, GA 30309 
ABRAMS. Sarah Beth 

1900 Northwest 21st Street 
Gainesville, FL 32605 
ADAMS. Lauren Brooke 
5308 Orebank Road 
Kingsport, TN 37664 
ADAMS. Michael David 
Route 5, Box 109 
Durham, NC 27704 
ADCOCK. Jane Carter 
107 Litchfield Lane 
Houston, TX 77024 
ADDISON. Andrew John 

1010 36th Avenue Court. N.E. 
Hickory, NC 28601 
AHSANUDDIN. Ashfaq Alam 
12 McKee Drive 
Morganton, NC 28655 
AIKMAN. Sheryl Lynn 
1507 Stonehenge Road 
Charleston. WV 25314 
ALDAY. Caroline Sloan 
1801 Valley Road 
Gainesville. GA 30501 
ALEXANDER. Chelley Kaye 
12 Vestavia Hills 
Northpon. AL 35476 
ALEXANDER. Edward Bain 
3207 Spnngcresl Drive 
Louisville. KY 40222 
ALEXANDER, Frances L. 
6 South Plantation Drive 
Greenville, MS 38701 
AL-KOOR. Khaled MS. 
4714 Farm Pond Lane 
Charlotte. NC 28212 
ALLEN. Anne Louise 
405 Overland Drive 
Spartanburg. SC 29302 
ALLEN. Christopher Richard 
3220 Bonn's Point Lane 
Wayzata. MN 55391 
ALLEN. Edward Christian 
213 McCoy Road 
Salisbury, NC 28144 
ALLEN, Marcus Lamar 
2812 Mango Circle NW 
Atlanta. GA 30318 
ALLEN. Thomas Gibson 
Route 2, Box 17A 
Carthage, NC 28327 
ALLEN. Thomas Michael 

1235 Yorkshire Woods Court 
Wheaton, IL 60187 
ALLISON, John deSaussure 
3 Water Street 
Charleston, SC 29401 
ALYEA, David Hine 
1731 N.E. 17th Street 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305 
ANDERSON, Elizabeth Perry 
2401 Cranford Road 
Durham. NC 27706 
ANDERSON. John Caldwell 
669 Hampslead Place 
Charlotte. NC 28207 
ANNEN, Raymond John. Ill 
3265 N Oakland Avenue 
Milwaukee. Wl 53211 
178 Pnnce Street 
West Newton, MA 02165 
AOKI, Mikio 

7 Langford Road 
Plymouth. MA 02360 
ARCHER. David Thomas 
3501 Overcreek Road 
Columbia, SC 29206 
AREY, Julius Norman, 111 

1663 Ridgewood Drive NE 
Atlanta. GA 30307 
ARMISTEAD. Stan Meriwether 
1315 Clover St. Apt. 3 
Winston-Salem. NC 27101 
ARMSTRONG. James Patrick 
1013 Fourmile Branch Road 
Spartanburg, SC 29302 
ARMSTRONG. Katharine Thayer 
4009 Park Avenue 
Richmond. VA 23221 
ARNOLD. Susan Copland 
406 Vanderbilt Road 
Asheville. NC 28803 
ASBILL. Brian Henry 
841 Abelia Road 
Columbia. SC 29205 
AS1NGER. Robert William 
273 Ridgefield Road 
Wilton. CT 06897 
ATCHISON, Heather Elizabeth 
P.O. Box 2068 
Ruston, LA 71270 
ATWELL, Victoria Vance 
100 Grandview Court 
Morganton, NC 28655 
AUSTELL. Robert Milam. Jr 
645 McDaniel Avenue 
Greenville. SC 29605 
AUSTIN. Robert Eugene. Ill 
6300 North Silver Lake Drive 
Leesburg. FL 32788 
AUSTIN. Susan Antoinette 
179 Lakecrest Drive NE 
Milledgeville. GA 31061 
AVINGER. Robert L . Ill 
807 Concord Road 
Davidson. NC 28036 
AWE. Herbert Cayce 

9209 Fox Meadow Lane 
Potomac, MD 20854 
AUCOCK. Perry William. Ill 
1001 Cheriot Lane 
Gastoma. NC 28054 


BACH. Arlene Joy 
123 Duncan Circle 
Beaver, PA 15009 
BACH. Eric Anthony 
1844 Sterling Road 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
BACON, Bruce Jonathan 
17 Walnut Drive 
Cartersville. GA 30120 
BAGGARLY. Steven John 
142 North Street 
Mattapoisett, MA 02739 
BAIRAS. Colleen Renee 
103 Herb River Drive 
Savannah, GA 31406 
BAKKE. Brett Andrew 
911 East Capitol Street 
Washington. DC 20003 
BALDWIN. Allie Miller 
207 Buena Vista 
Memphis. TN 38112 
BALL. Andrew Rudyard 
3240 Mill Pond Road 
Charlotte. NC 28226 
BALLENGER. Laurie Grace 
Route 1 , Box 266 
Wellford, SC 29385 
BARNARD. Kevin Osbome 
5743 Club Lane 
Roanoke. VA 24018 
BARNETT. Kathryn Elaine 
7416 20th Avenue NW 
Bradenton. FL 33529 
BARRET. Amanda Byars 
4225 Carol Ann Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28215 
BARR1NGER. Paul Jehu. Ill 
9910 Barringer Road 
Sanford. NC 27330 
BARRON. Andrew Clark 
13 Dunbrook 

Tuscaloosa. AL 35406 
BARRON William Janssen 
13 Dunbrook 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 
BARROW, John Costley . Ill 
4177 Canyon Road 
Macon. GA 31210 
BARROW. Mark Edward 
4177 Canyon Road 
Macon, GA 31210 
BARTON. Sara Elizabeth 
1005 Oxford Road 
Atlanta. GA 30306 
BASKIN. Steve Ragsdale 
1401 Bedford 
Midland. TX 79701 
BASS. Mary Gettys 
23 8th Avenue. N.E. 
Hickorv, NC 28601 
BASS. Wanda Gail 

213-E. Apt. Law Road 
Fayetteville. NC 28301 
BAST. Randal Paul 
6613 Roxton 
Amarillo. TX 79109 
BATCHELLER. James Douglass 
227 West Birchard Street 
Scott AF Base, IL 62225 
BATES. Tinsley Porter 
3185 Nancy Creek Road 
Atlanta. GA 30327 
BATTEN. Jeffrey Taylor 

4214 Autumn Woods Court 
Stone Mountain. GA 30083 
BATTEN. Laura Taylor 
8125 SW 52nd Avenue 
Miami. FL 33143 
BAYLES. Stephen Wesley 
5129 Massachusetts Avenue 
Bethesda. MD 20816 
BAYNE. Sarah Canadine 
5 Meadow Court 
Simsbury, CT 06070 
BEAL. Mary Gretchen 
2312 Craig Cove Road 
Knoxville, TN 37919 
BEAN, Jennifer Muntzing 
794 West Shannon Road 
Bridgeport. WV 26330 
BEARCE, David Hildner 
3506 Greenhill Drive 
High Point. NC 27260 
BEARD. Brian Christopher 
4410 Forest Hills Drive 
Charlotte. NC 28226 
BEARD. Michael Howard 
Route 3. Box 106 
Claremont. NC 28610 
BECKER, David Kenneth 
19 Essex Road 
Summit. NJ 07901 
BECKHAM. Suzanne 
314 Summertime Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 
BECKHAM, Tamara 

314 Summertime Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 
BECKLEY, Catherine Yvonne 
602 Armstrong Street 
Columbia. TN 38401 
BECKWITH. William Charles 
14600 Claude Lane 
Silver Spring. MD 20904 
BEDDARD. Todd DeBower 
725 Glendale Boulevard 
Mansfield. OH 44907 
BELANGER, Annemarie 
43 Burroughs Street 
Boston, MA 02130 
BELL, Alfred Dudley 
38 Ridgeview Road 
Staunton, VA 24401 
BELL. David Wilkinson. IV 
1600 Stokes Street 
Greensboro. NC 27407 
BENSON. William Howard. Ill 
510 25th Avenue NW 
Hickory. NC 28601 
BENTON. Rebecca Lynn 

1638 North Pelham Road. N.E. 
Atlanta. GA 30324 
BERGSMA. Donald Roy. Jr. 

39 Lakewood Estates Drue 
New Orleans. LA 70114 
BERMAN. Emily Munel 
37 Glenwood Road 
West Hartford, CT 06107 
BERRY. Brett Matthew 
803 Hood Place 
Greensboro. NC 27408 
1901 Wild Holly Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28226 
BHASIN. Dawn Renuka 
9827 N. 83rd Place 
Scottsdale. AZ 85258 
BITTER. Janet Files 

1660 West T.C. Jester Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77008 
BITTER. Russell Smyth 

1660 West T.C. Jester Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77008 
BIXBY, Barbara Ann 
10 Meadow Road 
Westport, MA 02790 
BLACK, Bradford Franklin 
2020 Bardstown Road 
Matthews, NC 28105 
BLACK, John Wesley. Ill 
104 Macon Circle 
Williamsburg. VA 23185 
BLALOCK, David Jeter 
209 River Road 
Georgetown. SC 29440 
BLANKSTEIN, John Charles 
322 State Road 
Princeton. NJ 08540 
BLANTON. Jeffrey Scott 
1622 Linwood Road 
Gastonia. NC 28052 
BLEDSOE. Braden 

3631 Tuxedo Road. NW 
Atlanta. GA 30305 
BLEDSOE. Margaret Marie 
4939 Hardison Road 
Charlotte. NC 28226 
BLOCK. Elizabeth Harrison 
143 Meadow brook Road 
Weston. MA 02193 
BLOMQUIST. Marv Jennifer 
4229 Willow Grove 
Dallas. TX 75220 
BLOOD. Barbara Elizabeth 
3941 Seaton Road 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
BLUE, Ann Catherine 
28 Dovle Drive 
Greenville, SC 29615 
BOCK. Warren LeRov. Ill 
Route 1. Box 315 
Benson. NC 27504 
BOCKUS. Karen Irene 
36 Bennington Place 
New Canaan. CT 06840 
BOGART, Kenneth Charles 
529 Ardmore Road 
Ho-Ho-Kus. NJ 07423 
BOHAN. Michael Nolan 

R D. 3, Dugan Road. Box 54 
Olean. NY 14760 
BOINK. James Nicholas. Jr. 
2 Curlew Path 
Liverpool. NY 13090 
BOLES. Jon Dyar 
214 Belmont Road 
Tallahassee. FL 32301 
BOLTON. Bonnie Marie 
5373 Southwood Drive 
Memphis. TN 38119 
BOND. Emily Preston 
Route 2. Box 66 
Independence. VA 24348 
BOOKER. Randall Suiter, Jr. 
310 Bradley Point Road 
Savannah. G A 31410 
BOOKER. Russell Eubank. Ill 
906 Ridge Top Road 
Richmond. VA 23229 
BOONE. Ruth Elizabeth 
288 Mountain Road 
Wilton. CT 06897 
BOPP. Christopher James 
1400 SW 21st Lane 
Boca Raton. FL 33432 

BOS, Margaret Keesling 

P O. Box 220349 

Charlolte. NC 28222 
BOSS. Alexander Joseph 

33 1 -D Vico Drive 

Franklin. NC 28734 
BOSSONG, Fulton Huntley 

P.O. Box 789 

Asheboro. NC 27203 
BOSTICK. Elizabeth Long 

203 Hooper Drive 

Selma, AL 36701 
BOW1 N. Beth Michele 

306 Ninth Terrace 
Indialanlic. FL 32903 

BOWEN. James Forrest 

522 South Sinclair Street 

Chipley, FL '242s 
BOWEN, Laura Madeline 

2334 Kings Way 

Augusta, GA 30904 
BOWERS, Elizabeth Anne I ee 

1114 North Shore Road 

Norfolk. VA 23505 
BOW1K, David Dennis 

Route K7 

Columbia. CT 06237 
BOWLING. Theodore Cheeshrough 

1 1 5 Hampton Avenue 

Troy, AL 36081 
BOWMAN. Catherine Bryan 

P.O. Box 296 

Sanford, NC 27330 
BOWMAN. Daniel Glenn 

8304 Beagle Drive 

Richmond'. VA 23228 
BOWMAN. Helen Middleton 

1 1 109 Blue River Road 

Kansas City. MO 64131 
BOWMAN. Judith Wynn 

36h Riverside Drive 

Tequesta. FL 33469 
BOYD. Basil Manly. Ill 

2002 Pinewood Circle 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
BOYD. Reese Rodman. Ill 

505 Lakewood Avenue 
Conway. SC 29526 

BOYD. Robert Todd 

6912 North Baltusrol Lane 

Charlotte. NC 28210 
BOYD. Susan Holly 

2590 Clairmonl Court 

Columbus. OH 43220 
BOYET. Ray Laverne 

105 Autumnwood Drive 

Lenoir. NC 28645 
BOYETTE. Jill Marie 

315 Fairfax Drive 

Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
BRADFORD. Ann Sasic 

256 Hampstead' Place- 
Charlotte . NC 28207 
BRADLEY, James Edward 

307 Tram Road 
Columbia. SC 29210 

BRADLEY. Margaret Bickerstafl 

6270 Mountainview Drive 

Columbia. GA 31904 
BRADLEY. Stephen Grant 

60 Dearborn Court 

Lawrenceburg. IN 47025 
BRANCH. Elizabeth Lee 

4220 Glen Devon Drue 

Atlanta.GA 30327 
BRANCH. Gary David 

72(H) Valley Haven Drive 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
BRANDON. Scott Craig 

55 Covewood Road 

Asheville, N< 28805 
BRATTON. Charles 1 itigerald 

3 Chateau Place 

Asheville, NC 28805 
BRAY. William Parks 

506 Oleander Drive 
Florence. SC 29501 

BREAM, Peter Reynolds, Jr 

4355 Point La Vista Road 

Jacksonville, FL '2207 

1313 Hunsicker Road 

Lancaster, PA 17601 
BRI N I JENS. Joanneke K 

2S Beard Avenue 

Buffalo, NY 14214 
BRI NTJENS, Mathijs Henri 

28 Beard Avenue 
Buffalo. NY 14214 

BRENTJENS. Renier Joseph 

28 Beard Avenue 

Buffalo. NY 14214 
BRETSCHER. Christine DeVore 

240 Hancock Lane 

Athens. GA 30605 
BREWER, William Clarence, III 

-411 W mchester Drive 

Greenville. NC 27858 
Ukl WSTER. Noel Celeste 

5308 Hillingdon Road 

Charlotte, NC 28226 
BRICE, Elizabeth Ella 

(SO Shurles Street 

Rock Hill, SC 29730 
BRICTO. Francisco Jose Rosales 

5022 Glen Forest Drive 

Raleigh. NC 27612 
BRIGHT, Richard Andrew 

4221 Harpers Ferry Road 

Birmingham, AL 35213 

1 1602 North Shore Cliff Lane 

Mequon, Wl 53092 
BRINTON. Deborah Gibson 

l» ( ) Box 550 

Mooresville. NC 28115 
BROADDUS. Virginia Blanton 

307 St. David's Lane 

Richmond. VA 23221 
BRONIEC. Clara Lee 

623 Webster Drive 

Decatur. GA 30033 
BROOKS. Barbara Suzanne 

413 Granville Road 

Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
BROOKS. Charlotte Abel 

(KI74 Fairway Lane 

Glenwood Springs. CO 81601 
BROOME, Harry Lee, Jl 

8910 North Mount Drive 

Alpharetla. GA 30201 
BROUGHTON, Justin John Gold 

252') White Oak Road 

Raleigh. NC 27609 
BROUGHTON, Robert Bain. Jr 

2529 White Oak Road 

Raleigh, NC 27609 
BROWDER. Richard Wayne 

Route 13. Box 1177 

Hickory. NC 28601 
BROWN. Benjamin Goodwin. Jr 

508 Blakewood Road 

Raleigh. NC 27609 
BROWN. Elizabeth lmn 

2725 Webb Street 

Raleigh. NC 27609 
BROWN. Kerry Walter 

P.O. Box 12699 

Gainesville. Fl 12604 
BROWN. Margaret Elaine 

Kill Riverside Boulevard 

Lumberton, NC 28358 
BROWN. Robert Adrian. Jr 

5211 Hedrick Drive 

Greensboro. NC 27410 
BROWN, Timothy Eric 

9030 Glencroft Road 

Charlotte. NC 28212 
BROWN. William Hill. IV 

5103 Harlan Circle 

Richmond, VA 23226 
BRUBAKER, Lenna Carol 

2222 Edgewood Drive 

Augusta. GA 30904 
BRUCE. Marino Anton 

Route 3 

South Boston. VA 24592 
BRYAN. Elizabeth Cares 

415 Lvnwood Boulevard 

Nashville, IN 17205 
HR\ ANT. Harrv Smoak. Jr. 

590 Brewton Street 

Orangeburg, SC 29115 
BRYANT. Stephen Crai 

2620 Armstrong ( Sn le 

Gastonia. NC 28054 
BRYSON. Anne Elizabeth 

3101 Pontifex Court 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

Bl'DDE. Jason MacRae 

I 35 Cid College Way 

Atlanta, GA 10328 
BUDDE. John Blase 

135 Old College Way 

Atlanta. GA 30328 
BUGG, William Adolphus. Ill 

471 West Wesley Road, NW 

Atlanta. GA 50305 

HI KOWSKI, Marta Nell 
12 Soundview Loop RR 4 
Vista. NY 10590 

BURCH. Emanuel Jarvis 
2603 3 1st Avenue- 
Tampa. FL 33610 

BURGOON. Stephen Samuel 
11402 Hounds Way 
Rockville, MD 20852 

Hi RKI Virginia Lee 
503 Canterbury Lane 
Alexandria, VA 22314 

BURKS, St.i t e\ I lizabeth 
4922 Stonewall 
Little R.H.k. AR 72207 

BURNS. Kevin Lee 
409 Walnut Place 
Lenoir. NC 28645 

BURNS. Patricia Lynn 
280 Bluli View Drive 
Bellaair Blulfs. FL 33540 

BURNS. Walter Woodrow, III 
604 East Franklin Street 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

BURRELL. Marcia Elizabeth 
824 B Gallop Hill Road 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

BURRELL. Thanh Nga Laura 
824-B Gallop Hill Road 
(iaithersburg. MD 20879 

Hi sin . Gregory Evans 
2494 Regents Walk 
Germantown. TN 38138 

BUSBY. Thaddeus Richard. Jr 
1542 Sweetbriar Drive 
Wichita Falls. TX 76302 

BUTCHER, Michael Bain 
2029 Westwind Drive 
Kingsport, TN 37660 

BUXTON. ( aroline Louise 

6 Cassena 

Sumter. SC 24150 
BYNE. Elizabeth Jones 
2214 Welleslev Avenue- 
Charlotte. NC'28207 
BYNUM. Debra L\nn 
1411 Chiton Road 
Jacksonville. NC 28540 


CABRALES. Galileo Enrique 

Blsd Hipodromo #686 

San Salvador 
CALDWELL. Kathleen Howard 

2114 Stuart Avenue 

Richmond. VA 23220 
CALDWELL. Tod Robert. Ill 

1050 21st Avenue NW 

Hickory. NC 28601 
CALHOUN. Knstina Muriel 

USCGC Sagebrush 

San Juan. PR 00903 
CAMPBELL. Hugh Brown. Ill 

142s Scotland Avenue 

Charlotte, NC 28207 
CAMPBELL, Jane Elizabeth 

1550 Lakeside Drive 

Dunedin, FL 33528 
CAPERTON. William Gaston, IV 

1 Gat Creek Road 

Charleston. WV 25314 
CARDER, Kerry Robin 

10341 Strait Lane 

Dallas. TX 75229 
CARDWE1 I . Bennett Stover 

1909 Indian Hill Road 

I ynchburg, VA 24503 
CARDWELL, Julia Carol 

2216 Elgin Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27103 
CARLOCK, Ronald Craig, Jr 

I4S s Hidden Hills Parkway 

Stone Mountain. GA 30088 
CAR! ION. Elizabeth Howard 

P.O. Box 67 

Pinetops, NC 27864 
CARLTON. Holls Gaol 

R.D. 1, Box 130 

Mill. .id. NJ 08848 
CARR. Amy Karel 

1508 Von Cannon Circle 

Sanford. NC 27330 

CARR. Drury Gunn 

1260 East Catalpa 

Springfield. MO 65804 
CARR. Kendra Elizabeth 

Route I . Box 1038 

Bristol. TN 37620 
CARR. Melissa Dearing 

3017 Habersham Was NV\ 

Atlanta. GA 30305 
CARRE! L, William Plingst. 11 

2531 lop Hill Road 
.lie. KY 4(1206 


2 iin Heather!) Road 
Kingsport, TN 37660 

CARTER. Corliss Nichele 
162 Stanhope Circle NW. 
Atlanta. GA 30314 

(AR I LEDGE. Ann Parker 
3101 Somerset Street 
Roanoke. VA 24014 

CASE, Richard Loomis, Jr 
6 Foster Street 
Marblehead. MA 01945 

( \s ( I l N.inis Lynne 
P.O. Bo\ 26 
York.SC 24745 

CASTLEMAN. Rebecca B. 
I 1 1 Tribal Road 
Louisville, KY 40207 

CATE, Michael Carroll 
Route 1, BOX 425 
Germanton. NC 27019 

CATE. Rodney Reed 
Route 1 . Bos 425 
Germanton. NC 27014 

CATES. Stewart Mitchell 
44 Twin Lake Road. S\\ 
Rome. GA 30161 

CAUGHEY. Anne Elizabeth 
412 Cynthia Lane- 
Vienna. VA 22 I so 

CAWOOD, Romy Lanier 
211 South Winter Street 
Yellow Sprincs. OH 45387 

CEELY. Lisa Elaine 

1108 St Tropez Circle 
Orlando. FL 32806 

CEKADA. Ennl James 
4225 Morphs Court 
Anchorage, Ak 99508 

CHALMERS. Judith Cameron 
29 Marion Avenue 
Short Hills. NJ 07078 

CHAPIN. Llovd Walter III 
200 60th Avenue South 
St Petersburg. FL 33705 

CHAPMAN. Alison Anne 
2700 Canterbury Road 
Birmingham. AL 35223 

CHAPMAN. Mar. Moil 
1311 Grasdon Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23507 

CHEEK. Amy Lynne 
317 Engleman Avenue 
Burlington, NC 2 7 2l> 

CHEN, Mark Hsin-Tzu 
1225 Southbreeze Circle 
Knoxville, TN 37919 

CHESNUT. Lynn Campbell 
4404 Malvern Road 
Durham. NC 27707 

CH1SHOLM. Donald Reid. Jr 
107 South Main Street 

Asheboro. NC 27203 

(ill in . Charles Morton, 111 

107 Laurens Street 
Beaufort, SC 29902 

i HI No. Younelan Loni 
B-205 Family Town 
Kangnam ku. Seoul. KOR 

(I \kk. \licia Hilton 
1305 Spnnghill Road 
Birmingham. AL 3522 ' 

CLARK. Andrew Sutton 
2017 Lancashire Drive 
Richmond, VA 23235 

(1 \Kk, Bans Paul 
Route I 
Cony. PA 16407 

CLARK, Constance Lsnn 

2S22 Fostei Ridge Drive 

Atlanta 1 1 * 
CLARK. Elizabeth Bradford 

3107 Cloverfield Road 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
CI ARK, Elizabeth Field 

I ) Wyngate 

Simsh'urv . CT 06070 

CLARKE. Andrew Cronin 
1213 NE 94th Streel 

Miami Shores. FL 33138 
CLARKE. Christopher Benham 

784 Main Street 

Leominster. MA 014?3 
CLASBY. Virginia Leigh 

2806 DellBVooke Avenue 

Louisville. KY 40220 
CLAYTON. Kimherlv Lavita 

3516 Stratford Drive 

Columbus, GA 31906 
CLIFFORD. Philip Earle 
1128 Pinellas Pt. Dr. So. 

St. Petersburg. FL 33705 
CLIFFORD, Virginia Hope 

228 Cliffdale Drive 

Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
CLOUDT, Richard Wmfield 

411 North Washington Street 

Rutherfordton. NC 28139 
CLUGSTON. James Raymond 

8408 S.W. 4th Place 

Gainesville, FL 32607 
COCHRAN. Molly Maude 

899 Rockinwood Drive 

Athens. GA 30606 
COCK, John Preston. II 

1 15 V2 South Main Street 

Galax. VA 24333 
COGGINS. Boyd Wayne, Jr. 

102 Heritage Court 

Belmont. NC 28012 
COHEN. Aaron Bernard 

11504 Lake Ridge Road 

Tampa, FL 33618 
COLE. Allan Hugh. Jr. 

407 Club Drive 

Mvrtle Beach. SC 29577 
COLEMAN, John Robert, Jr. 

4524 Mystic Drive, NE. 

Atlanta, GA 30342 
COLLETT. William Burton 

312 W. Union Street 

Morganton. NC 28655 
COLLINS, Donald Michael 

1046 Buckwood Drive 

Orlando, FL 32806 
COLLINS, Paul Cattell 

1219 Frederick Avenue 

Salisbury. MD 21801 
COLWELL, James Travis 

918 Southwest Boulevard 

Clinton, NC 28328 
COMBS, James Reece 

939 Kearns Avenue 

Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
COMPTON, Allen Ayres 

6017 Del Norte 

Dallas, TX 75225 
CONDON, Stephen Russell 

Nancy's Lane 

Pound Ridge, NY 10576 
CONNER. Gerald Foster 

5 Dogwood Road 

Newnan, GA 30263 
CONNOR. Cheryl Lynn 

206 Townes Road 

Columbia. SC 29210 
COOKE, Andrew Boxley 

10 Grandview Drive 

Charleston. WV 25302 
COOPER, Catherine Camille 

2380 North Peachtree Way 

Dunwoody. GA 30338 
COOPER, Mary Jean 

3000 Grand Avenue #618 

Des Moines, I A 50312 
COPPEDGE. Caryn Ellen 

12604 Exchange Court. North 

Potomac. MD 20854 
CORBETT, Lauren Elizabeth 

405 Archer Road 

Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
CORNELSON. Elizabeth Woodward 

Merrie Oaks 

Clinton. SC 29325 
CORNISH. Robert Vaughn, Jr 

208 Beech Street 

Nutlev, NJ 07110 
CORS, David William 

6704 Miami Bluff Drive 

Cincinnati, OH 45227 
COSGROVE. Lisa Lorice 

1329 Avondale Avenue 

Jacksonville. FL 32205 
COSTANTINI. Scott Bradlc> 

6316 Hickory Hollow Road 

Jamestown, NC 27282 

COULTER, Deborah Alison 
P53 Bvmwyck Way 
Atlanta! GA 30319 
COUNTS. Bryan Carroll 
843 Condon Drive 
Charleston. SC 29412 
COWAN. Lisa Ann 
Heath Drive. Rd. #4 
Binghamton, NY 13901 
COWAN, Michael Andrew 

4660 Wesleyan Woods Drive 
Macon, GA 31210 
COWIE, David Knight 

1733 Kellogg Springs Drive 
Dunwoody. GA 30338 
CRABTREE. Kimberly Jo 
410 Porters Neck Road 
Wilmington, NC 28405 
CRAIG. Caroline Evelyn 
3750 Bobbin Mill Road 
Tallahassee. FL 32312 
CRAIG. Kimberly Ann 
::: Hillcresl Road 
East Aurora, NY 14052 
CRAIG, Nancy Vema 
3405 Ocotea Street 
Raleigh. NC 27607 
CRAVEN, Lara Michelle 
106 Shamrock 
Walterboro. SC 29488 
CRAWFORD, Laune Frances 
3009 Rhodenhaven Drive, NW 
Atlanta, GA 30327 
CRAYMER, Suzanne Lisa 
16 Ridon Drive 
Hockessin, DE 19707 
CREWS. Charles Joseph 
6440 Brandonwood Court 
Charlotte, NC 28226 
CRITCHETT, Mark Benjamin 
3301 Old Mill Court 
Decatur. GA 30033 
CROOK, Mary Elizabeth 
660 Wilhelm Place, NE 
Concord. NC 28025 
CROWLEY. Eric Lee 
818 Hilton Street. NE 
Lenoir, NC 28645 
CROWTHER. Mark Olson 
Farm Lane 
Portland, CT 06480 
CRUSE, Mary Scott 
1 25 Reid Street 
Chatham, VA 24531 
CRYSTAL. Thomas Louis Bear 
536 Lake Avenue 
Greenwich. CT 06830 
CULBERTSON. Lisa Michelle 
121 Monument Circle 
Louisville. KY 46204 
CUNNINGHAM. Dixon Courson. Jr. 
Route 7, Hathaway Circle 
Greenville. SC 29609 
CUNNINGHAM, Eudora Mauldin 
Route 7, Hathawav Circle 
Greenville, SC 29609 
CURRIE, Patrick Wade 
3611 Randolph Road 
Durham. NC 27705 
CURRY, Maxine Christopher 
2521 West 65th Street 
Shawnee Mission, KS 66208 
CURTIN, Christine Helen 

5631 Western Avenue, NW 
Washington. DC 20015 
CUTTING, Samuel Thomas 
5942 Highland Hills Drive 
Austin. TX 78731 


DABBS, Alan Whitefield 
854 Barton Woods Road 
Atlanta, GA 30307 

DAIL, April Lynn 
Route 1 , Box 247 
Reidsville, NC 27320 

DAILEY, Karen Elaine 
3521 Musket Drive 
Midlothian. VA 23113 

DALLAS. Davidson Hayes 
131 West Parris Avenue 
High Point. NC 2726(1 

DALRYMPLE, David Northrop 
5515 Whitewood Court 
Dunwoody. GA 30338 

DAMEWOOD. Elizabeth Rhodes 

108 Basswood Road 

Charleston, WV 25314 
DANIEL James A., Jr. 

420 Hawthorne Drive 

Danville, VA 24541 
DARSEY, Jonathan Parker 

3325 Old Fairburn Southwest 

Atlanta, GA 30331 
DAUGHERTY, Sonia Elizabeth 

730 Amitv Drive 

Charleston. WV 25302 
DAUGHTRY, Jackie Denetnce 

Route 5, Box 289 

Sylvania, GA 30467 
DAVANT, Joseph Allison, III 

3851 Abingdon Road 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
DAVIDSON. Robert Gage, Jr. 

1650 Milfrod Road 

Columbia. SC 29206 
DAVIS. Donald Ray. Jr. 

Route 4, Box 398 

Trinity, NC 27370 
DAVIS, Doris Elaine 

5742 Bayou Glen 

Houston, TX 77057 
DAVIS. Elizabeth Bennett 

8523 Durham Court 

Springfield. VA 22151 
DAVIS. John Warren 

1 1 85 Northshore Drive 

Roswell, GA 30076 
DAVIS. Lewis Schenck 

3125 Alicante Drive 

Pensacola, FL 32506 
DAVIS. Stephen John 

67 Cotswold Way 

Avon, CT 06001 
DAVIS, Theodore Hams. Jr. 

2500. Stonehaven Place 

Columbus, OH 43220 
DAWKINS. LaVetta Nichelle 

2665 Orlando Street 

Charlotte. NC 28206 
DEAN. Michael Clavton 

1001 Racquet Road 

Boone, NC 28607 
deBECK. Karla Lynn 

610 Woodland' Drive 

Greensboro. NC 27408 
DeCOU, Deborah Grace 

Main Street 

Shiloh. NJ 08353 
DEES, Janet Lee 

6060 Old Oak Ridge Road 

Greensboro. NC 27410 
DENGLER. Thomas Alan 

103 St. Marv's Court 

Morganton. NC 28655 
DENNIS. Melinda Dickinson 

2030 East Valley Road 

Santa Barbara. CA 93108 
DENNIS, Patricia Mane 

2510Tryon Road 

Durham. NC 27705 
DePAUL. David Matthew 

59 Bailey Drive 

North Branford, CT 06471 
DeTURE. Michael Anthony 

1049 Tuscany Place 

Winter Park, FL 32789 
DEW. Sandra Elizabeth 

720 Belle Meade Road 

Monroe. GA 30655 
DICK. Elizabeth Grier 

33 1 1 Suffolk Road 

Richmond. VA 23227 
DIEDRICH. Andrea Lynn 

1316 Octavia Street 

New Orleans. LA 70115 
DIGGS, Cerue Kessoh 

Davidson College 

Davidson, NC 28036 
DILETTUSO. Melissa Beth 

105 Norfield Road 

Weston. CT 06883 
DILLON. James Edward 

7523 Edgewater Drive 

Columbia. SC 29223 
DIXON. Robert Ross. Jr 

960 24th Avenue Drive. NW 

Hickory. NC 28601 
DIXON. William Crawford, IV 

10415 Joe's Road 

Jacksonville, FL 32221 
DOCKER Y, Lisa McGowan 

3421 Buena Vista Road 

Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

DODENHOFF, Laura Aver 

17221 Edgewater Drive 

Lakewood. OH 44107 
DOENGES, William Conrad, II 

1395 East 27th Place 

Tulsa, OK 74114 
DOLAN, Elizabeth Ann 

4242 Forest Hills Drive 

Lakeland, FL 33803 
DOLAN, Emily Susan 

4242 Forest Hills Drive 

Lakeland, FL 33803 
DONALD. Marion Lide Coggeshall 

4354 Chicora Street 

Columbia. SC 29206 
DONNALLEY. Kevin Thomas 

8616 Windjammer Drive 

Raleigh. NC 27615 
DOUG AN. Cameron Ross 

601 Ackerman Avenue 

Ho-Ho-Kus. NJ 07423 
DOUGLAS. Kann Michelle 

731 Scottish Mill Run 

Marietta. GA 30067 
DOUGLAS. Maria Turnetta 

5901 Ryan's Bluff Road 

N. Charleston. SC 29418 
DOUGLASS. Edwin Latimer. Ill 

3010 Bransford Road 

Augusta, GA 30909 
DOVER, Mardi Anne 

Route 4, Box 565 

Marion, NC 28752 
DOWNIE, Robert Collins, II 

3396 Deer Lane Drive 

Tallahassee. FL 32312 
DOWNS. Harriet Elizabeth 

2800 Wickersham Road 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
DOWTY, Amanda Hargis 

210 Ann Street 

Beaufort. NC 28516 
DRUMMOND. Sarah Elizabeth 

8 Berkshire Drive 

Richmond. VA 23229 
DuBOSE, Charles Oliver, Jr 

2010 Pinewood Circle 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
DUKE, Christopher Scott 

824 Country Club Drive 

North Palm Beach. FL 33408 
DUKES, William Bryan 

308 Summerlea Drive 

Columbia. SC 29203 
DUNN. Kevin Crawford 

4847 Water Oak Lane 

Jacksonville. FL 32210 
DUNN, Theodore Andrew 

2803 Juniper Hill Court 

Wilmington. NC 28403 
DUNN, Wendv Gayle 

5200 Turtle Creek Lane 

Sarasota, FL 33582 
DUTTERA, Elizabeth Sue 

869 Lakewood Drive 

La Orange. GA 30240 
DUVALL. Diane Lynn 

Oakum Dock Road 

Cobalt. CT 06414 
DWIGHT. Yolanda Mercedes 

7928 Dunstable Circle 

Orlando, FL 32817 

EAKES. Emily Elizabeth 

5809 Cardinal Way 

Greensboro. NC 27410 
EARLE. James Edwin 

10109 SW 127th Street 

Miami. FL 33176 
EARLES, Julie Lynn 

1083 Nielsen Drive 

Clarkston. GA 3002 1 
ECKBERT, Ashley Ann 

675 Dunblane Drive 

Winter Park. FL 32792 
ECKBERT. John Haden 

675 Dunblane Drive 

Winter Park. FL 32792 
EDMONDS, Marv Kathrvn 

2494 Woodberrv Drive 

Winston-Salem. NC 27106 
EDMUNDS, Charles Freeman, Jr 

P.O. Box 490128 

Atlanta. GA 30349 

EDMUNDS. Thomas Bryant, Jr 

4412 Chicora Street 

Columbia, SC 29206 
EDWARDS. Aaron Maurice 

676 Custer Avenue 

Atlanta. GA 50315 

I dw \rds. Ann Elizabeth 

97(1 Country Club Road 
Sanford, FL 32771 
EICH, Bruee Shelby, II 

1828 North Woodridge Road 
Birmingham. AL 35223 
12404 New Point Drive 
Richmond, VA 23233 

II AMINE. Bilal Mohammed 
P ( ) Box 77 

ELDER.Elizabeth Grace 

412 Hickory Drive 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
I I I ISDN. Robert Munroc. Jr 

11537 Underoak Court 

Reston. VA 22091 
ELSTER. John Robert. Jr. 

257(1 Club Park Road 

Winston Salem, NC 27 km 
ENGEL. John Augustine, III 

794 Ponus Ridge 

New Canaan, ( T 06840 
ERWIN, Anna [Catherine 

811 Manchestei Street, SW 

Lenoir, NC 28645 
ERWIN. Mary Elizabeth 

3702 Peakwood Drive 

Roanoke. VA 24014 
ETHRIDGE, David Andrew 

1' o Drawer 579 

Newton, NC 28658 
EVANS. Susan Howell 

200 Crown Point Road 

Greenville, NC 27834 
I WING, Mums Malvern, h 

305 Cameron Ridge Drive 

Atlanta. GA 30128 

FAIR. Cynthia DeVane 
3414 Cambridge Road 
Durham. NC 27707 

FAIRE\ . William Fletcher, IV 
Litchlield Plantation 
Pawleys Island, SC 29585 

FANNIN. Laura Olivia 

2608 Independent Square 
Jacksonville. FL 32202 

FANNIN. Stephanie l.ayne 
s2o Dogwood Trail 

Medina' OH 4425b 

I U CI III Mickcs Pnscilla 

5649 Sherborne Drive 
Columbus, GA 11909 

II lid NBAUM, Bryan Andrew 

75 Banyan Drive 

Ormond Beach, II 32074 
F1LISS. Ian Robinson 

Route (> 

Marshall. NC 28753 
FINCH, Keith Russell 

412 Ridecs lew Drue 

Blacksburg, VA 24060 

FISH. Robert James 
P.O Bon 146 
Sitka, \K 99835 

USUI R, Christophei Shannon 

6200 Sharon Veres Road 
Charlotte, NC 28210 
FISHER, lessica I lizabeth 
342' Hope Vallej Road 

Durham. NC 27707 

FISHER. John Spurgeon 
Cioll Course Road 
Whiteville, NC 28472 

FISHFR. Patricia Ann 

2502 Maw lew Road 

Raleigh, N( ' <«> 

I I I /(.I RALD, David Charles 

21 East Woodcresl Avenue 

Maple Shade. Nl 08052 
FITZGERALD. John Edward, l\ 

1500 Palmei Drive 

Titusville, II 12 '80 
FITZGERALD. Michael Collins 

206 West Monroe Avenue 

Alexandria. VA 22301 

F1TZPATRICK. He.uhei Elizabeth 

210 El Brillo Was 

Palm Beach. II. 53480 
FLANIKEN. James Stephen 

2313 Thornhill Road 

Louisville, KY 40222 
FLEENOR. John David 

205 Green Slreet 

Athens. IN 37303 
FLINCH! 'M. Brett Martin 

5124 Begonia Drue 

Charlotte NC 28215 
FLYNN. Edwin Davis 

5206 Bridle Trail 

Greensboro. NC 27407 

FOGLE, Herbert Glenn. Jr 

2500 Belvedere Avenue 

Charlotte, NC 28205 
FONVILLE, Charles Lindsey, Jr. 

641 Museum Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28207 
1 1 ii ii i David Phillip 

1 1031 Pinocchio 

Dallas. IX 7s22'» 

FORBIS, Heathei Lea 

Route 8. Box 1688 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
FORCE.. Seth Daniel 
1038 I leanore street 

New ((.leans. LA 70115 

FOREMAN. James Gregory 

9300 Navios Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35803 
FOWBLE, Coleman Deane 

Route 2. Box 87-Y 

Ridgeway, SC 29130 
FOX. Amelia 

Route 1 . Box 889 

Fortson, GA Mhos 
I R VM1 I lenoi I ranees 

3716 Georgetown 

Huston, IX 771KI5 
FRANKLIN. Elizabeth L. 

ixio Royal Boulevard 

Lynchburg, VA 24503 
FRASCH1 . Mar) Dobbins 

1719 Ridge Road 

Leavenworth, KS 66048 

FREDSELL, Nelson Harold. HI 

Route 7. North Warwick Road 

Greenville. SC 29609 
FREED. Mary Candler 

143 Blackwell Drive 

Danville. VA 24541 
FREELAND. Iran Allison 

108 Wentworth Boulevard 

I afayette, LA 70508 

1509 Peabods 

Memphis. TN 38104 
FREEMAN. Michelle Rene 

19 Vista del Golfo 

Long Beach. CA 90803 
FRENCH. Derek Anson 

P.O Box 778 

Davidson, NC 28036 

I kl SH. Ronald Louis. Jr 
381 Howell Avenue 
Cincinnati, OH 45220 

IKII Dl ANDI.R. Michael Scott 

46 Tarrvhill Road 

Tarry/town. NY 10591 
FULLER, David Allan. Jr 

3813 Repon Street 

Greensboro. NC 2740 
FULP, Kenneth Gu> 

8824 Houston Ridge Road 

Matthews. NC 28105 
FT TRAL. Allen Ashley. Ill 

405 Briarmonl Drive 

Winchester. VA 22m II 


(, \B\, Mans., Ducrel 

1 is hccsidc Drive 

Rome. GA 30161 
(, KB \^ . Allison Carol 

Calais Road 

Mendham. N 15 

(, \bi 1 I aura i lizabeth 

I Ssi I Shadow lawn Street 
Jacksonville. II 52205 
G MM S, Edward, Jr. 
930 Apache Slreet 
lallahassce. II 52301 

GAINES. Tracy Renee 
301 Warburton Avenue 
Yonkers. NY 10701 
GALLOWAY. Kristin Sue 
265 South Ernies Avenue 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 
GAMBAL, Kimberly Ann 
22 Shenandoah Drive 
North Caldwell. NJ 07006 
GAMPONIA. Edgar Clarence 
413 Green Acres 
Spencer. WV 25276 
GARLINGTON. Carl Daniel. Jr 
2828 Eldorado Avenue 
Jacksonville. II. 32210 
GARMON. Sheldon Leonard 
4375 Cascade Road sw 0-200 
Atlanta, GA 50331 
GARNER, Thomas Gailor, III 
243 West Brow Road 
Lookout Mountain, IN 37350 
GARRETT. Carter Lowell 
Carter Hill Road 
Concord. NH 03301 
GARTNER. Seth Hawkins 
221 Edgcwood Boulevard 
Minerva. OH 44657 
GASTON. Reubie Holliday 
147 Park Drive 
Chester. SC 29706 
GATCHEL. Brian James 
649 Tails Road 
Lexington, KY 40502 
GATCHEL. Kaiheime Ann 
2609 Brookside Drive 
Louisville. KY 40205 
GATEWOOD. Carol Lee 
3120 Arundel Drive 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
GATHINGS. John Thomas. Jr 
Route 8. Box 815 
Morganton, NC 28655 
GATTIKER. Thomas Frederic 
171 Heritage Road 
Chambersburg, PA 17201 
GENOVESE. Edward Michael 
6220 Banyan Terrace 
Plantation. FL 33317 
GIBBES. Elaine Gumnard 
6717 Sandy Shore Road 
Columbia, SC 29206 
GILES. Ann McCarley 
715 Dover Road 
Greensboro. NC 27408 
GILES. Debbv Clorinda 
1871 NW 27th Street 
Fort Lauderdale. FT. 33311 
GILES. John Hubert. Ill 
1138 Brighton Place 
Charlotte. NC 28205 
GILLESPIE. Marion Boyd 
108 Carter Oaks Dnse 
Anderson. SC 29621 
GILL1K1N. John Morton 
809 Wilson Mills Road 
Smithlield. NC 27577 
GILMER. John Charles. Jr 
1908 Lamont Street 
Kingsport. TN 37664 
GILMER. Rebecca Koch 
5566 Mallard Walk 
Gainesville, GA 50501 
G1VENS. Melissa Evelyn 
867 Parkside Avenue 
Buffalo, NY 14216 
GLADDEN, laurel Monet 
2701 Abingdon Road 
Mountain Brook. AL 3524' 
GLENN. Lara Flame 
1644 Sharon Wa) 
Clearwater. FL 33546 
GLYNN. Jacqueline Martin 
1410 Arcadia Place 
Palo Alto. CA 94303 

GODWIN. Stephen Daniel 
U Woodland Park Drive 

Tenafly, NJ 07670 
GOFF. John Edward 

1809 I ocksview Road 

I ynchburg, VA 24503 
COINS, Adrianne I isbeth 

4403 Keswick Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609 
i.iil DING, Jeanne Howard 

591 1 Beresford Road 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
GONDER. Aimee Lynn 

4431 NW 57th Sued 

Fort Lauderdale. II 53319 


Parque Conde Orgaz 

Madrid 33 
GOODE. Mary Jane 

1980 First Cnion Tower 

Charlotte. NC 2s2s; 
GOODRl M. Thomas McBnde. Jr 

909 Goodwood Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
GOODWIN. Scon William 

Route I, Box I05AA 

Lenoir City. TN 37771 
GORDON. Sriervl Gras 

106 Laurel Tree W a> 

Brandon. FL 33511 
GOSNELL. Mark Glen 

48 Swanger Road 

Asheville, Ni 

(,()! OH. Steven Robert 

8912 Camino Osiio. N.E. 
Albuquerque. NM 87111 
GOWIN. Elijah Peter 
212 Chancellor 
Newton. PA 18940 
GOWING. Charles Carlisle 
143 Mount Vernon Drive 
Decatur. GA 30030 
GRACE. Lisa Kas 
8805 Skokie Lane 
Vienna. VA 22180 
GRAINGER, Gates Ericson 
19075 Farmington Lane 
South Bend, IN 46614 
GRANT. Hugh McPhail 

lONacoochee Place, N.W. 
Atlanta. GA 30305 
GRANT, Julia Diane 
P.O. Bo> 
Davidson, N( 
GRANT. Susan Gardner 
2859 Cravey Trail 
Atlanta. GA 30345 
GRANTHAM. John Bruce 
707 Iona Street 
Fairmont. NC 28340 
GRASER, Theodore Nestor. IV 
1337 Independence Way 
Marietta. GA 30062 
GRAU. Daniel Stephen 
1 1 3 Greengate Lane 
Spartanburg, SC 29302 
GRAVES. Andrew Tibbals 
Chandler Farm 
Winterthur. DE 19735 
GRAVES. Valerie Ann 
173 Adams Slreet 
Milton. MA 02 IS" 
GRAY. Maurice Edward 
19219 Lanburx Avenue 
Warrenssille HgtS . OH 44122 
GREGORY. Jeltrev Steele 
391 McDowell 
Danville. KY 40422 
GREWAL. Ajita 

4502 Gloucester Drive 
New Bern. NC 28560 
GRIER. John Bulord. Jr. 
383 Grads Drive 
Rock Hill. SC 29730 
GRIFFETH. Phillip Comer 
Route 2. Box 280 
Colbert. GA 10628 
GRIFFIN. Anthons Conies 
P.O Box 2 '02" 
Charlo tte, NC 28212 
GRH7F1TH, John ('oilman 
6802 Wenibcrls Was 
McLean. VA 22101 
GRIFFITH, Mars Sarah 
6802 Wemlvils Was 
McLean. VA 22101 
GRIM Reynold Carta 
131 Riples Road 
Wilson. N< 
GRISTINA. Anthons George. Jr 
2794 Acom Court 
Winston Salem, N( 27106 
2725 Salisbui 
Raleigh. NC 27612 

GROSS. Andrea I illyan 

22 ^ ( hew Street 

Ulentown PA 18104 

GROSS. Michael Roberts 

5232 Heathsted Place 

Charlotte. NC 28210 
GRZES/C/AK. Robert Christopher 
760 London Road 
Winter Park. II 12 

GUISE. John George 

Fargo Lane 

[rvington, NY 10533 
GURUNG. Jit Bahadur 

P.O. Box 3974 

GYAL'CH, Therese Marie 

I94.i Homeslead Avenue 

Bethlehem. PA 18018 
GYNN. Michael Christopher 

850 Hill Road 

Winnetka. 1L 60093 


HADDOCK. Samuel Thompson. Jr. 

104 Carter Oaks Drive 

Anderson. SC 29621 
HADLEY. Alexander Ivey 

1270 West Lebanon 

Mount Airy, NC 27030 
HAGOOD, George Timmerman 

202 Ridgewood Street 

Easley. SC 29641 
HAILE. Matthew Edward 

1401 Rock Dam Court 

Raleigh, NC 27615 
HAITHCOCK. Jennifer Lynn 

5506 Red Oak Circle 

Tamarac. FL 33319 
HALE. Jeffrey Glen 

301 Forest Park Drive 

Waynesville, NC 28786 
HALL, Clisby Louise 

5031 Wesleyan Woods 

Macon, GA 31210 
HALL. Elizabeth Rivers 

4000 Yadkin Drive 

Raleigh. NC 27609 
HALL. Leigh Baird 

3221 Brook Road 

Richmond. VA 23227 
HALL. Virginia Childs 

4701 Braebum Lane 

Macon, GA 31210 
HALL. William Mitchell, Jr 

100 Quail Lane 

Somerset. KY 42501 
HALTER. George Raymond. Ill 

2185 Robert Street 

N. Huntingdon, PA 15642 

3008 Medial Avenue 

Nashville, TN 37215 
HAMILTON, Leslie Camilla 

1737 Pine Needle Road 

Montgomery, AL 36106 
HAMMOND. Mary Martha 

345 Lindley Avenue 

Asheboro, NC 27203 
HAMMOND. Richard Harley, III 

16200 West Troon Circle 

Miami Lakes, FL 33014 
HAMPTON. Mary Lucile 

1207 Kanawha Terrace 

Huntington. WV 25101 
HANCOCK, Margaret Ellen 

561 3rd Street, N.E. 

Hickory. NC 28601 
HANDLER, Charles Andrew 
1800 Kinglet Lane 
Knoxville, TN 37919 
HANDLEY, Marion Michael 

400 Argonne Drive 

Atlanta. GA 30305 
HANDY, David Grey 

8765 Lake Glen Court 

Alpharetta. GA 30201 
HANKINS. Warren Tracy 

2908 Lakeview Boulevard 

Evansville. IN 47712 
HARBERT, Simon David 

1 3 1 Greenwood Place 

Decatur, GA 30030 
HARBERTS. Christian Alexander 

437 Walnut Street 

Statesville. NC 28677 
HARDCASTLE, MacDonald Keltner 

4429 Sheppard Place 

Nashville, TN 37205 
HARDIN, Christopher Edward 

1834 Cherry Street 

Jacksonville, FL 32205 
HARDING, Ellen Anne 

503 Underwood Street 

Clinton, NC 28328 

HARDING. Peter Richard 
50" Underwood Street 

Clinton, NC 28328 
HARDMAN, Elizabeth O'Keliey 
325-3 Queens Road 

Charlotte, NC 28204 
HARGROVE. Christopher Hill 
724 Westborough Road 

Knoxville. TN 37909 
HARMANN. Pamela Jeanne 

3075 Portsmouth Avenue 

Cincinnati. OH 45208 

HARMON, Virginia Palmer 

1362 Granville Drive 

Winter Park, FL 32789 
HARPER, John Kirk 

2332 Watts 

Houston. TX 77030 
HARRELL, Amy Elizabeth Addison 

P.O. Box 4006 

Salisbury, NC 28144 
HARRELL. Hannah Lind 

915 South Willowcrest Way 

LaGrange. GA 30240 
HARRELL, Henry Lytle. Ill 

416 SE 22nd Avenue 

Ocala. FL 32671 
HARRINGTON, Morrill Elizabeth 

1 14 Overview Lane 

Cary, NC 27511 
HARRIS, Charles Walker. Jr 

4226 Belknap Road 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
HARRIS, Daniel Lain 

717 Dancy Avenue 

Savannah! GA 31419 
HARRIS, James Edwin, Jr. 

8136 Spicewood Drive 

Charlotte. NC 28212 
HARRIS, James Mark 

236 Cypress Creek Drive 

Spartanburg, SC 29302 
HARRIS, Jeffery Theodore 

6530 Currywood Drive 

Nashville. TN 37205 
HARRIS, Robert Hill 

717 Dancy Avenue 

Savannah, GA 31419 
HARRIS. Stephanie Maureen 

827 Dreiser Street 

Durham, NC 27704 
HARRIS, Virginia Hornaday 

801 Sunset Drive 

Greensboro. NC 27408 
HARRISON, Stephen Hall 

16 Sunny Brae Place 

Bronxville, NY 10708 
HARSHBARGER, Raymond J , 111 

27 Mountain Rise 

Fairport, NY 14450 
HART, Joseph Scott 

1403 West 9th Street 

Austin, TX 78703 
HARTMAN. William Matthews 

1407 Meadowcrest Drive 

Charleston, WV 25314 
HARTR1DGE, Emma Hopkins 

119 East Charlton Street 

Savannah, GA 31401 
HARWOOD, Andrew Cameron 

3 Leonard Road 

Bronxville, NY 10708 
HATFIELD. Matt Daryl 

124 Lakeview Court 

Martinez. GA 30907 
HAY. Florence Fowler 

8101 South Deanng Road 

Covington, GA 30209 
HAYDEN. Aaron Alexander, II 

124 W. 60th Street 

New York, NY 10023 
HAYES, Chnstyno Lynn 

709 Shopton Court 

Fayetteville, NY 28303 
HAYES, Holly Spafford 

1316 Macbeth Street 

Mclean, VA 22102 
HAYHURST, James Cole 

4211 Erik 

Amarillo. TX 79106 
HEARLE, Jeffrey Roger 

5204 Portsmouth Road 

Bethesda, MD 20816 
HEINEMAN, Christopher George 

1701 Country Club Road 

Connersville. IN 47331 
HEINZE, Timothy Clifford 

49 W'oodhull Avenue 

Riverhead. NY 11901 

HELMS. William Franklin. Ill 
1924 Highway 84 

Matthews. NC 28105 
HENDERSON, Andrew Wilson 
1907 Edgehill Road 

Abington, PA 19001 


115 Highland Road 

Southern Pines, NC 28387 
HENN1NG. Rachel Haynie 

204 Shadowmoor Drive 

Decatur, GA 30030 
HERNDON. Amv Ruth 
100 St. Andrews 

Friendswood, TX 77546 
HERRERO, Gaulden Reed 

1508 South Peninsula Drive 

Davtona Beach, FL 32018 
HEWITT, Nancy Virginia 

11104 Owl Creek Lane 

Louisville, KY 40223 
HICKS, Douglas Alan 

414 Kessler Boulevard 

Indianapolis. IN 46208 
HICKS. Elizabeth Ann 

737 Austin Lane 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
HIGB1E. Linda Mane 

1 30 Hickory Hill Court 

Denver, NC 28037 
HIGGINS, Fred Norris 

155 East Cope Creek 

Sylva, NC 28779 
HILL, Mary Margaret Doyle 

12 Sherwood Circle 

Chatham, NJ 07928 
HILLEN. Jason Bruce 

2321 Monticello Road 

Baltimore, MD 21216 
HIMES, Jeffrey Darrell 

579 Brookshire Drive 

Columbia. SC 29210 
H1NMAN. Stephen T. 

1507 Kensington Dr. 

Charlotte. NC 28205 
H1NSON, Sara Leigh 

315 Dunes Drive 

Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 
HIOTT. Eunice Mabel 

Box 301 

York. SC 29745 
HOBBS. Michael Dickinson. Jr 

255 Main Street 

New Canaan, CT 06840 
HOBSON, Carl Patrick 

P.O. Box 1146 

Sanford, NC 27330 
HODGE. Richard Gordon 

35 Holly Lane- 
Mercer Island, WA 98040 
HOEKMAN, Steven Todd 

63 Tiel Way 

Houston. TX 77019 
HOFFERBERT, Paul Wesley 

1 101 Huntsman Circle 

Pensacola, FL 32514 
HOFFMAN, Caroline Qisela 

P.O. Box 481 

Stanley. NC 28164 
HOFFMAN. Jennifer Lynn 

1497 Vancouver Drive 

Tucker, GA 30084 
HOFFMANN. John Eric 

710 Lansdowne Road 

Charlotte. NC 28226 
HOH. Elizabeth Louise 

9724 Rossetti Court 

Burke, VA 22015 
HOLLAND. Thomas Ellis, III 

1 104 Bartow Highway D44 

Lakeland, FL 33801 

5104 King Charles Way 

Bethesda. MD 20879 
HOLLOWAY. William Jordan. Ill 

Box 339 

Greenwood. SC 29646 
HOLT. Frank Stone, III 

2445 Pineway Drive 

Burlington. NC 27215 
HOLT. Michael McElwee 

P.O. Box 819 

Burlington. NC 27215 
HOOKER. Heidi Noms 

3 1 1 Broadmoor Road 

Baltimore. MD 21212 
HOOPES, John Raymond 

1013 Woodside Drive 

Clearwater. FL 3.3516 

HOOVER. Joseph Eugene 

92 Fuhrman Mill Road 

Hanover. PA 17331 
HORAN. Kevin Michael 

1 19 Burleigh Drive 

Ithaca. NY 14851 
HOSKINS. Mary Anne 

1214 Parson Street 

Corbin. KY 40701 
HOST. David Lesser 

913Chinoe Road 

Lexington. KY 40502 
HOUCK, Charles Weston. Jr 

853 Burwell Lane 

Columbia, SC 29205 
HOUCK. Frances Langhome 

375 Tenney Circle 

Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
HOUCK. Robert Bates 

3210 South Cashua Drive 

Florence, SC 29501 
HOUCK, Ward Vaughn 

3210 S. Cashua Drive 

Florence. SC 29501 
HOWARD. Michael C. 

RD 4. Box 56 

Hudson, NY 12534 
HOWARD, Tharon Cumn 

Route I , Box 333 

Deep Run. NC 28525 
HOWE. George Allen 

2327E Dunwoodv Crossing 

Atlanta. GA 30338 
HOWE. Lisa Ann 

1007 Cheviot Lane 

Gastoma, NC 28054 
HOWELL. Leah Ruth 

1436 Holly Street. N.W. 

Washington. DC 20012 
HOWELL. "Marv Robertson 

250 Cherokee Road 

Charlotte. NC 28207 
HOYLE. Charles Glenn. Jr. 

2353 Powers Ferrv Drive 

Marietta, GA 30067 
HOYLE. John Warren 

2353 Powers Ferry Drive 

Marietta, GA 30067 
HUEBINGER, Emerson Paul 

108 Turkey Creek 

San Antonio, TX 78231 
HUGHES, Penelope Payne 

Route 1 , Box 23-B 

Camilla, GA 31730 
HUGHES, Peter Joseph 

63 Vesey Street 

Brockton. MA 02401 
HUGHES. William Christopher 

2200 Penny Road 

High Point'. NC 27260 
HULL, Alice Howard 

1520 Granville Road 

Rock Hill. SC 29730 
HUMPHREY. John Greenaway. II 

P.O Box 935 

Southern Pines. NC 28387 
HUMPHRIES. Howard. Jr 

612 B. Walton Street 

Asheville, NC 28801 
HUNTER. Alan Keith 

14514 Bladenboro Drive 

Cypress, TX 77429 
HUNTER. Evan Jerome 

1 106 West Elm Street 

Shelby. NC 28150 
HUNTER. Sian McLain 

5715 Sycamore Grove Lane 

Memphis, TN 38119 
HURT, Arthur Jackson, III 

10035 Ella Lee Lane 

Houston, TX 77042 
HURT, Barbara Leadley 

1501 Saramont Drive 

Columbia, SC 29205 
HUSAIN, Ismat Syed 

Box RW 50631 

HUSTER, Kathenne Lee 

847 N. Garfield Avenue 

Deland, FL 32724 
HUTCHINSON, John Patrick 

612 Anson Avenue 

Rockingham, NC 28379 
HUTTON. John Stafford 

3301 Observatory Avenue 

Cincinnati. OH 45208 
HYATT. James Torrey 

1394 Vilenah Lane, NE 

Atlanta, GA 30307 

INGRAM. Jennifer l.\nn 
2634 Twin Lakes Wj\ 
Marietta, GA 30062 

INGRAM, Randall McCall 
Route 9. Box 277 
Reidsville, NC 27320 

INMAN. Joel Ka> 
23() Eastview Streel 
Taylorsville, NC 2X681 

IRVTN. William Scoll 
438 Westover Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

isi.i V . lacinda Doreen 
6908 Bieckenridge Avenue 
Raleigh. NC 27615 

[VEY, Alexandra Webster 
1211 Orlando 
Pasadena. CA 91 107 

JACKS. Timoth) Franklin 

P.O. Box 39 

Waxhaw, NC 2SI73 
JACOBS. Christopher Neil 

912 Poplar Hill Road 

Baltimore. Ml) 21210 
JACQMEIN. Jeffry Alan 

7309 St Augustine Road 

Jacksonville, FL 32217 
JAMES. Charles Lee 

6306 Ridgewaj Road 

Richmond, VA 23226 
JAMES. Donaldson I arwood 

9701 Mossy Stone Court 

Vienna. VA 22180 
JAMES. \ anessa Lvnn 

1429 Third Street Place S\\ 

Hickory, NC 28601 
I \MISON. Ann Cocke 

1009 Hemlock lane 

Roanoke. VA 241114 
IAMMES, Sydney. Houston. HI 

6539 Spring Vallej Drive 

Uexandria, VA 22312 
JANIEC, Katherine Janice 

5 Buckstone Lane 

Spartanburg, SC 29302 

JARMON. Michael Allen 

274 Stanalord Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
JENKINS. Charles Pierre 

162 Spanish Point Drive 

Beaufort, SC 29902 
JOBE, George Henrx. Ill 

3201 Stillwell Road 

Summeifield, NC 27358 
JOBE. Nathaniel Peyton 

Box 6 

Woodherrx Forest. VA 22989 
JOHNSON. Allen McDaniel 

907 WeSI Pearsall Street 

Dunn. NC 28334 
Johnson. Elizabeth Christie 

9 Fairview Avenue 

Danen. CT 06820 
JOHNSON Martha Coleman 

9605 Center Streel 

Vienna. VA 22 I SO 
IOHNSON, Sarah Kristin S 

P.O Box 168 

Due West, SC 29639 
JOHNSTI IN, David Somers, Jr 
1615 I Dglish Gardens Road 

Charlotte, NC 2S226 
JOHNSTON, Melinda Lee 

2619 Beaverwyck Road 

Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
Joni S, Carolyn Boyd 

1806 Peace Street 

Henderson, N< 
li INI s, Christopher Nicolas 
homfield Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
|( INI S, Donyale 

I 'MX I Ridge Place. S I 

Washington, Dt 20020 
JONES. Gregory Herbert 
2750 rhornfield Road 

Winston Salem. NC 27106 
JONES. Kenneth Phillip 

285 Buena Vista 
Memphis. IN 38112 

JONES, Michael Rav 
2x22 Rim ell Street 
Winston Salem. NC 27101 

ION1 S, Richard Carl 
3421 Gloucester Dmt 
Tucker. GA 30084 

JONES. William laird 
3809 Raymond Street 
Chevj Chase, Ml) 20815 

JORDAN. Charles Milford. Jr. 
4 J ! South Cashua Drue 

Florence, SC 29501 
JORDAN. Christopher Page 

410 Wellons Street 

Smithfield, NC 27577 
JUDGE. Stephen Daniel 

41 Flora 

Attleboro, MA 

JUNG. Alexander 
Old Common 
Millburx. MA 01527 

JUNG. William Bradford 
s Soundview Drive 
Huntington. NY 11743 


KALAHAR, Lori Ann 

5633 Mill Glen Court 

Dunwoody, GA 10338 
K \i OGRJDIS, I acta 1 lizabeth 

P.O. Box 1378 

Winter Haven. FL 33881 
KAMM, Jacob Oswald, II 

4211 Wooster Road 

Fairview Park. OH 44126 
K \Nt,. John Suk-Hoon 

1002 Rollmgwood Drive 

Wilson, NC 27893 
KARK1, Shyam Sabu 

', P.O Box 1592 

Davidson. NC 28036 
Kl 1 I l.^i . Eileen Maghan 

144 Knoll Top Lane 

Haddonneld. NJ 08033 
Kl I NAN. Elizabeth Newell 

17 Random Road 

Princeton, NJ 08540 
KEENER, Dean Matthew 

40 West Garwood Drive 

Tallmadge, oil 44278 
KEITH. Gregory Lawrence 

26 Orchard Lane 

Wayland, MA 01778 

Kl 11 AM. Luanda Stcwan 

Box 350 

Belle Haven. VA 23306 
KELLER. Edward Lowell, Jr 

6 Duncan Court 

Onnda. CA 94563 
Kl 1 LEY, Bernard Joseph 

The Citadel 

Charleston. SC 29409 
KELLY. Brian Dennis 

53-128 63rd Street 

Maspeth. NY 11378 
KELLY, James Joseph. Ill 

6538 Divine Street 

McLean, \ \ 22101 

Kl Ml RAIL Karen Mane 

1242 Seminole Drive 

Indian Harbor Beach. II 12937 
KEMERAJT, Robert Chester. Jr. 

1242 Seminole Drive 

Indian Harbor Beach, I I 12937 
KENDA1 I . Uyssa Marie 

5655 Bunks Waj 

Dunwoodv. GA Ml Us 
KENDALL, 1 ucia Livingston 

I 12 Berwick Drive 

Pittsburgh, PA 15215 
KENNEDY. Elizabeth Allen 

1610 \ Sat 
Nashville, IN r7205 

Kl KCHI R. Kent Williams 
560 I Ith Avenue Circle NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 

KHAZAEI I. Meitra Elizabeth 
1007 Brookwood Avenue 

Columbus. GA 3l90o 
KILL.AM William Petty 
4044 Noltawas 
Durham. NC 27707 

KILPATRICK. Jefferson Kirbv 

P.O. Box 786 

Pinehurst. NC 28374 
KIM. Douglas William 

955 IKth Avenue Court. NW 

Hickory, NC 28601 

KIM. Edward 'lac 

2102 Eldorado Waj 

Carrol Iton. TX 75006 
KIM. Eun- Young 

7612 Idlewild Road 
«te. NC28212 
KIRK. Knsta Lee 

866 Hcndersonville Road 

AsbevUle, N< 
KIRK1 AND Elizabeth Ann 

105 Falcon Drive 

Charlottesville, VA 22901 
K1RTLEY, Francis Bryan 

241 15 Angus Road 

Charlottesville. VA 22901 
KLINE. Laura 1 ee 

H6Cliffside Drive 

San Antonio. TX 78231 
KNIGHT. Brooks Austin 

12833 Dover Road 

Reistertown, MD 21 136 
KNIGHT Vincent Karl 

Route 3, Box 317 

Mt. Gilead. NC 27306 
KNOWLES. Susan English 

23 Orchard Road 

Staunton. VA 24401 
KNOX. Sandra Leigh 

7016 Whitemarsh Court 

Charlotte. NC 2X210 
KOCH. Sebastian 

Belvederpassc P IX 

Vienna 1060 

km NIG, Jeffrey Grant 

406 Allegheny Drive 

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 
KOOGLER. Tracy Karen 

9008 Widgeon w ,,\ 

Chesterfield. VA 23832 
KOOKEN. Kara l.vnn 

624 Friar Tuck Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

M iRFMANN. Lynda Susan 
76 Devon Road 
Essex [alls. NJ 07021 

KOSANOVICH. Brian James 

2241 Yale Drive 

Pntshureh. PA 15210 
KOSMAS. Robert Paul. Jr 

P.O. Box 132' 

New Sun ma Beach. FL 32070 
KOST. Kristin Kell) 

38 Avenue Montgolfier 

Mames La Coquette 
KRAEMER, Katherine Carpenter 

409 Sinclair Street 

Norfolk. VA 23505 
KRNACIK. Ronald Douglas 

546 Charles Avenue 

New Kensington, PA 15068 
KROMER, Robert Andrew. Jr 

220 S W 7xth Street 

Lawton, OK 73505 
KUDVA, Suman 

Canara Foundry & Equipment Co 

Kamataka 575 005 
KURANI. Habib George 

P.O. Box 4182 

Gastonia N( 
KUSCH. Jeffrey Charles 

540 Sea Oak Drive 

Vero Beach, FL 32963 


I \EIOSA, William Bruce 
3548 Antilles Circle 
Hope Mills. '- 

1 Mil). Michael Ramsej 
125 Lick Branch Road 
Bristol. IN 37620 

LaFAR, Daniel Senn. Ill 
2633 Ptnewood Road 

Gastonia, NC 28054 

LAHR, Lisa Beth 

660 SW 17th Street 

Boca Raton, II - ; J ; : 
I UL, Patrick Lee 

4X0 Park Manor Drive 
Marietta. GA 301)64 

I AM. Pui-Kwong 
Lam Ka Yuen 

Yuen Long 
LAMMERS, Katrina Jean 
P.O. Box 607 

Davidson, NC 28036 
I ANUS. John Carlos. 11 

5 Central Avenue 

Newburgh. NY 12550 
LARSON. Steven Leonard 

112^ Mannings Farm Court 

Dunwoody, GA 30338 
LASSALETrA. Margarita Maria 

2301 Huntingtowne Farms Lane 

Charlotte. NC 2X210 
LAU. Stephen Rogers 

■ 7th Streel Court NW 

Bradenton. FL 33529 
LAW . Lai-wah 

132 Shung Ching Sun Tsuen 

Yuen Long 
LAY. Joanna Tonita 

P.O. Box 35 

Mountain Rest. SC 29664 
LAY. John Thomas. Jr 

P.O. Box 35 

Mountain Rest. SC 24664 
LEACH, John Blanchard 

12 Fox Hill Drive 

Warren. NJ 07060 
LEE, Hugh McLean 

8506 Ahcron Avenue- 
Orlando. FL 32817 
itherine Anne 

I2e3 Oak Hampton Road 

Holland. Ml 49424 
LEE. Kyong Shin 

2603 Broadwell Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27606 
LEFEVER. Robert Spangler. II 

4th Street & Lincoln Avenue 

Ge ttysbu rg, PA 17325 
LEGGETTE. Reginal Lenard 

2503 Bavside Avenue 

Conway, SC 29526 
LEHMAN. Julie Elizabeth 

690 Weather!) Lane- 
Atlanta. GA 30328 
I I HMAN. Katrina Anne 

I 3328 Creekview 

Prospect. KY 40059 
LEIDIG. Paige Roben 

P.O. Box 4362 

Sun River, OR 97707 
I EMON, Dana Lsnn 

316 Griffin Street 

McDonough. GA 30253 
1 I si SNE, Arthur Jefferson 

1024 Chiton Road N E 

Atlanta.GA 30307 
LETSON. Austin Kellett. Ill 

1021 Glcnwond Terrace 

Anniston, Al. 36201 
LETT. David Gordon 

608 Copeland Road 

Powell. TN 37849 
LEVDNE, Viron Stuart 

2264 Maiden Lane 

Roanoke. VA 24015 
1 I WIS. Alan Randall 

911 Squirrel Hill Road 

Charlotte. NC 28213 
1 I WIS. James Wesle) 

2X45 Caraway Drive 

Tucker. GA 30084 
LILLEY. David Frank 

2355 Forrest Road 

Winter Park. FL 32789 
LILLY. Collier Cobb 

612 Scotland Street 

Raleigh. NC 27609 
I ink. Jennifer Susan 

620 Beech Tree Court 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
I INK Richard Emerson 

17 Blackland Road. NW 

Atlanta. GA 30342 
LIPSCOMB. George Burke 

1460 Nortbwood Circle 

Lynchburg, VA 24503 
LITTLE, George Lester. Ill 

709 Glen Echo Trail 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
LIVESEY, Stephen John 

13224 Hazelcresl Street 

Spring Hill. FL 33526 
LLOYD, David Anthony 

101 Fairwav Drive 

Rutherfordton. NC 28139 

LOFTIN. Catherine Wood 

2429 Richelieu Avenue 

Roanoke, VA 24014 

KHA 2-654 Baneshwor 

LONG, Diana Kathryn 

5255 Pineview Way 

Apopka. FL 32703 
LONG, Donald Dixon 

909 Preston Avenue 

Blacksburg. VA 24060 
LONG, Emily Elizabeth G 

RFD Box 35 

Cape Charles. VA 23310 
LONG, Geoffrey Stewart 

972B Burke View Court 

Burke, VA 22015 
LONG, Steven Patrick 

207 Long Point Way 

Simpsonville, SC 29681 
LONG. Tyler Franklin 

109 Ronaldsby Drive 

Cary, NC 27511 
LONGEST. Jennifer Lynn 

9 Hickory Knoll Place 

Hilton Head Island. SC 29928 
LONGLEY, Sarah Neill 

318 Westminster 

Houston, TX 77024 
LONTZ, David Christopher 

3626 Hathaway Road 

Durham, NC 27707 
LORD. Frank Knight. IV 

835 Roslyn Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
LOSER. Jeffrey MacLeod 

30821 Steeplachase 

San Juan Capistrano. CA 92675 
LOUDERBACK. Joseph Girard, IV 

309 Lanceloc Dnve 

Clemson, SC 29631 
LOVAS. Robert Andrew 

211 Pinegate Circle #11 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
LOVING. April Dawn 

121 Park Avenue 

Spence. WV 25276 
LUCAS, Patti Aileen 

1540 Pickwood Avenue 

Fern Park. FL 32730 
LUCHSINGER. Mary Margaret 

35 Frontier Road 

Cos Cob, CT 06807 
LUCKEY. Lance E. 

8875 Indian Bluff Dnve 

Cincinnai, OH 45242 
LURANC, Joseph John 

300 Red Bam Lane 

Barrington. IL 60010 
LUTHER. Edwin Cornelius, IV 

7100 Lakewood Dnve 

Richmond, VA 23229 
LUTZ, Robert Hutchinson 

4640 Tanbark Road 

Jacksonville. FL 32210 
LYMAN, Erin Samantha 

15 Cross Gates Road 

Madison, NJ 07940 
LYNN, Kevin Wayne 

1352 Gleneagles Way 

Rockledge. FL 32955 


MABE, Lesley Charles 

Route 2. Box 105 

Max Meadows. VA 24360 
MacCALLUM. Stuart Brannan 

5 Pine Drive 

Cold Spring Harbor. NY 1 1724 
MacDONALD. Katherine Ann 

9001 Peyton Randolph Dnve 

Matthews, NC 28105 
MacKAY, Benjamin Wesley 

1232 SE 8th Street 

Ocala, FL 3267 1 
MacNEIL. Maurya 

6106 Bryn Mawr Avenue 

Glen Echo, MD 20812 
MADDEN, William Claude, Jr. 

P.O. box 543 

Elberton, GA 30635 
MAGALDI, Philip Edmund. Ill 

P.O. Box 3033 

Concord, NC 28025 

MAGRUDER, Wayne Lewis 

2584 Leslie Drive 

Atlanta, GA 30345 
MAHERAS, Joanne Christine 

1800 Summerhill Drive 

Charlotte. NC 28212 
MAJOR. Charles Tidmarsh, III 

4430 Overlook Road 

Birmingham, AL 35222 
MAJOROS, Elizabeth Maria 

230 Broadland Road. NW 

Atlanta. GA 30343 
MAKONNEN, Benjam Michael 

777-3 Houston Mill Road 

Atlanta, GA 30329 
MALIK. Hasan Ahmed 

144-E Block II Hali Road 

Pechs Karachi-29 
MALIK, Khurram Ahmed 

House No. 18 

MALLORY. Katherine Elleene 

3194 Downwood Circle NW 

Atlanta. GA 30327 
MALLORY. Michael Duane 

3194 Downwood Circle NW 

Atlanta. GA 30327 
MALONE. Kristin Michaela 

9320 Cove Drive 

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 
MANGONE, Peter George 

1595 Eton Way 

Crofton. MD 21114 
MANK, Stephen Geoffrey 

1457 Certosa Avenue 

Coral Gables, FL 33146 
MANN, Keith Wallace 

5517 Marblehead Drive 

Jackson, MS 39211 
MANNIELLO. Kimberly Ashton 

1 Carley Avenue 

Huntington, NY 11743 
MARCHEWKA, James Alan 

Box 268 RD 1 

Cecil, PA 15321 
MARCIANO, Paul Lorenzo 

P.O. Box 216 

Three Bridges, NJ 08887 

PSC # 1 Box 27997 APO 

San Francisco, CA 96230 
MARSTON. Karen Spencer 

584 Bryn Mawr Avenue 

Bryn Mawr. PA 19010 
MARTIN, Calvin Wallace, Jr. 

Route 2, Box 307 

Arcadia, FL 33821 
MARTIN, Charles R. Jr. 

206 Deborah Drive 

Jacksonville, NC 28540 
MARTIN, Joseph Bacon, IV 

1233 Biltmore Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28207 
MARTIN. Robert Alan 

30 Meadowbrook Circle 

Brevard. NC 28712 
MARTINEZ, Beatriz 

Jesus LGarcia #529 

Jalisco 44280 
MASSE, Berenard Jean Marie 

App' 78 Le Clos de l'Ermitage 

34100 Montpellier 
MASSE, William Arthur 

140 Hilliard Street 

Manchester. CT 06040 
MASSENGILL. Clint Erwin 

Route 2. Box 173 

Pnnceton, NC 27569 
MATHENY, Barbara Lynn 

DMS P.O. Box 1046 

FPO Seattle, WA 98762 
MATHEWES, Charles P. Ill 

420 Longbranch Road 

Cullowhee, NC 28723 
MATHEWS. David William 

4301 Pamlico Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609 
MATHEWS, Roderick Bell, Jr. 

1 1 1 Gaymont Road 

Richmond, VA 23229 
MATHIS, William Nelson 

3506 Del Monte 

Houston. TX 77019 
MATKINS, Jerry Franklin, Jr. 

Route 2. Box 439 

Lion College, NC 27244 
MATTHEWS, Robert Edward 

330 Fieldstone Road 

Mooresville. NC 28115 

MATTISON. Edward Craig 
1200 Rutledge Way 
Anderson. SC 29621 

MAULTSBY. Alexander Lyon 
134 Wofford Campus 
Spartanburg. SC 29301 

MAUZE, Suzanne Brown 
3509 Dorothy Lane South 
Fort Worth. TX 76107 

MAXWELL, John Steven, III 
4 Alec Templeton Lane 
Greenwich, CT 06830 

MAYES, Tracie Hill 

1792 Sharonwood Lane 
Rock Hill. SC 29730 

MAYFIELD, Julie Virginia 
524 Hollvdale Court. N.W. 
Atlanta. GA 30342 

MAYFIELD. Naomi Leda 
1115 Davis Street 
Covington. GA 30209 

MAYNARD. David Russell, Jr. 
213 Mistletoe Drive 
Greensboro. NC 27403 

MAYNARD, John Gary, III 
29 Twin Lake Lane 
Richmond, VA 23229 

MAYO, Alexander Taylor, III 
105 West Road 
Portsmouth, VA 23707 

MAZZELLA, Dina Anita 
4702 Moser Lane 
Burlington, NC 27215 

McADEN, James Gray 
103 Hillcrest Lane 
New Bern, NC 28560 

McALISTER, Nancy Sloan 
2035 Sharon lane 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

McALLISTER, Anne Kimberley 
1806 Jumping Run Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28401 

McALLISTER. Dana Leigh 
1806 Jumping Run Drive 
Wilmington. NC 28401 

McCARRON, Anthonv Patrick 
2701 S.E. 5th Court 
Pompano Beach, FL 33062 

McCAULEY, John William 
2061 Middle Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

McCAULEY. Rob Williford 
2061 Middle Road 
Fayetteville. NC 28301 

McCENEY, Marjorie Calder 
9624 Culver Street 
Kensington. MD 20895 

McCLARTY. Eric Tyrone 

1411 Kerry Dnve NW #130 
Atlanta. GA 30318 

McCLURE. Jennifer Bonner 
4784 Oxford Road 
Macon, GA 31210 

McCOLLUM. Jack William 
9234 Melody Drive 
Savannah, GA 31406 

McCONNELL, Matthew Braine 
775 N. Keel Ridge Road 
Hermitage. PA 16148 

McCORKLE. Nelle Carter 
3427 Central Avenue 
Memphis. TN 38111 

McCOY, Leigh Alexandra 
2800 Lake Forest Dnve 
Greensboro. NC 27408 

McCRARY. Thomas Parker 
Cottage 440 
Sea Island. GA 31561 

McCROREY. Julia Snead 
1699 Woodlake Drive 
Columbia. SC 29206 

McDANIEL, Robb Ashby 
169 Mills Avenue 
Spartanburg, SC 29302 

McDONALD. Michael Andrew 
295 Lackey Lane 
Ripley, TN 38063 

McDUFFIE, Scott Ramsey 
414-D East 9th Street 
Charlotte. NC 28202 

McENTIRE. Alison Kay 
339 Candora Drive 
Maryville, TN 37801 

McFADDEN, Thomas Lee. Jr. 
302 North Terrace Place 
Morganton. NC 28655 

McGEE, Margaret Campbell 
176 Mills Avenue 
Spartanburg, SC 29302 

McGUIRE. Christine Marie 

7495 Old Maine Trail 

Atlanta, GA 3032X 
McKAY, Robert Wade 

4153 Indian Manor Drive 

Stone Mountain. GA 30083 
McKEE. Heather Joan 

13 Swallow 

Wichita, KS 67230 
McKEITHEN. Alexander Ward. Jr 

1029 Coddington Place 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
McKENZIE, Kathryn Margaret 

86 Amherst Street 

Garden City, NY 11530 
McKINNEY, Samuel Scott 

Route 3, Box 344 

Spruce Pine. NC 28777 
McLEMORE, Melissa Sumner 

1615 Spears Avenue 

Asheville, NC 28804 
McMASTER, Patrick Miller 

1714 Vickers Circle 

Decatur, GA 30030 
McNEILL, John Woodward 

105 Haldane Drive 

Southern Pines. NC 28387 
McNELIS, Amy Lynn 

4118 Breezewood Lane 

Annandale, VA 22003 
McNICHOLS. John Read 

2700 West Market Street 

Greensboro. NC 27403 
McQUEEN. Jennifer Lee 

2122 Hayes Drive 

Rock Hill, SC 29730 
MEADOWS, Robert Steven 

210 Orange Street 

Beaufort, NC 28516 
MEEKS. George Shane 

Route 12. Box 379 

Burlington, NC 27215 
MERRELL. Matthew McDonald 

299 John Anderson 

Ormand Beach, FL 32074 
MERRITT, Sarah Elizabeth 

1121 Bruton Lane 

Virginia Beach. VA 23451 
METZ, Jeffrey Alan Thomas 

187 Moore Road 

Sudbury. MA 01776 
MEYER. Carla Ann 

2725 W. Fir 

Fresno. CA 937 1 1 
MEYER. Jeffrey William 

13915 S.W. 73rd Avenue 

Miami. FL 33158 
MEYER. Michael Conner 

6 Hier Lane 

Castle Rock. CO 80104 
MEYER. Michael McCauley 

5423 Gorham Drive 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
MICHAELIS, Daniel Charles, III 

3964 New Castle Court 

Ellicott City. MD 21043 
MICHAM. Kathleen Mary 

Foxbridge Farms 

Trvon. NC 28782 
MICHIE, Cynthia Lynn 

7144 Chapparall Lane 

Charlotte. NC 28215 
MILKEY, Scott Alan 

183 Westledge Road 

West Simsbury, CT 06092 
MILLER. Adelbert Boyd, IV 

5130 Hensley Drive 

Dunwoody, GA 30338 
MILLER, Diane Leslie 

P.O Box 31352 

Tucson. AZ 85751 
MILLER, Michele Elizabeth 

P.O Box 657 

Montreat, NC 28757 
MILLER. Robert Sean 

1 16 Ainsworth Circle 

Palm Springs. FL 33461 
MILLER. Sonja Ann 

Route 4. Box 13-A 

Rockingham, NC 28379 
MILLER, Sven Norrman 

10809 SE 16th Street 

Bellevue. WA 98004 
MIMS, Margot Chace 

71 Leonard Street 

Norton. MA 02766 
MINUS. Joseph Sheppard. Jr. 

101 Grover Street 

Shelby, NC 28150 

MITCHELL. William Francis 
3815 Fort Charles Circle 
NapK. FL 33940 

MOBLEY. Kenneth Robert 
4041 Winburn Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

MOHORN. David Jason 

sso Westfield Drive 

Greensboro, NC 27410 
MONTGOM1 Ki . Susan Hays 

id I < Concord Drive 

Charlottesville, VA 22901 
MONTGOMERY, Whitney Hams 

744 Crescent I >nw 

Reidsville, NC 27320 
MONTREM, Anne Christine 

i486 54th Avenue NE 

St. Petersburg, II 
MOORE, Eleanor Gay 

1330 Adger Road 

Columbia. SC 29205 

MOORE, Judith Ellen 

I sir Somerset Avenue 

Sewell, NJ 08080 
Mot IRE, Robert Charles, Jr 

4494 Chattel Point Boulevard 

Jacksonville, II 12211 
MOORE, rhomas Hampson 

1 1726 Devilwood Drive 

Potomac, MD 20854 
MOORK. Thomas Robert 

1213 Starlight Drive 

Shelby, NC 2s I so 
MORA1N, (nam Gibbons 

562 Barbclifl Drive 

Canfield, OH 44406 
MOREAl. Catherine Page 

16 Kendall Dine 

Chapel Hill. NC 27si4 
MORGAN. Andrew Justin 

I'M 'i Bonnie I ane 

Charlotte. NC 2821 ! 
MORRII.l . Kirsten I lisa 

763 West Main Street 

Danville, KV 40422 
MORRIS, leshe Louise 

Rute 12. Box 174 

Gainesville, GA 10506 
MORRIS. Miehael Brett 

I IX Stuart Towne Drive 

Beaufort, SC 29902 
MORRISON, [Catherine Met .mis 

5009 I archmont Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27612 
Mokkissi , . I lien Marie 

315 Hill Street 

New Hem. N< 28560 

MOSER, Sean Thomas 

891 Woodbine Drive 

Pensacola, II 12503 
\loss. loseph William, Jr. 

1506 Round Hill Road 

Greensboro, NC 2^40S 
MOUR1 . Brian Campbell 

661" Granada Boulevard 

( oral (...hies. II 53146 

MO\ 1 s. Howard Bromley 

370267th Street 
I ubbock, rX 7941 ) 
Mi BAY1, Piyush 

S-219 Panch Shila Park 

New Delhi 110 017 
Ml'IR. Jell Allen 

609 Knollwwood Drive 
Columbia, SC 29209 

Ml Kl NGI Muadi 

2907 Blossom I ane 
l , i Point GA 10344 
MULHERN. John l.ehan 
1615 Quail Valley West 

Columbia. SC 29210 

MULHERN, Margaret Jane- 
Ibis Quail Valley West 
Columbia. SC 29210 

MULLEN, Patrick Shannon 
Route 5, Box 177 
Lexington, NC 27292 

MULLIS, Kimberly Karen 
4026 Columbine Circle 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

MURRAY . David Marion 

1724 Holston Drue 
Bristol. IN 37620 

MURRAY . Harrison Slade 

27oi w iison I ane 
Raleigh, NC 
MIRR1 i I . David GralTlin 
1908 Druid 1 ane 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Ml RRLY. Daniel Beaslev 
HH Hicks Cut Road 
Pulaski, IN 

MYA'I'I . Marv Kathermc 

129 Peachtree Road 

Mountain Brook, AL 35213 
\n ERS, Helton Covington, Jr. 

1 4b I Peachtree Road 

Charlotte. NC 28216 
Ml RICK, Martha Erwin 

1199 Rockingham Drive 

Atlanta. GA 30327 


NAEHR. Jennifer Anne 
165 Shelton Woods Court 
Stone Mountain. GA 30088 

NAGENDRAN. Lee Rajamalliga 
1806 Heritage Place 
Opelika, \l 16801 

NAZEMI 1/ Kenneth David 

31 Saw Mill Road 

Warren, NJ 07060 
Nl AL. Kenneth Edward 

2993 Ormond Drive 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
NEALE. Carolyn Meade 

P (i Box 249 

Rutherford College, NC 28671 
NEALI I lizabeth Leigh 

2970 Alpine Terrace 

Cincinnati. OH 45208 
NEFF. Steven ScOtt 

665 I llenwood Street 
North Canton. OH 44720 

NEIL. Douglas Joseph 

812 Gregg Street 

Columbia. SC 29201 
NELSON. Catherine May 

666 i ppa Merriman 

Akron. OH 44303 
Nl I SON. Kristin Ellen 

110 Halliwell Drive 

Stamford, Cl 06902 
NESBIT, Robert David 

606 Norwich Road 

Augusta (. \ 10909 
NEWBY, Darek Lane 

1 1° Sagewood Road 

lamestown, NC 27282 
ni Wl AND, Benjamin Reid 

185 Renfrew Drive 

Athens. GA 10606 
Nl WSOM, Matthew Waltei 

1 13 Grandridge 

Starkville, MS 39759 
ni WSOMI , William Bruce 

6515 Orehid 1 ane 
Dallas. I\ 75230 

NC. Cheryl Vnn 

i 109 Spring Forest Road 

Raleigh. NC 27615 
NG. Peter Conrad 

I 109 Spring Forest Road 

Raleigh, NC 27615 
\K lb II st in rhomas \\ 

109 Simpkins 

Edgefield, SC 29824 
NIELSEN, Timothy Arnold 

'443 ni 8th rerrace 

Boca Raton, II 13431 
NIKI I S. Kimberly Anne 

2823 Goneaway Road 

Charlotte. NC 28210 
Nil l S, Debra Ann 

4768 John Seoll Drive 

1 ynchburg, VA 24503 
NILSSON. Robert \nders 

1106 ( Ihipping Court 

Winston Salem, NC 27104 
NIXON Bradford Scott 

I I2 l > Louise Avenue 

Lancaster, PA 17601 

NOOJIN. Frank Kenneth. Ill 

I HI4 Deborah Drive si 
Huntsville, M 15801 

NORBi- . Demse Louise 

l»o Box "i i 

Chester, ni 07930 
\ok\l \n Robinson MacDougall 

6447 Waterford Road 

Columbus. GA 11904 
NORMAND, Craig rhomas 

23 is Marlandwood Road 

Temple. TX 76502 
NORRIS. David Williams 

15 Avenue ol Pines 

Savannah. GA 31406 
NORRIS. Paul Hade. Ill 

1328 Manget Way 

Dunwoodv. GA 10338 
NORTHEN. Polly Norcross 

8703 Bellefonte 

Richmond. VA 23039 
NORTH1NGTON. Otis Borders 

Route I. Box 122 

Tennille. GA 31089 
NORTON. Catherine McNeill 

1 12 North Central Avenue 

Belmont. NC 28012 
NUCKOLLS. Stephen v\ itherov. 

Route 5, Box 109 

Galax, VA 2433 3 
Nl 111 R. Dennis Anlhonv. Jr 

705 H Summit! Ridizc Road 

Mebane. NC 27302 


O'BRIEN. John Blake 

1003 Travis 

Amarillo, IX 79109 
ODOM. Douglas Llewellyn 

246 Northview Drive 

lavelteville. NC 28303 
ODOM. John Lamar 

205 Lady Helen Court 

Fayettevillc. GA 30214 
OGDEN. Eric Len 

I I I Forest Hill Drive 

Richmond, KV 40475 
OKEL. Susan Boyd 

147 Ml Vernon Drive 

Decatur. GA '< 1030 
OLDENBURG. Todd Steven 

2337 Whilden Court 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
OLIVER. George Hampton 

1 105 Westminstei Drive 

Columbia. SC 29204 
OLIVER. Margaret Mackall 

1705 Fox Chapel Road 

Pittsburgh, PA 15238 
OLIVER. Ramona Cassandra 

174S Burgoyne Court 

Wayne. PA 19087 

7109 Eudora Drive 

Dallas. IX 75230 
OMI I. Steven Todd 

'40 Steed Court 

Winston Salem. NC 27104 
OMURA. Ann Flowei 

3621 Crestside Road 

Mountain Brook, M. 35223 
O'NEILL. Sean Paul 

61 IS Rivervievv Wav 

Houston. IX 77057 

191 1 Greenland Drive 

Murfreesboro. TN .37130 
ORLANDO. Carlo Edward 

2746 67th Avenue. South 

si Petersburg, II '3712 
ORLOFF. Carol Ann 

1525 Churchill Drive 

Denton. IX 76201 
ORRELL. Kirk Raymond 
Salem Street 

Andover, MA 01810 
ORTEGA. Carlos Luis. Jr 

905 Minos 

OSBORN, Laura Anne 

5665 Gwvnne Cove 

Memphis. IN 38119 
(I SHII LDS, Shannon Coleen 

1208 Airport Road #127 

Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
1)11. Cunis Lyman 

6 ; "s Hunters i rail 

( MKin.iali. OH 45243 

1 1 1 I Stephen Paul 

ssn i odge Vvenue 

EvansvUle, IN 47714 
o\l RCASH, Bryan Michael 

P.O. Bo\ 153 

China Grove. Nt 28023 
OWEN, James Judd 

107 Wilhamsburi; Drive 
Greenville. N( 
OWEN. Leelia Godfrey 

42(U Sulgrave Road 
Richmond. VA 23221 

PAGE. Edwin Leonard 
421 Westmoreland Road 
Columbus. GA 11904 

PAGE. Nancy Anne 

421 Westmoreland Road 

Columbus, GA 'I9tu 
PANDYA, Ameesha Javantilal 

3200 Foxridge Road 

Charlotte, NC 2.s22<> 

710 Bonnie Path 

Sanford, NC 27330 
l'\KK. Susan Martin 

echmont Road 

Lexington, KV 40502 
PARKER, Frances Bethune 

1252 Spnngdale Road 

Gainesville, GA 10501 

PARTINGTON. Edgar Willis 
197 Sonata Drive 

Lewisville, NC 27023 
PASCHAL1 Eliza Lee 

1054 Foxcroft Road. N.W. 

Atlanta. GA 10327 
PATTE. Edward Raymond 

876 McClelland Drive 

MacDill AFB. FL 33621 
PATTEN, John Freeman 

s2 l < I ansdowne Road 

Charlotte. NC 28226 
PATTERSON. James Dean 

RD #2. Box 389 

Mohnton. PA 19540 
PATTERSON. Julie Elizabeth 

2501 Warburton Road 

Charlotte. NC 2S21I 
PATTON, Sharon How land 

74 Last Bare Hill Road 

Harvard. MA 01451 
PAYNE, Jennifer Lanier 

825 Woodlawn Avenue 

Beckley, WV 25801 

PAYNE. Sarah Lynn 

1023 Turtle Rock Lane 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

PEACOCK. Dorinda Lea 
1270 Via Lugano 
Winter Park. FL 32789 

PEARSALL. Susan Mtddleton 

474 Pine Court 

Mobile. AL 36608 

PEDDY. Kappa McQee 
Springhill Drive 
Tifton. GA 31794 

PI I I . Drew George 
1042 Viking Drive 

Stone Mountain, GA 50083 
PEELER. Elizabeth Anne 
4645 Last Cheryl Drive 
Jackson, MS '9211 

PI II RS, Donna 1 win 

5312 Meadow Biook Road 

Birmingham, AI '5243 
PETERSON. Erie Charles 

2134 Meares Road 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
PETRANICK. David Albert 

ssjs ( jettysburg Drive 

Concord, N< 
PI IKi , Jeffery Michael 

136 IX-arme Avenue 

Jamestown, Ni 14701 

PHILLIPS. Ida Wills 
529 Caswell Road 
Chapel Hill. NC 2^514 

PHILLIPS. loel Courtney 

512 Hickory Hills Drive 

Stone Mountain, G \ 
PHILLIPS. Tracey Lynn 

185 to u 

Clemmons, NC 27012 
PHILLIPS. Wiliam Myers, Jr 

1710 Montrose Road 

Birmingham. \1 35213 
PICKARD, Carey Owen. Ill 

2776 Northwoods Drive. South 

Macon, GA '1204 

P1EHL. Mark Donald 

43 Wyngate 

Simsbury, CT 06070 
PINC. Karl Otto 

P.O. Box 1473 

Davidson. NC 28036 
PITTARD, James Michael 

P.O. Box 1644 

Davidson. NC 28036 
PLACE. Kenneth Charles 

10 Angklong Lane 

Singapore. 2057 
PLOURDE, Bruce Allan 

42 High Street 

Houlton. ME 04730 
POAG. James Ray. Jr. 

114 North Adelia Drive 

Dalton. GA 30720 
PODOLIN. Deborah Ann 

724 Redman Avenue 

Haddonfield. NJ 08033 
POISSON. Scott Lincoln 

P.O. Box 1S3 

Mendon. NY 14506 
POLAK. Douglas Halden 

5 Paddington Circle 
Bronxville. NY 10708 

POLLARD. Richard John 
1620 Scott Avenue 
Charlotte. NC 28203 

POLLY. Matthew Stuart 
1581 Grove Terrace 
Winter Park, FL 32789 

POORE. Lisa Michaelle 
Route 2. Box 320 
Newland. NC 28657 

POSTON. Timothy Lawrence 
102 Rolling Ridae Circle 
Garner. NC 27529 

POULOS. Michael James 
505 Mattison Avenue 
Sumter. SC 29150 

POWELL. John Edward. Jr 
4813 Sangamore Road 
Bethesda. MD 20816 

POWELL. Jonathan Stokes. Ill 
1105 Powell Street 
Windsor, NC 27983 

POWELL, Kimberly Anne 
3426 Foxridge Road 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

POWELL, Sarah Elizabeth 
244 Washington Boulevard 
Springfield, VA01108 

POWELL, Wade Hampton 

6 Horseshoe Bend 
Johnston City. TN 37601 

PRICE. Frank Horry. Ill 
Route 1 , Box 370 
Somerville, AL 35670 

PRICE, Jane Haunsworth 
3016 Lake Forest Drive 
Greensboro. NC 27408 

PRICE, Kaatherine McNair 
3016 Lake Forest Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

PRICKETT, Margo Smith 
50 East Sussex Avenue 
Sewell. NJ 08080 

PRILLAMAN, Kathenne Ellen 
27 Spottswood Lane 
Newport News, VA 23606 

PRINCE, Caroline Lee 
1423 Fountainview 
Houston, TX 77057 

PRINCE, Junius Scott 
32 Glenwood Road 
Louisville, KY 40222 

PROSSER, Julian Branson, III 
1 19 W. Vernon Avenue 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

PULLEN, Fredric Walter. Ill 
4600 Sabal Palm Road 
Miami. FL 33137 
PYLE, Chnsten Diana 
4013 Tara, NE 
Albuquerque, NM 87111 

Columbia, SC 29205 
QUINN. Rusden Yet 

126 Tennessee Avenue 
Washington. DC 20002 



QUANTZ, Newton Gaston. 
20 Rockbrook Road 
Augusta. GA 30909 

QUINN. Blanche Willard 
4836 Devereaux Road 

RAINSFORD. John Holmes 
16 Savage Street 
Charleston. SC 29401 
RAMSAUR, Christina Louise 
108 Jarmon Road 
Elkton. MD 21921 
RAMSEY, John David 
1623 Jameston Drive 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
RAND, Edward Lewis. Jr. 
9350 Riviera Road 
Roswell, GA 30075 
RANEY, Milbrey Ewing 

900 Williston Court West Leigh 
Charlottesville. VA 22901 
RATLIFF, Greta Leigh 

1008 Hidden Valley Drive 
Richmond. IN 47374 
RAWLLEY, Ranjit Kumar 
1/28 Shanti Niketan 
New Delhi 110021 
RAWSON, William Stewart 
2330 Wilmot Avenue 
Columbia, SC 29205 
RAY. David Kilburn 

9130 Beauclerc Circle East 
Jacksonville. FL 32217 
RAY. Larry Graydon. Jr. 

1364 Country Square Drive 
Decatur. GA 30033 
RAYMOND. Stephen Michael 
7485 Mounttort Court 
Cincinnati. OH 45244 
REBMAN. Jennifer Marie 
267 Glenn Avenue 
Lawrenceville. NJ 08648 
REDDING. John Fulton. II 
P.O. Box 1386 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
REEL, John Julius 
27 Virginia Palce 
Staten Island. NY 10314 
REEVES. Morrow Elizabeth 
120 Biscayne Drive. N.W. 
Atlanta. GA 30309 
REGEN. Suzanne Pratt 
2720 Bosham Lane 
Midlothian. VA 23113 
REGEN, William Watson 
2720 Bosham Lane 
Midlothian, VA 23113 
REMISIEWICZ, David Charles 
6503B Dogwood Drive North 
New Port Richey, FL 33553 
RENGEL, Kristine Marie 
3233 Heartwood Avenue 
Winter Park, FL 32792 
RENNER, Paul Marvin 
6264 Diane Road 
Jacksonville, FL 32211 
RESPESS. Kendis Elizabeth 
P.O. Box 8983 
Rancho Santa Fe. CA 92067 
REUTER. John Benjamin 
2508 Maroneal 
Houston. TX 77030 
REVIS. Sheley Rene 
263 Hi-Alta Avenue 
Asheville. NC 28806 
REYNOLDS. John Michael. Ill 
7221 North West 6th Court 
Plantation, FL 33317 
REYNOLDS, Sheri Ann 
Route 2, Box 292 
Conway. SC 29526 
REYNOLDS. Steven Alexander 
7112 Stockton Drive 
Knoxville. TN 37909 
REYNOLDS. Walter Arnold. IV 
1966 Overhill Road 
Charlotte. NC 28211 
RHAME, Rita Chandler 
77 Woodvale Avenue 
Greenville. SC 29605 
RHODES, Pauline 
2960 King Road 
Bryn Athyn, PA 19009 
RICE, Brian Lester 

44I9A American Drive 
Durham. NC 27705 
RICHARDSON. Jr., William M. 
5147 Brenda Drive 
Orlanda, FL 32806 
RIDENHOUR, Thomas Eugene, Jr 
314 Springs Avenue 
Gettysburg. PA 17325 
RINGWAIT. Eric Charles 
3620 Catamaran 
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 
RITTER, Karen Elizabeth 
P.O. Box 19532 
Raleigh, NC 27619 
ROACH, John Michael 
4245 Senena Street 
West Seneca, NY 14224 
ROARK. Susan Joyce 
93 Heritage Drive 
Lake Wylie. SC 29710 
ROBELEN, Douglas Brewster 
407 Walsing Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 
ROBERSON, David Bruce 
10702 Carrollake Drive 
Tampa, FL 33618 
ROBERSON, Susan Brame 
44 West Avondale Drive 
Greenville. SC 29609 
ROBERTS, Sarah Lynn 
1 16 Fairway Drive 
Asheville, NC 28805 
ROBERTSON, Kimberly Anne 
7307 Three Chopt Road 
Richmond. VA 23226 
ROBINETTE, George Dave, II 
23 Timberidge Drive 
Lake Wylie, SC 29710 
ROBINSON, Douglas McGuire, III 
7008 Tramore Lane 
Clemmons, NC 27012 
ROBINSON, Flora McNair 
3301 Stanwyck Court 
Charlotte. NC 28211 
ROBINSON. Sally Ann 
57 Delray Avenue 
Candor, NY 13743 
ROBINSON. William Couchell 
1930 Carmel Ridge Road 
Charlotte, NC 28226 
ROCHFORD. David John, III 
1711 Stuart Hill Road 
Oakton, VA 22124 
RODDEY, Amelia Ann 
2124 Sherwood Avenue 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
RODDEY, Oliver Hunter 
P.O. Box 2301 
Davidson, NC 28036 
RODRIGUEZ, Norma Matilda 
5009 Raybum Court 
Camp Springs, MD 20748 
ROGERS. Annette Carlton 
P.O. Box 767 
Easley. SC 29641 
ROGERS. Mary Elizabeth 
6700 Lake Dale Way 
Clemmons, NC 27012 
ROGERS, Michael Patrick 
Route 2, Box 243-B 
St. Pauls, NC 28384 
ROGERS, Victoria Carr 
513 South Fairfax Street 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
ROSE. Alison Barclay 
5411 El Parque Street 
Long Beach, C A 90815 
ROSE. Diane Lynn 
601 Currier Court 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
ROSS, Laura Leslie 

90 Cabarrus Avenue West 
Concord, NC 28025 
ROSSELOT. David Richard 
2792 Overlook Drive 
Atlanta, GA 30345 
ROST, Winston Mitchell 
1 14 Middleburv Road 
Watertown, CT 06795 
Rothschild, Elizabeth Pound 
2328 Fairway Avenue 
Columbus, GA 31906 
ROUFAIL, Brigitte 

3880 Sturbridge Road 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
ROUSSET, Thierry Raymond 
40 plan des Thuyas 
ROYAL. Jane Kathenne 

RFD #3, Box 716 

North Scituate, RI 02857 
RUARK, James Lee 

580 1-E Sharon Road 

Charlotte, NC 28210 
RUCKER. Derek Alan 

25495 Bryden Road 

Beachwood. OH 44122 
RUDERT, Angela Carol 

4 Saddle Lane 

Rome, GA 30161 
RUFFNER. Christopher William 

48 Mountain View Road 

Hickory. NC 28602 
RUMPLE. James Carl. Jr. 

Route 10. Box 142A 

Statesville, NC 28677 
RUSSELL. Lauren Susan 

96 Spnnglake Place. N.W. 

Atlanta, GA 30318 

SAINTSING. Charles D. Jr. 
Route 4. Box 716A 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
SANDERS, Anne Marie 
925 Ridgemont Road 
Charleston, WV 25314 
SANDERS, Mary Elizabeth 
P.O. Box 556 
Tabor City, NC 28463 
SANDY. Mark Steven 
3207 Orchard Hill Road 
Roanoke, VA 24018 
20 North Road 
Bronxville, NY 10708 
SAUTTER, Todd Michael 
49 Plymouth Street 
West Babylon, NY 11704 
SAVARESE, John Edmund 
P.O. Box 819 
Davidson, NC 28036 
SAWVEL, Jeffrey Lee 
166 Kennard Avenue 
Barnesville. OH 43713 
SAYE. Scott Christopher 
4460 Pinehurst Circle 
Marietta. GA 30067 
SCARBOROUGH. Charles Pepper 
2305 McArthur Drive 
Starkville. MS 39759 
SCHAUER, Thomas 
Alte Landstrasse 31 
Gerbrunn. 8708 
3529 Broadfield Road 
Charlotte. NC 28226 
SCHERER. John Payne. II 
205 Granville Avenue 
Beckley. WV 25801 
SCHIAVI. Harry Grant 
207 Cordon Road 
Wilmington, DE 19803 
SCHILL, Michael Douglas 
1226 Yale Place 
Charlotte, NC 28209 
SCHILLING. Sarah McCray 
3402 Sasanqua Drive 
Augusta. GA 30909 
SCHLAG, Patrick Neil 
135 Oakdale Avenue 
Catonsville. MD 21228 
201 Loch Road 
Columbia, SC 29210 
SCHMITT. John Carlyle. Ill 
1245 Jefferson Davis Drive 
Brentwood, TN 37027 
SCHOEL, Gretchen Ferns 
3727 River Bend Lane 
Birmingham, AL 35223 
SCHOFIELD, Susan Elaine 
8195 SW 151 Street 
Miami, FL 33158 
SCHRUM, Blair Moran 
Route 1 

Providence, NC 27315 
SCHWALBE. Frank Conrad, III 
4647 Queen Lane 
Jacksonville. FL 32210 
SCHWALBE. Mary Elizabeth 
4647 Queen Lane 
Jacksonville. FL 32210 

SCOTT, Todd M 

219 Manning Road 

Greenwood, SC 29646 
SCOUTEN. William Turner 

615 Prospect Slreci 

Westfield. NJ 07090 
SCULLY, Ian Robert 

in Somerset Streel 

Belmont, MA 02178 
SEARLE, Paul McCann 

5 I 1 Henderson Drive 

Augusta, GA 10909 

SEBESTA I milk- Ann 

4403 Travis Country Circle 

Austin, TX 78735 
SECK1NGER, Tracy Kaye 

Route 2. Box 20 A 

Springfield, GA »i J29 
SI IIH I . Richard Paul. Jr. 

1345 Bunker Road 

Flossmoor, II 60422 
SI I I I RS. William Michael 

3370 Charring Cross Drive 

Stow, OH 44224 
SEN. Sudeep 

J 1889, Chittaranjan Park 

New Delhi I lull') 

Route I, Box 312 

Mmden. LA 71055 
SERRANO. Michelle 

25tw Alleghany Streel 

Charlotte, NC '282os 
SHAFFER, Valerie Lynn 

I do Pagoda Drive 

Monroeville, PA 1^146 
SHARP. John Calvin, h 

2742 Collinswood Drive 

Newberry, SC 29108 
SHARP, Kiistm Leigh 

816 Turkcv Run Road 

McLean, VA 22101 
sin I OR, David Kuk 

Rainbow Terrace 

Black Mountain. NC 2871 I 
SHI RIDAN, Richard Martin 

Hq Co., 205th Ml Bde 

APO New York. NY 09079 

SHERRII 1 . Robert Bruce 

2300 Danbury Road 

Greensboro, NC 27408 
SHIELDS, David Abercrombie 

880 Laurel Drive 

Bethlehem, PA 18017 
SHOCKI.EY. Brian Daniel 

1502 Teal Dine 

Ocean City, MD 21842 
SHOWERS. Charles Olean. Jr 

PO Box 565 

laison. NC 28341 
SHITE. Dana Jean 

210') Weybridge Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27dl5 
SICKLES. Robert Edward 

14500 Lake C.indlcwood Court 

Miami I akes. I I 13014 
SIKKELEE, Knsten Drake 

2701 Hollv Street 

Alexandria. VA 22305 
SILLARS. John Angus 

73 Christie Hill 

Darien. CI 06820 

SIMMS. Angela Renee 

101 Gen Beauregard Streel 
Stanley, NC 28 1 64 

SIMtlNDS D.ui Louis 

21 Hawes Avenue 
Hvannis. MA 02601 
SIMPSON. Joseph Paul 

81 ' Martin Street, Nl 
Concord, NC 28025 
SIMPSON, rracy I ynn 

6718 Dartbrook Drive 
Dallas l\ 75240 

SINGER. Marian Staton 

PO Box 95 

Lumpkin. GA 11815 
SINGI I ION William Rev nolds 

I 28 I udora Streel 
Denver. CO 80220 
SITTON. Robert 1 ouis 

I si io Warsham Place 
Greensboro. NC 2740S 
SKELTON, Bryan I dward 

206 Blue Point Road. West 

Holtsville, NY 11742 

SKINN! R. Jonathan Paul 

is < Greenwood I ane 
Waltham, MA 02154 

SKINNER, Marv Cordes 

3718 Salisbury Road 

Jacksonville, FL 32216 
SI I.IXil . George Lawrence, jr. 

118 Anglewood Drive 

Brandon. FL <«ll 
SLOAN, Sara Christine 

500Chunns Cose Road 

Asheville, NC 28805 
SLOOP. Catherine Marie 

2205 Canal Drive 

Wilson. NC 27893 
SMALL. Parks I die 

405 Herb River Drive 

Savannah. GA 11406 
SM ALLEY. Robert Hams. Ill 

945 Maple Drive 

Griffin, OA 30223 
SMITH. Allen Coleman 

3109 Pcrnchll Road 
Charlotte. NC 2821 I 
SMITH. Antonio 

362 Cologne Drive. S.E. 
Atlanta. GA 30354 

SMITH. Carlene Louise 
Route s. Box 516 
Mooresville, NC 28115 

SMITH. Elliott Graingei 

141 Pine Clifi Conn 

Columbia, SC 29209 
SMITH, leffrey Hollingsworth 

309 Evergreen Drive 

Kentfield, CA 94904 
SMITH. Jocelvn Lamb 

315 North Highland Street 

Gastonia, NC 28052 

SMITH. John Allen 

2728 Spencer Street 

Durham. NC 27705 
SMITH. Latessa Anne 

1 soo Parmele Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28401 

SMITH. Mary Olive 

724 Duke Drive 

Sanford, NC 27330 
SMITH. Meltnda Ruth 

3535 Water Works Road 

Winchester, Ki 10391 
SMITH. Robert Samuel. Jr. 

Route J, Box 168 

Elkin, NC 28621 
SMITH, Sarah Brooks 

2912 Legare Court 

Raleigh, NC 27612 
SMITH, Stacy Pannill 

1008 McBryde Lane 

Blacksburg. VA 24060 
SMITH. Stephen I 

603 South Turnpike Road 

Laurinburg, NC 28352 
SMITH. Tvler Jo 

1 1900 Thomridge Road 

Oklahoma City, OK 73120 
SMITH. William Guy 

650 Radley Court 

Winston Salem. NC 27104 
SMOl'SE. Gregory Russell 

614 Meadow Ridge Road 

Baltimore, MD 21204 

SNEI.L. Donald Joel. Jr. 

Route 7, Breeze Hill Lane 

(anion. GA 10114 

sm I I Michael Uan 
<iii2 Valencia Terrace 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

SNIVELY, Florence Durborav, 
24' Ogden Avenue 
Swarthmore, PA 19081 

SNYDER. Ruth Millet 

2 Ills Hilltop Drive 
Winston Salem, NC 27106 

SORENSov lames Campbell 
2507 Brentwood Road. N.W. 
( ant. .ii. OH 44708 

SOLD. Knsti 
246 Noble Cirlce, W 

Jacksonville. 11 12211 

SOWELL, 1 lizabeth Glynn 

4 Crestline Court 
Owings Mills. MD 21117 

snwi I i Paul Dibrell, II 
4 Crestline Court 
Owings Mill, MD 21117 

SPARKS. John Timothy 
2<> Laura I ane 
Morristown, NJ 07960 

SPARKS. I .him Holloway 

1900 S Airport Boulevard 

Melbourne, II 12901 

SPEAR. Michael Scott 

171 Crepe Mvrtlc Circle 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 
SPEIGHT. Linda Cameron 

1252 Saxon Drive 

Nashville. TN 37215 
SPIEGEL. William Robert 

J227-D Posi Woods Drive. N W 

Atlanta. GA 10339 
SPIRES, Ann Bradley 

111 Fallstone Court 

Lake Forest. IL 60045 
SPONG, David Todd 

501 Greentree Drivi 

Greensboro, NC 274 10 
SPONG. Sharon Elizabeth 

501 Greentree Drive 

Greensboro, NC 27410 
SPRAG1NS. Lucy Then 

208 Vauxhall Drive 

Shelbv. NC 28150 
STANAT. Elizabeth Merritt 

8451 Cazenovia Road 

Manlius. NY 13104 
Stancil. William Dale 

20211 Buena Vista Road 
Winston Salem, NC 27104 

STANPORTH. Melvin Shannon 

2205 Last 5th Streel 

Greenville. NC 27834 
STANLEY. John Franklin 

901 Oakwood Drive 

Roanoke, VA 24015 

STEDING. Ralph Mark 

BOX 309 

APO New York. N ■ 
STEELE. Leanne Kirsten 

558 W est W ater Streel 

Chillicothe. OH 45601 
STEINER. Karen Alena 

704 Lakevicw Avenue 

Mill. .id. 1)1 19963 
STEPHENS. Michael Charles 

695 Meadowhrook Lane 

Media, PA 19063 
STEPHENS, Thomas Eric 

514 Hevward Circle 

Marietta, GA 
STERLING. Caroline Grace 

15 Horlbeck Allev #7 

Charleston. SC 29401 
STERNAL. Julie Ann 

Route 1. Fralev Drive 

Morehead. KY 40351 
STEVENS. Scott Michael 

8642 Fredricksburg Road 

San Antonio. TX 78240 
STEVENS, Whitney Lynne 

219 Los Prados Drive 

Safety Harbor. FL 33572 
STEWART. Garv Thomas 

2710 Cove Circle NE 

Atlanta. GA 30319 
STEWART. Heather Jean 

12501 Exchange Court South 

Potomac. MD 20854 
STEWART. John Mills 

4860 Longchamps Drive 

Atlanta. GA 30319 
STEWART. Joseph (.no. Ii 

2608 Heathermooi Road 

Birmingham. AL 35223 
STEWART, Lisa Place 

5 Momslea Court 

Baltimore. MD 21234 
STIDHAM. Thaddeus Jon 

Walnut I .in. 

Clinton. SC 29325 

STIEHR, Deborah Jo 
2813 Bancrofl Road 

Columbia. SC 29223 
S1IRI WALT, Derek Lynn 

2018 Central Heights 

Lexington, NC 27292 
sum Stephen Liles 

3518 Bayard Drive 

Cincinnati, till 45208 
STTTZER, Vrthut Bowers [\ 

1522 Sell. mlh. nisc I 

Ambler. PA 19002 
STONE. Marion Siallworth 

705 Sunset Drive 

Greensboro, NC 274 
STONE. Robert Tyler, III 

705 Sunset Drive 

Greensboro. NC 27408 

STOTT, Jennifer 

5391 Mad Rivet 1 ane 
Columbia. MD 21044 

STOWE, Shannon Elizabeth 

215 Merewood Road 

Belmont. NC 281112 
STRACHAN, Sara Rebecca. II 

489 West 22nd Street 

New York. NY 10011 
STRAUB, Robert Jordan 

35 Prescott Avenue 

Bronxville, NY 10708 
STRAWSER, Todd Evan 

Route 4. Box 275 

Vale, N< 28618 
STRICKLAND, Kathryn Kerr 

1313 North Woodridge Road 

Birmingham. AL 35223 
STROTHER, I rk I urman 

37 Miles Brown Street 

Idem. mi. NC 27932 
STROUSL. Geoffrey Fielding 

951 Creek Knoll Drive 

Mill. .id. OH 45150 
STUART, Peter Christopher 

26 New London Road 

Mystic, (T 06355 
STUBBS. Alice I 

5317 Trent Woods Drive 

New Bern. NC 28560 
SIT BBS. Kathleen Elizabeth 

1203 Scnvens Road 

Tryon. NC 2X782 
STUDE. Ann Isabel 

1004 Kirhv Drive 

Houston, j X 77019 
SIM I PNAGI I Daniel Warren 

5306 rilbury Way 

Baltimore. MI) 21212 
SUHR. Henry Benton, III 

557 Bouuum Circle 

Oil Citv. PA 16301 

1727 S.W. 42nd Avenue 

Gainesville. IT 12608 
SULLIVAN. Christopher Paul 

301 West Lee Streel 

Mebane. NC 27302 

1641 East Main Road 

Portsmouth, Rl 02871 

SUTTON. William Under, Jt 
825 Live Oak Plantation Road 
Tallahassee, FL 12312 

SWANSON. John Robert 

35 Old Farm Road 
Chagrin Falls. OH 44022 
swim Mark David 
sm Parkview Avenue 
Staunton. VA 24401 

swift . Susan Elizabeth 
859 Parkview Avenue 

Staunton. VA 24401 

SWYERS. leffrey Scott 

10*0 Pine Point Road 
Riviera Beach. EL 33404 

1 Aim. Michael Anthony 

69-10B 188th Streel 

Rushing, N, II 165 
TALWAR. Deepak 

19 36 Old Rajinder Nagai 

New Delhi 110060 
I \\1KI\H. Charles Raikumar 

No. 30 8 Longdon Place 

Colombo 7, Sri Lanka 
TANKARD. Richard Blair 
Box 42 
Franktown \ A 23354 

I \\M R, \nthonv Eugene- 
Route 2. Bov >o 
Cottondale II 12431 

1 \NM R. William Gordon, Jr 

427S Riven lew Drive 

Duluth, GA 101 16 

TAQUECHFI . Christine 1 i/ette 
345 Valley Road 

Atlanta. GA 
TARLETON. Jon Revnard 

2660 Rolling Hills Dine 

Monroe, NC 281 10 
TATSAPAl C.H. Linda Ruth 

6306 Buckhom Road 

Greensboro, NC 27410 
TAVERN1SL. Peki Scofield 

8201 Cedai Landing Court 

Alexandria, \ A 22306 

TAYLOR. Aaron Elkin 

6217 Redwing Road 

Belhesda, MD 20817 
TAYLOR, James Sheppard 

1939 Lorraine Avenue 

McLean, VA 22101 
TAYLOR, Mervin Levonne 

519 Mill Cove Court 

Fayetteville, NC 28304 
TEED, John Whitney 

453 Wayne Drive 

Wilmington, NC 28403 
TEEL. Michael Shannon 

3700 Cliffridge Drive, Apt. 4 

Lumberton, NC 28358 
TERRELL, David William 

4923 Plum Nearly Lane 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
TERRELL. Matthew Ashley 

3400 Round Hill Road 

Greensboro, NC 27408 
TERRY, Melissa Anne 

12912 Cottage Mill Place 

Midlothian, VA 23113 
TESTA, Peter Miles 

110 Beechdale Road 

Baltimore. MD 21210 
THOMAS, Sarah Wilder 

222 Prince Street 

West Newton, MA 02165 
THOMAS, Stephanie Ann 

1241 Robinwood Road 

Gastonina, NC 28054 
THOMAS, Stephanie Dawn 

P.O. Box 643 

Mars Hill, NC 28754 
THOMAS. Thomas Koodathumannil 

4 Applewood Lane 

Momstown, NJ 07960 
THOMASON, Kelly Cole 

1116 Bond Street 

Macon, GA 31201 
THOMASON. William Poole. Jr. 

28 Quail Hill Drive 

Greenville, SC 29607 
THOMPSON. Andrew Wayne 

P.O. Box 13 

Wnghtsville Beach, NC 28480 
THOMPSON. Ann Bierly 

1120 Rembrandt Circle 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
THOMPSON, James Berkeley 

1 107 Greer Avenue 

Marion. VA 24354 
THOMPSON. Mark Stephen 

991 Kickapoo Avenue 

Akron, OH 44305 
THORNBURG, Alan Ziegler 

519 Wade Avenue Apt. 12 

Raleigh, NC 27605 
THORNTON. Raymond Howard 

Route 2, Box 67 

Leon, WV 25123 
T1ETGEN, Margaret Louise 

130 Sibley Road 

Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 
TIMBERLAKE, Rufus Johnson 

3000 Wickersham Road 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
TITUS-ALLEN, Diana Mitchell 

Ms. Carolyn V. Titus 

Alexandria, VA 22314 
TODD, Christopher Edward 

1300 Azalea Drive 

Dalton, GA 30720 
TOLBERT. Thomas Ross 

4055 North Stratford Road. NE 

Atlanta. GA 30342 
TOWNSEND, John Thomason 

3921 Montevallo Rod 

Birmingham, AL 35213 
TOWNSEND, Stephanie Powers 

329 Tudor Place 

Chesapeake, VA 23325 
TRAN. MiTia 

6533-4 Monroe Road 

Charlotte, NC 28212 
TRONTZ, David Marc 

1700 Embassy Drive 

West Palm Beach, FL 33401 
TUBMAN, Virginia Mead 

33 Western Avenue 

Hull, MA 02045 
TU1TE, Catherine Mary 

1777 Harvard Avenue 

Merrick, NY 11566 
TURGEON. David Andrew 

115 Twin Hills Drive 

Groton, CT 06340 

TURNER, Earle Alexander. II 
507 Alexander Avenue 
Morganton, NC 28655 

TURNER. Pamela Marie 
1808 Ashwood Avenue 
Nashville, TN 37212 

TUTTLE, Bryan Stanton 
4327 Kennesaw Drive 
Birmingham, AL 35213 

TYSINGER, Charles Andrew 
23 1 Institute Street 
Staunton. VA 24401 


URBAN. Leslie Anne 
1280Oakdale Road 
Atlanta. GA 30307 


VACCARO. Thomas James 

Box 245 

West Falmouth, MA 02574 
VALBUENA, Michael Andrew 

2227 Overlook Drive 

Mt. Dora, FL 32757 
VAN ANTWERP, Mary Malin 

104 Country Club Court 

Ashland, KY41101 
VANDERZEE. James Robert 

7913 Broadmoor Pines Boulevard 

Sarasota, FL 33580 
VAN DIERDONCK, Laura Nicole 

1 1 A. Herbertstraat 

Kortryk 8500, Blgm. 
VAN DIERDONCK. Olivier Jerome 

1 1 A. Herbertstraat 

Kortryk, 8500. Blgm. 
VANEVERY, Laura Alida 

1867 Cavendish Court 

Charlotte, NC 28211 
VANKIRK, Robert Scott 

610 McKinley Street 

Chambersburg. PA 17201 
VAN PELT. David Todd 

401 Michigan Road 

New Canaan, CT 06840 
VAN PRAAGH. Cecily Margaret 

425 Riverside Drive 

New York, NY 10025 
VAUCLA1N, Jacques Leonard. Ill 

2109 Country Lane Road 

Villanova. PA 19085 
VAUGHAN. Gabnella Olive 

P.O. Box 1076 

Thomson. GA 30824 
VAUGHN. Andrew Graham 

Box 39 

Montreal, NC 28757 
VAUGHN. Stuart Ficklen, Jr. 

1121 Arbor Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
VERNER. Mary E. Bagley 

P.O. Box 736 

Fitzgerald, CA 
VEST, Robert Alexander 

631 Marlowe Road 

Raleigh, NC 27609 
VILARDI. Roy Dante 

73 High Street 

Terrytown, NY 10591 
VINSON, Caroline Elizabeth 

815 Glenairy Drive NE 

Atlanta, GA 30328 
VINTON, Thomas Oliver 

7940 Sanderling Road 

Sarasota. FL 34242 
VOSS, Ellen Rebecca 

1010 West Country Club Drive 

Purcellville. VA 22132 
VU, Chuong Hoang 

312 W Gonzalez 

Pensacola, FL 32501 


WADD1LL, Danny 
A-Bar-A Ranch 
Encampment. WY 82325 

WAGNER, George Oliver. W 

53 Overlook Drive 

Danville. PA 17821 
WAHLHE1M. William B . Jr. 

1707 Red Oak Road 

Huntsville, AL 35891 
WAITSMAN, William Edward, Jr. 

2759 Millwood Court 

Decatur. GA 30033 
WALKER. Gracia Gillican 

2606 Frederica Road 

St. Simons Island. GA 31522 
WALKER, James Edward, 111 

P.O. Box 293 

Lebanon, NH 03766 
WALKER, Jerry Andrew. Jr. 

8418 Mitzy Lane 

Ellicott City. MD 21043 
WALKER, Shawn Ellen 

37 Clifford Road 

Sudbury, MA 01776 
WALL, Judith Atkins 

P.O. Box 830 

Conway, SC 29526 
WALLACE. Janna Mae 

Route 1 . Box 450 

Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 
WALLACE, Jennifer Ann 

795 Lakeshore Drive 

Lexington, KY 40502 
WALLEN1US, Steven Todd 

Route 2, Box 423 

Seneca, SC 29678 
WALLER, Christopher Lee 

P.O. Box 112 

Rockwell, NC 28138 
WALLS, Susan Mane 

2650 Dunmoreland Terrace 

College Park, GA 30349 
WALSH. Julie Mane 

1 30 Book Hill Road 

Deep River, CT 06417 
WALTERS, Cathenne Chandler 

5708 Wooden Hawk Lane 

Burke, VA 22015 
WALTON. Sabnna Elaine 

6616 Hunters Lane 

Durham. NC 27713 
WARD. Margaret Dixon 

1 10 Sun Meadow Road 

Greer, SC 29651 
WARL1CK, Wiliam Byrd, Jr 

2229 McDowell Street 

Augusta. GA 30904 
WARNER, Wendy Lee 

838 Fiddlers Ridge 

Fripp Island, SC 29920 
WARREN. Brett Elizabeth 

300 Cedar Street 

Clinton, SC 29325 
WATERS. Timothy Jay 

19 Maple Avenue 

Massau. NY 12123 
WATKINS, Basil Gordon, III 

1551 Lexington Drive 

Lynchburg. VA 24503 
WATSON, Elizabeth Devlin 

766 Oaklawn Avenue 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
WATSON, Jennifer Ruth 

7235 Lakewood Boulevard 

Dallas, TX 75214 
WATTS. Anne Alyson 

Route 12, Box60-E 

Morganton, NC 28655 
WEAVER, Timothy Patrick 

48 Crane Cove 

Salisbury. NC 28144 
WEBB, Laura Felker 

425 Cross Creek Road 

Auburn, AL 36830 
WEBB, Virginia Lea 

1 14 Huron Drive 

Chatham Townshhip, NJ 07928 
WEBBER. Mary Campbell 

3240 Stratford Road 

Richmond. VA 23225 
WE1NRICH. Luise Katharine 

Route 2. Box 181E 

Hopkins, SC 29061 
WEIR. Mark Douglas 

3438 Carmel Forest Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28226 
WELLFORD. Suzannah Beverley 

5054 Millwood Lane 

Washington, DC 20016 
WELSH, David McGavock 

Route 5, Box 34 IB 

Bumsville. NC 28714 

WELTON. Delia Oilman 

2900 Wickersham Road 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
WENZEL. Fredenck George, IV 

Route 2. Box 91A 

Clyde, NC 28721 
WESTBROOK, Joseph Craig 

890 Barton Woods Road 

Atlanta, GA 30307 
WESTLAKE, Chnstopher Charles 

1 1 1 Gallatin Dnve 

Bozeman, MT 59715 
WHELISS, Sarah Gray 

1100 Huntsford Terrace 

Thomasville, NC 27360 
WHIPPLE. Carl Knight 

1976 Chesterfield Drive 

Atlanta. GA 30345 
WHIPPLE, Thomas Riley 

1976 Chesterfield Dnve 

Atlanta. GA 30345 
WHITAKER. Cecil Francis, III 

2500 Foley Dnve 

Columbus, GA 31906 
WHITAKER. Elizabeth Gnmes 

417 Lee Road 

Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 
WHITAKER. Katherine Cummings 

202 Enfield Road 

Baltimore. MD 21212 
WHITE. George Ormand. Ill 

4809 Metcalf Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27612 
WHITE, Jennifer Helen 

33 Chateau de Jardin 

Kenner, LA 70065 
WHITE, Katherine Wood 

1515 Scotland Avenue 

Charlotte. NC 28207 
WHITE. Kimberly Paige 

1600 Old Mill Lane 

Salisbury. MD 21801 
WHITE, Kristen Virginia 

3000 Rustic Lane 

Charlotte. NC 28210 
WHITE. Margaret Gibbon 

1515 Scotland Avenue 

Charlotte, NC 28207 
WHITE. Martha Virginia 

4016 Oakley Drive 

Waldorf. MD 20601 
WHITE, Steven Matthew 

300 Rustic Lane 

Charlotte, NC 28210 

4057 Beaver Brook Road 

Clemmons, NC 27012 
WHITESELL, Sarah Elizabeth 

580 North School Lane 

Lancaster, PA 17603 
WH1TES1DES, Sarah Louise 

6371 Mulberry Lane 

Stockton, CA 95212 
WHITFIELD. William Daggett 

15 Woodland Lane 

Attleboro, MA 02703 

Route I , Box 277 

Weems, VA 22576 
WHYTSELL. James Eric 

1510 Rockford Court 

Charleston. WV 25314 
WIGHTMAN. John Edward 

Jockey Hollow Road 

Morristown, NJ 07960 
WILCOX, Gregory Blake 

3338 Taverham Lane 

Charlotte. NC 28210 
WILKERSON. Farley Brooks 

2131 Meadow Lane 

Rock Hill. SC 29730 
WILKERSON. Glen Whitener. Jr 

8004 New London Lane 

Raleigh, NC 27612 
WILKINS. Jesse Leroy. Jr. 

6877 Coltrane Mill Road 

Randleman, NC 27317 
WILKINS, Susan Neal 

1 19 Dundee Lane 

Greenville. SC 29609 
WILKS. John Whitfield 

3426 West Ridge Road 

Roanoke. VA 24014 
WILLIAMS, Amy Kelly 

3528 Broadfield Road 

Charlotte. NC 28211 
WILLIAMS, Cristin Mcintosh 

203 Carlisle Court 

Winnsboro, SC 29180 


WILLIAMS, funis Hamilton 

1 696 Grove Park Way 

Decatur, GA 30033 
WILLIAMS, David Greenhill. Jr 

575 Riverview Koail 

Memphis. IN 3X119 
WILLIAMS, Dean Michael 

145 Forest Hall Lane 

Fayetteville, GA J0214 
WILLIAMS. Herbert Pierce 

2923 Stratford Drive 

Augusta. GA 30909 
WILLIAMS, James Kendall 

1905 Lewis Circle 

Raleigh, NC 27608 
WILLIAMS, Kmiberlv Rene 

2608 Heston Road 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Williams, Wayne Allan 

805 Islev Street 
Fayetteville. NC 28305 
WILLIAMSON. Treeb) Andrcss 

IS Kendall Drue 

Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
WILLIS. Marv Melissa 

Route 2, Box 109-M 

Davidson. NC 2X036 
WD I 01 GHBY, William Anthony 

1 1 25 Ponderosa Park Drive 

Forest Park, GA 30050 
W1LLOUGHBY, William T.. Jr 

39 Lowell Street 

Braintree, MA 112 1X4 
WE si in, Carolyn Elizabeth 

138 Hillcrcst Avenue 

Summit. N.I r 901 

WILSON, Edward Croft, Jr 
2509 Kerry Lane 

Charlottesville, VA 22901 
WINBORNh. David Charles 

Route I. Box 147 

Wytheville, VA 24382 
WINFIhLD. [Catherine 

880 18th Avenue Court. NW 

Hickory, NC 2X601 

WINN. Charles Michael Anthony 
K)l I asl 69th Street 
New York. NY 10021 

WINN. Elizabeth Anne 
525 Dane Lane- 
Houston. TX 77024 

WITTMANN. Charles Joseph, III 
95 Whittredge Road 
Summit. NJ 1179(11 

WOMBLL. Kalhenne Olivia 
2 Shell Creek Drive 
Clinton, SC 29325 

WOOD. Christopher Alan 
4X 1 1 North Park 
Indianapolis. IN 46205 

WOOD. William Pcnnuel. Jr 
403 Dorado Drive- 
High Point. NC 272611 

WOODALL, Marv Adah 

22X7 Dellwood Drive. NW 

Atlanta, GA 10305 
WOODARD. Jerrilyn Wells 

1501 West Nash Street 

Wilson. NC 27X91 
WOODS. Wahcr Henry, IV 

3106 Devon Road 

Durham. NC 27707 
WORD. Andrea Gail 

205 Andrews Street 

Scottsboro, Al 
WRIGHT. John Mark 

2143 Cornwall 

Germantown. TN 38138 
WRIGHT. Julian Hugh, Jr 

1717 Sandersted Road 

Winston Salem, NC 27103 
WRIGHT, Pamela Dawn 

7 West Hillcresi Avenue 
New ( astle, PA 16105 

WRIGHT. Petei Dedrick 
131 Lastin Road 
I exington, K\ 10505 

WRIGHT, Romulus Claiborne 
123 Berkley Drive 
Macon. GA 31204 

WRIGH1 tony Marrone 
6009 Springhouse Lane 
i harlotte, NC 2821 1 

WYATT. Stephanie Elizabeth 
24-D Fountain Manor Drive 

Greensboro, NC 27405 


XIE. Wen Shan 
P.O. Box 3426 
Davidson. Ni 

YARBROUGH, Benjamin Allen 

26 1 2 Averelt Dnve 
Columbus. GA 31906 

YAUN. Matthew Len 
4921 Hackamore Road 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

YOUNG. Ann Megan 
227 Colville Road 
Charlotte. N< 

YOUNG, John Joseph. Jr 
1806 Madison Avenue 
Greensboro, NC 27403 

YOUNG. Todd Gordon 
5175 Waterford Drive 
Dunwoody, GA 30338 

YOUNG, William Van Dora 

3851 43rd Avenue. NE 
Seattle. WA 9X1(15 

ZENGEL. Diane 

Lindleinstr. 16 

Wurzburg. 8700 
/.HOC. Zhenghaun 

Foreign Languages Department 

l.uvuan. Shanxi 
ZIMMERMAN, Robert Paul 

9757 Don Drive 

North Huntingdon. PA 15342 
ZIMMKRMANN. Julie Hclenc 

5026 Tanaga ( ourt 

Stone Mountain. GA 30087 
ZION. Breti Christopher 

705 Ravine Avenue- 
Lake Blul'l. IL 60044 

FACULTY, 1986-87 

The first date shown 111 parentheses is that of original appointment to the faculty and the 
second is that of appointment to current faculty rank 

* On Leave Fall Term 1986-87 

** On Leave Spring Term I9X6-X7 
*** On Leave Winter Term 19X6-87 
+ On Leave Fall & Winter Terms 
+ + On Leave 19X6X7 

• Foreign Study Abroad. Germany 
■ Foreign Study Abroad. France- 

Anthony S Abbott. Professor of F.nglish 
A.B (Princeton). MA. Ph.D. (Harvard) 

Frank S. Albinder. Instructor in Music 

B.A. (Pomona). MM. MM. (New Fngland Conservatory) 

Lee M. Brown. Jr.. Assistant Professor ol Philosophy 

B.A. (University of Florida). Ph.D. (University of Michigan) 

Horace Alden Bryan. Professor oi Chemistry 
A.B. (King), Ph.D. (Tennessee) 

(1986. 1986) 

11955. 19671 

* Ruth L. Ault. Associate Professoi ol Psychology 
B.A. (Pomona). M.A.. Ph.D. (UCLA) 

(1979, 1982) 

John Nicholas Burnett. Maxwell Chambers Professor of Chemistry 
B.A.. M.S., Ph.D. (Emory) 

(1968 1980) 

Rupert T. Barber. Jr . Professoi ol Theatre ami Speech 
B.S.. Ph.D. (Louisiana State), M.A (Columbia) 

Robin Bruce Barnes. Assistant Professoi ol History 
B A (Colby), M A . I'll I) (Virginia) 

Cole Barton, Assistant Professoi ol Psychology 
B.A , M.A., Ph.D. (Utah) 

Ruth Freitag Beeston, Assistant Professoi ol Chemistry 
B S. (Bucknell), Ph I) d N.C Chapel Hill) 

Christopher R Bell, Instructor in Economics 

(1963, 19X4) 

(1984. 19X4) 

(1985, 1985) 

B.A. (University ol California-Berkeley). M.A. (I niversity ol Pennsylvania) 

(19.x:. 1985) 

Irl C. Bivens, Associate Professoi Ol Mathematics 

A.B. (Pfeiffer), Ph D (U N C -Chapel Hill) 

Frank Walker Bliss. Professor of Fnghsh 
All (Emory), M.A . Ph.D. (Minnesota) 

John P Brockway, Director ol the Centei foi Special Studies 
and Associate Professoi ol Psychology 
A.B. (Lafayette), M.S., Ph.D (Perm State) 

(1963, 1966) 

(1977. 1982) 

+ + Laurence S. Cain, Associate Professor of Physics 
B.S. (Wake Forest), M S . Ph D (Virginia) 

(1978. 1985) 

Pamela J. Camp. Dana Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor ol Biology (1985. 
B.A. (Hendrix), MS (University ol Arkansas), Ph.D. (North Carolina State) 


Felix Alvm Carroll. Jr . Associate Professoi ol Chemistry (1972. 1986) 

B.S. <C.N C -Chapel Hill), Ph.D (California institute ol technology) 

+ + Verna M. Case. Associate Professor ol Biology (1974. |9X4i 

B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. (Penn State) 

John Addis Casey, Associate Professor ol Physic .m<i (1983, 1983) 

Director ol the Computer Services Center 

B.S. (Loyola). M S . Ph D (Michigan State) 

Robert Andiew Cathev . Visiting Instrucloi 111 Religion (1986. 1986) 

(Winter Term) 

B \ (Davidson College). M Div 1 Princeton Theological Seminary I 

Wolfgang Christian, Associate Professoi ol Physics 1986) 

B.S . Ph D. (North Carolina Slatel 

Marianthe Colakis, Assistant Professoi ol Classical Studies 


and Humanities 

B.A. (Barnard), Ph.D. (Yale) 

Richard Cargill Cole. Virginia Lasater Irvin Professor of English 
A.B. (Hamilton), M.A . Ph.D. (Yale) 

Limone C. Collins, Professor of Biology 
B.S. (Prairie View A & M), M.S., Ph.D. (Iowa) 

William S. Corlett. Jr.. Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science 
(Fall Term) 

A.B. (Allegheny College). M.A., Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh) 

Jean S. Cornell. Associate Professor of Speech 

B.A. (Ohio Wesleyan). M.S.J. (Northwestern), M.A. (Arizona) 

Kurt Dennis Corriher, Visiting Lecturer in German 

A.B. (Davidson College). MFA, Ph.D. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill) 

Douglas W. Curtis. Jr.. Assistant Professor of Military Science 

B.A. (University of Maine), M.A. (University of Southern California) 

Captain Giles H. Cutler, Jr., Assistant Professor of Military Science 
B.A. (East Carolina) 

D. Scott Cutting, Adjunct Professor of Psychology 
A.B. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D. (U.N.C. -Greensboro) 

Stephen L. Davis, Associate Professor of Mathematics 
B.A. (Lindenwood). Ph.D. (Rutgers) 

Anne de Lattre. NCNB Visiting Professor of International Relations 
(Spring Term) 

Baccalaureat, Licence es Lettres (Universite de Paris) 
M.A. (Columbia). M.A. (Johns Hopkins) 

William J. Diehl. Jr., Professor of Military Science 

B.S. (University of Minnesota), M.S. (University of Kansas) 

Lafayette H. Diggs, Visiting Professor of International Relations 
(Winter Term) 

Charles D. Dockery, Associate Professor of French 
B.A. (Earlham). M.A , Ph.D. (Iowa) 

C. Earl Edmondson, Professor of History 

B.A (Mississippi College). M.A., Ph.D. (Duke) 

John F. Engell, Assistant Professor of English 

B.A. (Hamilton). MA. Ph.D. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill) 

Hansford M. Epes. Jr., Professor of German and Humanities 
A.B. (Davidson). Ph.D. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill) 

W. Trent Foley, Assistant Professor of Religion 

B.A. (Kalamazoo), M.Div. (McCormick Theological Seminary), 
M.A., Ph.D. (Chicago) 

James Monroe Fredericksen, Professor of Chemistry 
B.S. (Richmond), Ph.D. (Virginia) 

** Dirk French, Professor of Classical Studies 
A.B. (Lawrence), M.A., Ph.D. (Princeton) 

William Francis Frey, Professor of Physics 
A.B. (King), M.S., Ph.D. (Vanderbilt) 

Ralph William Gable, Professor of Chemistry 
B.S. (Texas), M.A.. PhD (Duke) 

Joseph Tate Gardner, Jr.. Associate Professor of Theatre and Speech 
A.B. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D. (Florida State) 

+ Gail McMurray Gibson, Associate Professor 
of English and Humanities 

B.A., M.A. (Duke), PhD (Virginia) 

Bruce J. Gillingham, Visiting Instructor in Biology 
B.S. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), M.A. (University of Montana) 

*** Irwin Stuart Goldstein, Assistant Professor of Philosphy 
B.A. (Carleton University), M.Litt. (Bristol), Ph.D. (Edinburgh) 

David Carroll Grant, Associate Professor of Biology (1968, 

A.B. (Wooster). Ph.D. (Yale) 

1961, 1961) John V. Griffith, Vice President for Institutional Advancement (1983, 

B.A. (Dickinson), M.Div. (Harvard). Ph.D. (Syracuse) 

1984, 1984) + + Janet P. Grigsby, Assistant Professor of Sociology (1981. 

B.A. (Oberlin), M.A.. Ph.D. (Yale) 

1986, 1986) + + Joel M. Harrison, Lecturer in Music (1984, 

B.M. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill), M.M. (Indiana) 

J Alberto Hemandez-Chiroldes, Associate Professor of Spanish (1979, 

1971. 1980) B.A. (Puerto Rico), M.A. (Middlebury), Ph.D. (Texas) 

Rita Denise Hemandez-Chiroldes. Visiting Lecturer in Spanish (1983. 

1986. 1986) (Fall and Spring Terms) 

B.A (Puerto Rico). M.A. (Middlebury), Ph.D. (Texas) 

1986.1986) ++ Peter Neal Hess. Associate Professor of Economics (1980, 

B.A. (Bowdoin), Ph.D. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill) 

1985,1985) Leslie Hill-Davidson. Lecturer in Politics (1985, 

B.A. (Barnard), M.A. (Atlanta) 

1982, 1982) Peter H. Hobble, Visiting Instructor in Religion (1986, 

(Spring Term) 

A.B. (Davidson College). M.B.A. (Virginia Commonwealth University) 

1981, 1985) M.A. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill), D.Min. (Union Theological Seminary) 

Moreland H. Hogan, Jr.. Lecturer in English (1979, 

1985, 1985) B.A. (Rice), MA. (Harvard) 

John Gill Holland, Professor of English (1967, 

A.B. (Washington and Lee), Ph.D. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill) 

1986, 1986) Robert Bruce Jackson, Jr.. Vail Professor of Mathematics (1956, 

B.S. (Davidson), Ph.D. (Duke) 

1982, 1982) Walter Herbert Jackson, William H. Williamson Professor of Fine Arts (1969, 

A.B. (Davidson), M.F.A. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill) 

1974, 1980) Everett F. Jacobus, Jr., Associate Professor of French (1971, 

A.B. (Duke). Ph.D. (Cornell) 

1970, 1985) Grant D. Jones, Professor of Anthropology ( 1985. 

B.A. (Florida State). Ph.D. (Brandeis) 

1981. 1982) Robert David Kaylor. Professor of Religion ( 1964. 

A.B. (Southwestern). B.D. (Louisville Seminary). Ph.D. (Duke) 

1964, 1985) Thomas A. Kazee, Associate Professor of Political Science (1981, 

B A (Baldwin-Wallace), Ph.D. (Ohio State) 

1984,1984) Susan Ann Keefe, Assistant Professor of History (1983, 

B.A. (Pennsylvania), M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto) 

John E. Kello, Associate Professor of Psychology (1974, 

1957, 1962) B.S. (Old Dominion). M.A.. Ph.D. (Duke) 

John Dobbins Kelton. Associate Dean of the Faculty 
1967,1984) Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology (1959, 

B.S. (Davidson), Ph.D. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill) 

1960,1983) * Lois Anne Kemp, Professor of Spanish (1972. 

A.B. (Middlebury). M.A. (Denver). M.A.. Ph.D. (Wisconsin) 

1960,1983) Donald L. Kimmel. Jr., Professor of Biology (1971, 

A.B. (Swarthmore). M.D., M.Sc. (Temple), Ph.D. (John Hopkins) 

1974, 1984) Randall Rich Kincaid. Jr , Visiting Professor of Economics (1967. 

A.B. (Wofford). M.A.. Ph.D. (Duke) 

1983, 1985) Lunsford Richardson King, Richardson Professor of Mathematics (1964, 

B.S. (Davidson), Ph.D. (Duke) 

Benjamin G. Klein, Professor of Mathematics (1971, 

1986, 1986) A.B. (Rochester). M.A.. Ph.D. (Yale) 

+ + Peter M. Krentz, Associate Professor of History (1979, 

1983. 1985) B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Yale) 

Vikram Kumar, Visiting Instructor in Economics 
B A (St. Stephen's College), M.A. (Delhi School) 

John W Kuykendall. President of the College and 

Professor of Religion 
B.A. (Davidson), H I) (Union Seminary-Richmond) 
S.T.M (Yale), MA. Ph D (Princeton) 

(1986. 1986) 

(1984, 1984) 

Jeffrey M. O'Connell. Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology (1985. 1985) 

A.B. (Brown). M.S.. Ph.D. (Florida State) 

Louis L Ortmayer, AssiKiate Professor of Political Science 
B.A. (Yale), M.A.. Ph.D. (Denver) 

(1977, 1982) 

*** William Tuthill Lammers, Associate Professoi ol Biology 1 1959, 1964) 

A.B (Emory), M.S. (Ohio State), Ph.D. (Emory) 

William David Lawing, Associate Professoi ol Musk (1976, I984i 

A.B (Davidson). MM. DMA. (Cleveland Institute ol Music) 

Miriam A Leiva, Professor of Education (1986, 1986) 

B.S (Guilford College). M.A. (U.N.C -Chapel Hill). 
Ph I) (Union Graduate School) 

Malcolm Lester. Charles A Dana Piotessor of History (1959. 1959) 

A.B. (Mercer). M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia) 

Ralph B. Levering, Dana Faculty fellow and Assistant Professor of History (1986, 1986) 
B.A. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill), M.A.. Ph.D. (Princeton University) 

Edward L. Palmer. Professor of Psychology (1970, 1986) 

A B (Gettysburg), B D (Gettysburg Seminary ), M.S.. Ph.D. (Ohio) 

Leland Madison Park. Director of the Library 1 1967, 1975) 

A.B. (Davidsoni. M In (Emory), Adv. M. in L.S., Ph.D. (Florida Stale) 

Ronald G. Pams. Covington Distinguished Visiting Prolessor of Sociology (1986, 1986) 
B.A. (University ol Rochester), MA (University of CA-Santa Barbara). 
Ph.D. (Yale) 

Malcolm Overstreel Part in, Professor ol History 
A.B. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill), M.A . Ph.D. (Duke) 

(1968. 1980) 

** Cynthia Lynn Lewis. Associate Professor ol English 
B.A. (Ohio State). MA., Ph.D. (Harvard) 

(1980. 1986) 

Robert Hoke Perkins. Dana faculty Fellow and Instructor of English ( 1986. 1986) 

B.A. (University ol Alabama and Oxford) 

Jack R. Perry, Director of the Dean Rusk Program in International Studies and 
Professor of Political Science (1985. 1985i 

A.B., LL.D. (Mercer). MA. Ph.D. (Columbia) 

Larry L Ligo. Associate Professor of An (1970. 19X1 I 

A.B (Muskingum), B D, (Princeton Seminary). Ph.D. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill) 

Glenn Carlos Ltndscv. Prolessor of Economics 
B.B.A.. MBA. (Georgia) 

Steven H Lonsdale. Andrew W Mellon Assistant Professor 
of Classical Smdics and Humanities 
A.B. (Harvard i. I'll I) (University ol Cambridge) 

Mark R McCulloh, Assistant Professor of German 
A.B. (Alabama). MA. Ph. I) (Illinois-Urbana) 

Catherine Martinengo, Visiting Lecturer in French 
(Fall and Winter Terms i 
DEA et Doctarct (Sorbonne, Paris) 

+ + Alexander Jeffrey McKelway, Professor of Religion 
A.B. (Davidson). B.D. (Princeton Seminary). Th.D. (Basel) 

William K Mahony, Assistant Professoi ol Religion 
A.B. (Williams). M Div (Vale). Ph.D. (Chicago) 

(1958. 1985) 

(1986. 1986) 

(1982. 1982) 

(1986. 1986) 

(1965. 1981) 

(1982. 1982) 

Karl A. Plank. Assistant Professor of Religion 
B.A. (Hanover), M.Div.. MA.. Ph D (Vanderbilt) 

WaiTen L. Pollans. Visiting Associate Professor ol Phvsics 
B.S., M.S. (University of Chicago). Ph.D. (U.N.C.) 

Max Eugene Pollev. J.W. Cannon Professor of Religion 
A.B (Albion), B.D., Ph.D. (Duke) 

(1982, 1983) 

(1956. 1966) 

Samuel Dow Maloney. James Sprunt Professor of Religion and Philosophy (1954, 1967) 
A.B. (Davidson). B.D . Th.M., Th.D. (L'mon Seminary -Richmond) 

Robert John Manning. Professor ol Phvsics and Humanities 
A.B. (Gettysburg). M.S., Ph I) (Virginia) 

David W Martin. Assistant Professor of Economics 
B.A. (DePauw). M.S.. Ph D (Illinois) 

Robert I Maydole, Associate Piotessor of Philosophy 
B.S (St Joseph's). Ph.D. (Boston University) 

(1968. 1985) 

(1974. 1980) 

Leemon B McHenry, Visiting Assistant Professor ol Philosophy i 1986, 1986) 

B.A., M A il diversity of Southern Mississippi). Ph.D. (University of Edinburgh) 

" Allied R Mele. Associate Professor of Philosophy 
B.A. (Wayne State), Ph I) (Michigan) 

(1979, 1985) 

Elizabeth M. Mills. Visiting Lecturer in I nglish (1985, 1985) 

B.A . M.A. (University ol rexas I I Paso), Ph D (U.N C -Chapel Hill) 

Richard I) Neidinger. Assistant Professoi ol Mathematics (1984. 1984) 

B.A. (Trinity), M A . Ph I) (Texas) 

C. Louise Nelson. Prolessor ol Economics 
B S . Ph.D. (U.N.C -Chapel Hill) 

Rand) I Nelson, \ssociate Professor of English 

B A . M.A. (N.C. State). MA. Ph.D (Princeton) 

William Rodger Nun. Professoi ol Chemistry 
\ B a)hi,. Wesleyan), M \ . Ph.D (Duke) 

(1964. 1975) 

(1977. 1982 

J Harris Proctor. Charles A Dana Prolessor ol Political Science (1970. 1970) 

A.B. (Duke). M.A (Fletcher School Of Law and Diplomacy), Ph.D. (Harvardi 

Jeremiah Lee Putnam, Associate Prolessor of Biology (1973. 1978) 

B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. (Texas A & M) 

Julio J Ramirez, MacArthur Assistant Professor of Psychology (1986. 1986) 

B.S. (Fairfield University). M.A . Ph.D. (Clark University ) 

Charles Edward Ratliff. Jr., William R. Kenan. Jr . Prolessor of Economics 1 1947. I960) 
B.S. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D. (Duke) 

Theodore Redpath, Visiting Prolessor ol English Literature (1986. 1986) 

(Spring Term) 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (University ol Cambridge) 

William M. Ringle. MacArthur Professor of Anthropology (1986. 1986) 

B.A. (Johns Hopkins), M.A., Ph.D (Tulane) 

Jerry Allan Roberts. Prolessor of Mathematics 1 1965. 1984) 

B.E.Py.. M.S., Ph.D (North Carolina State) 

Thomas A. Rogerson. Assistant Professoi ol Spanish i 1964, 1964) 

A.B (Queens. NY). M.A (Wisconsin) 

Clark G. Ross. Associate Prolessor ol Economics (1979. 1983) 

B.A. (Pennsylvania), Ph.D (Boston College) 

Sue Fields Ross. Registrar and Lecturer in English (1980. 1985) 

B.A. (Queens. N.C), M \ Ph H (1 N C -Chapel Hill) 

Robert D Ruth. AssiKiate Professor ol Sociology (1971, 1980) 

A.B. (SUNY-Buffalo). MA.. Ph.D (Duke) 

l.akshmanan Sabaratnam. Visiting Assistant Prolessor (1986. I98f>i 

oi Sociology 
B.A. (University ol Ceylon), M A . Ph I) (University of Washington) 

Merlyn D. Schuh, Professoi ol Chemistry (1975, 1986) 

B.A. (South Dakota). Ph D (Indiana) 

+ Brian J Shaw. Assisiant Prolessor of Political Science and Humanities i 19X2. 1982) 
B.A. (SUNY-Slonv Brook). M A . Ph D (L.N C -Chapel Hill) 

+ + David Emory Shi, AssiKiate Prolessor of History 
B.A. (Furman). MA . Ph D (Virginia) 

(1976. 1982) 

Alan J. Singerman, Associate Professor of French (1982. 1982) 

B.A. (Ohio), M.A., Ph.D. (Indiana) 

Catherine Slawy-Sutton, Assistant Professor of French 

Licence d'anglais. Maitrise d'anglais (University of Nice), (1983. 1985) 

M.A.. Ph.D. (Indiana) 

C. Shaw Smith. Jr., Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor 

of Art History and Humanities ( 1986. 1986) 

A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill) 

Clarence E. Smith. Jr.. Visiting Lecturer in Education (1985. 1985) 

B.S., M.A.T., Ed. D. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill) 

Lance Keith Stell. Professor of Philosophy (1976, 1985) 

B.A. (Hope), M.A., Ph.D. (Michigan) 

Douglas W. Stott, Assistant Professor of German (1981, 1984) 

A.B. (Davidson), M.T.S. (Emory), M.A., Ph.D. (Northwestern) 

David R. Strong, Assistant Professor of Military Science (1986, 1986) 

B.A. (U.N.C.-Charlotte) 

** Junius Brutus Stroud, Richardson Professor of Mathematics (1960, 1976) 

B.S. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia) 

Homer Bates Sutton, Associate Professor of French (1980, 1986) 

A.B. (Davidson), M.A., Ph.D. (Indiana) 

James G. Swisher, Associate Professor of Music (1978, 1984) 

B.A., M.Mus (Yale) 

William Holt Terry, Dean of Students (1962, 1971 ) 

B.S. (Davidson), M.Div., D.Min. (Union Seminary-Richmond) 

I. Job Thomas, Associate Professor of History ( 1979, 1985) 

and Director of South Asian Studies 

B.A., MA. (Madras), Ph.D. (Michigan) 

Mary Caroline Thornberry, Associate Professor of Political Science (1980, 1984) 

B.A.. MA. (Duke). Ph.D. (Michigan) 

Russ C. Warren, Associate Professor of Art (1978. 1984) 

B.F.A. (New Mexico), M.F.A. (Texas-San Antonio) 

+ + Wilmer Hayden Welsh, Professor of Music (1963, 1972) 

B.S. (Johns Hopkins). B.Mus., M. Mus., Artist's Diploma (Peabody Conservatory) 

Robert C Williams, Vice President for Academic Affairs (1986. 1986) 

Dean of the Faculty, and Professor of History 
B.A. (Wesleyan). A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) 

John H. Williamson. Herman Brown Professor of Biology (1981, 1981) 

B.S. (North Carolina State). M.S. (Cornell), Ph.D. (Georgia) 

Julius Sherman Winkler, Professor of German ( 1961 , 1983) 

A.B. (Ohio Wesleyan). M.A., Ph.D. (Princeton) 

Albert Allen Wolf, Professor of Physics (1965, 1984) 

B.A . MA. (Vanderbilt), Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology) 

• Erich-Oskar Joachim Siegfried Wruck, Professor of German (1962. 1983) 

A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. (Rutgers) 

~ Lauren W. Yoder, Associate Professor of French (1973, 1980; 

B.A. (Eastern Mennonite), M.A., Ph.D. (Iowa) 

+ + T.C Price Zimmerman, Charles A. Dana Professor of History (1977, 1977) 

B.A. (Williams). B.A.. MA. (Oxford). A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) 

* Rosemary Zumwalt, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (1983, 1983) 
B.A. (California-Santa Cruz). M.A.. Ph.D. (California-Berkeley) 


STAFF, 1986-87 
(as of January, 1987) 


John W. Kuykendall. B.A. (Davidson), B.D (Union Seminary-Richmond), 
S.T.M (Yale), M.A., Ph.D. (Princeton), President 
Denise Howard, Executive Secretary to the President and Trustees 
Janie K. French, Administrative Assistant 
Melissa Jones. A.B. (Davidson). Assistant to the President 
A. Richardson Love, Jr., A.B. (Davidson), M.A. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill). 

Special Projects 
Judith M. Murphy, Secretary-to the President and to the Vice President for 
Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty 


Robert C. Williams. B.A. (Wesleyan), A.M., PhD (Harvard), Vice President for 
Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty 

Patricia T. Gardner, Administrative Secretary 

John D. Kelton, B.S. (Davidson), Ph.D. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill), Associate Dean 
of the Faculty 

Academic Services 

Lynn Brickels, B.A. (U.N.C. -Chapel Hill), Departmental Assistant. Music 
Sharon P. Culp, Associate B.S. (Wingate), Departmental Assistant. Biology 

and Physics 
Delores H. Edwards, B.A. (U.N.C.-Charlotte), Departmental Assistant, 

Barbara F. Gephart, B.A. (Erskine). Stock Room Clerk, Chemistry 
Nancy Griffith, B.A. (Dickinson), M.S. in L.S. (Syracuse), Clerical Assistant, 

Music Library 
Jean L. Newman, Departmental Assistant, Mathematics 
Joyce Patch. B.S. (Michigan). M.A. (U.N.C.-Charlotte). Audio-Visual 


Esther Rice, Departmental Assistant, Chemistry 

Claudia B. Shinn, Departmental Assistant, Theatre and Speech 

Center for Special Studies 

John P. Brockway, A.B. (Lafayette), M.S., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University), 
Director, and Director of Sloan Program in Technological Studies 
Jean Daughtry, Staff Secretary 

Office for Study Abroad 

Homer B. Sutton, B.A. (Davidson). M.A., Ph.D. (Indiana). Coordinator of Study 
Abroad Carolyn M. Ortmayer, B.S. (UCLA), M.A. (Denver), Departmental 

Computer Services 

John A. Casey, B.S. (Loyola). Ph.D. (Michigan State). Director of Computer 
Services Center 

Jaimie M. Austin, B.S. (Lenoir Rhyne). Programmer 

Sharon M. Baggarley, Computer Operator 

Jeffrey C. Barrier, A. A. Sc. (Western Piedmont). Computer Network Specialist 

Ethel Black, Secretary 

Ruth C. Bratton, B.A. (George Mason College), Computer Programmer 

Elizabeth Covington, B.A. (Meredith). Coordinator of User Services 

C. Douglas Honeycutt, Assistant Director for Administrative Computing 

Eleanor Payne. B.A. (Salem). Application Analyst 

Elizabeth C. Rigby. B.S. (N.C. State University). Academic Programmer 

John W Robbins, B.A. (Davidson) System Analyst 

John E. Savarese, B.A. (Fordham). M.A.. Ph.D. (Princeton), Assistant 
Director for Academic Computing 

Dean Rusk Program in International Studies 

Jack R. Perry, A.B., LL.D. (Mercer). M.A., Ph.D. (Columbia). Director 

Jane B Aurell. B.A (Davidson), Assistant to Directoi 
Judy E Lazenby. Departmental Assistant 


l.cland Madison Park. A B (Davidson), M.Ln (Emory), Adv. M. of L.S., I'll D. 
(Florida State), Director of the Library 

Mary D Beaty, B A i \gnes Scott), Ph I) (U.N.C -Chapel Hill), Assistant 

Director and Reference Coordinator for Independent Stud> 
Sharon H Byrd. A.B (Pfeiffer), MA. in L.S. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill), Head ol 

Cataloguing Department 
Nadine Caldwell, Library Clerk 
Barbara M. Cannack, Library Clerk 
Shirley Childeis. Library Clerk 
Evelyn Criminger, Stall Secretary 
Bohbi I'. Dalton, Senior Library Assistani 
Lynda Dalton. Library Clerk 
Chalmers (iaston Davidson, A B (Davidson), MA. in L.S. (Chicago), M.A.. 

Ph.D. (Harvard). College Archivist 

Loyce s Davis. Presidential Papers Indexei 

Ha/el I) Goodman, Senior Library Assistant 

Barbara Irwin. Senior Library Assistant 

Patricia H. Meeks, Senior Library Assistant Circulation Supervisor 

Hattie K Pendergraft, B.A (Campbell), M.S in 1 S (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill), 

Head of Serials and Government Documents Department 
Evelyne B rhomas, A.B.. M.A. (Alabama). Head of Acquisitions Department 
Mittie C. Walley, Senior library Assistant 
Mary Wilson. Library Associate Business Manager 
Kelly S Wood. B.S., M.L.S. (U.N.C -Greensboro), \ssistanl Cataloguer 

Military Science 

William J. Diehl. Jr.. B.A (Minnesota), M.S. (Kansas). Lieutenant Colonel. 


Giles H Cutler, B.A (1 asi ( arolina University), Major, Field Artillery 
Douglas W Curtis, Jr . B A (Maine), M P A (University ol Southern Captain Infantry 
David R Strong. B A. (U.N.C. -Charlotte). Captain. Air Defense Artillery 
Jabe B Johnson. Jr A. a (University oi Laveme), Stall Sergeant 
Jonah R. Turner. Sergeant Major 
Willie J Pierce. Sergeant lirsi Class 
Garland I. Keever. Department ol Army Civilian 


Sue F. Ross. B.A. (Queens). M A . Ph I) (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill), Registrar 
Deborah B. Hogg. A A i St Petersburg Junior College), Assistant Registrar 
Sarah Jackson. Data Entry Operator 
Frances G McCorkle, Stall Secretary 


Christopher B Moms. B.A. i Mississippi), Ed.M. (Harvard), Directoi Ol Athletics 
Gary C. Andrew. A B (Michigan). M.S. (Pennsylvania Statel. Head Coach. 
Men's and Women's Cross Country. Track and Field 

James W Baker. Jr.. B.A, (Catawba). M A (U.N.C -Charlotte), Assistant 

Men's Basketball Coach 
Caroline A Brown, B.S (Furman), Head Women's rennis, Coordinator for 

Women's Athletics 
Diann S Cavin, Secretary. Basketball Office 
Robert J Connolly, B A i Williams College). Assistani Coach. Football 

Thomas W B Couch. B S I Western Carolina), M s (Indiana), Head I lamer 

lor Intercollegiate Athletics 
Samuel L. Dixon, Jr., B A (College ol Wooster), M -\ i Eastern Michigan). 

Assistant Coach, Mens Basketball 

Jeffrey I Frank, A B (Davidson), J D (Florida), Head Tennis Coach. 
Managei ol I emus t Iperations 

Victor E. Gatto. Jr.. A B (Harvard), Head Coach. I ootball 

T Jefferson Gephart, B S (Erskine), Assistani Trainer for Intercollegiate 

Gregory 1. Gigantino, B s (Wagner), Assistant Coach. Football 

George I Greer, B S (Connecticut), Head Baseball Coach. Manager of 

Contests. Fields and Facilities 
Robert \ Guarini, B S (Santa Fe), M s . si \i Cortland), \ss,si.,nt loach. 

1 ootball 
Siis.m \i Hayes, B S (Indiana State), Head Coach. Women's Volleyball 
Robert W. Hicklin, B.A. (Elon), M \ (Appalachian State), Assistant Coach, 

Men's Basketball 
Bobby W Hussey. B.S.. M.A. (Appalachian State), Head Coach. Men \ 

Brenda P. King. Secretary. Fixxball Office 
Judith S Kren/er. B S (Catawba), Secretary. Physical Education and 

Louise Martin. Secretary. Department of Athletics 
Sterling T Martin. Jr . A B (Davidson), Assistant Director of Athletics for 

Physical Education and Recreation 
Thomas C. Oddo. A.B. (Davidson), Head Coach. Wrestling 
Emil W Parker. A.B. (Lenoir-Rhyne), Director. Sports Information 
Robert E. Price. B A (Muckingum), Associate Director of Athletics for 

Finance and Administration 
Elizabeth G. Pryor, B S (St Lawrence). MAT (U.N C -Chapel Hill), Head 

Coach. Women's Field Hockey 
Henry T. Santos, n a (Columbia), Assistani Coach. Football 
George lee Sargent. B A (Harvard), M.A. (Tufts), Assistant Coach. Football 
Charles I) Slagle. B.A. (Davidson), Head Coach. Soccer. Recruiting 

( oordinator 
James C Sypult. B.S.. MS (West Virginia), Assistant Football Coach 
Timothy N. Tallent. B.A. (South I arolina) Head Coach, Golf 
David W. Turner. B.A. (Davidson College). Assistant (oath. 1 ootball 
David L. Lingerer. B.S. (Southern Connecticut University), Assistant Coach. 

Betty Walley. Stall Secretary. Director ol Athletics 


Business Manager 

Robert S. Sutton. B.S. (Davidson). Vice President lor Business and Finance- 
Margaret Barber. Production Supervisor. Vail Commons 
Frances Beaver. Manager. College Laundry 
Mary V. Bracket!. Hostess, (iuest House 
Glenda T Erwin. Sales Clerk. Student Store 
Mattie Fletcher. Hostess. Guest House 

Ruth Gardner. Paperback and Tradebook Specialist. Student Store 
Rebecca Hannifin. Secretary. Dining Service 
Gail Hoke. Stall Secretary. Business Office 

Sin Holland. MLS. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill). Clerical Assistant. Student Store- 
Sandra K. Jablonski. A. A. (Central Piedmont). Catering Supervisor, Dining 

Scrv ice 
Minnie Junkin. Assistant Manager. Vail Commons 
Chloe N Msers. B.M il N C. -Greensboro), Manager. Student Store 
Carleton Pritchard. B.S. (Boston University), Director ol the Dining Service 
Elizabeth Pureed, Secretary, Student Store 
S. Diane Stone. Supervisor. Union Cafe 
Leandro M. Tolenlino. Steward. Vail Commons 

Patricia E Wilson. B S (University of South Carolina). Supply and Operations 
Assistant. Student Store 


Robert W Davidson. B.S., MBA (U.N C Chapel Hill). C.P.A. Comptroller 
Sarah Burris. Payroll Clerk 
Peggy Cashion. General Accountant 
Joyce Highl. Assistant Comptroller 

Benita R. Peace. B.A. (North Carolina Central I. General Clerk 
Shelva M Russ. General Clerk 

Personnel and Administrative Services 

Robert J Stephenson, B.S (N.C State), M.B.A (U.N.C.-Charlotte), Director ol 

Personnel and Adininisitative Services 

Jane Biggerstaff, Coordinator, Central Services 

Cheryl F Bran/. Secretary. Faculty Secretarial Services 

Louis Connor, Assistani. Central Scivucs 

Sarah O. Davis, lead Secretary. Faculty Secretarial Services 

Vivan Davis. Switchboard Operator 

Lorene H Dresser. A A (Lees McRae), Senior Personnel Assistant. Personnel 

and Administrative Services 
Sally -\ Holhck. B S i Lock Haven State), Personnel Assistant. Personnel and 

Administrative Scrv ices 
Jeanne A Mandt. Senioi Personnel Assistant. Personnel and Administrative 

Patricia M Richart. Secretary, (acuity Secretarial Services 
Patsy G Snow. Secretary. Faculty Secretarial Services 

Physical Plant 

Grovel C Meet/e. Jr., B.S (Davidson), Director ol the Physical Plant and 


Facilities Planning 

William Junior Barker. Supervisor of Custodians 

Irvin Brawley. Jr., B.S. (N.C. State). Supervisor of Grounds 

Phillip D. Cashion. Supervisor of Engineering Maintenance 

Rachel M. Dishman. Secretary 

Vivian Y. Pender. Staff Secretary 

Allen Thompson. Supervisor of Building Maintenance 


John V. Griffith, B.A. (Dickinson). M.Div. (Harvard). Ph.D. (Syracuse). Vice 
President for Institutional Advancement 
Gail S. Sloop. Administrative Secretary 

Alumni Relations and Annual Fund 

James W. May, Jr., A.B. (Davidson), MA. (Georgia State). Director of Alumni 

Relations and Annual Fund 

Nancy Blackwell. Assistant Alumni Director for Administration 
Lori Hayes, B.A. (U. N.C. -Charlotte), Secretary. Alumni Office 
Dorothy F. Lyles. A.B. (Davidson). Assistant Director for Programs 
O. Hunter Roddey. A.B. (Davidson). Administrative Intern. Living 

Gracia Slater. B.A. (Tulane). Director of Living Endowment 

College Relations 

Jerry S. Stockdale. B.A. (Princeton). MA. (Indiana). Director of College 

Patricia Burgess. Publications Assistant 

William R. Giduz. B.A. (Davidson), M.S. (Columbia). Assistant Director 

Barbar J. Mayer. B.A. (Marquette). M.A. (Governors State University), Staff 

Robert Page. B.F.A. (Southern Methodist University). News Editor 


Julius W. Melton. Jr., B.A. (Mississippi College), B.D.. Th.M. (Union Seminary. 
Richmond). A.M., Ph.D. (Princeton). Director of Development 

Susan D. Abbott. Receptionist 

Denise Armstrong. Secretary 

Mary Mack Benson. Director of Gift Recording and Records 

Herbert W Clegg. B.S. (Pennsylvania). CLU. Consultant, Life Insurance Gifts 

Elizabeth A. Craddock. A.B. (U. N.C. -Chapel Hill). Associate Director of 

Thomas K.W. Evans. A.B. (Davidson), Assistant Director 

Marilyn F. Gilmore, Associate Director 

James V. Gudaitis. B.S. (Florida State). M.A. (Temple), Associate Director. 
Information Management Specialist 

Dean M. Jones. A.B. (Davidson). Assistant Director 

Zelime Richards, B.S. (Queens). Research Assistant 

Frances White. Staff Secretary 

Judith A. Whittington. Secretary 

WDAV-RM Radio 

John Clark. B.A.. M.A. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill). Station Manager 
Christi Lynn Baggett, B.A. (Davidson). Announcer 
Jessia M. Hunt. B.A. (Davidson). Director. Community Relations 
John D. Kelley. B.A. (University of South Carolina). Operations Director 
Lydia Lorenzin, Secretary 

Susan H. Page. B.M., MM. (Michigan State), Director of Programming 
Joshua P. Sacco, B.A. (St. Lawrence University), Production Director 
Louis N. Weiner, B.A. (University of California at Berkeley). M.M. 
(Westminister Choir College) 

Wildcat Club 

PS. Carnegie. B.S. (Davidson). Executive Director, Wildcat Club 
Jane M. Belisle. B.S. (Miami). M.S. (Ohio University), Assistant 
Terry Kelley. Secretary 

Michael Rodriguez. B.B.A. (Cleveland State), MSA. (Ohio University). 
Assistant Director 


Admissions and Financial Aid 

Laurel P. Buchmiller. B.A. (Maine). M.Ed. (Boston), Senior Admission 

Ann Callahan, C PS. Staff Secretary/Office Manager 
Martha Giles, B.S. (Winthrop), Staff Secretary 
Veronica J. Jennings. B.S. (James Madison University). Financial Aid 

Harriett Kessler. B.A. (Texas). Secretary 
Gardner Roller Ligo, A.B (Mary Baldwin), M.Ed. (Virginia). Associate Dean 

of Admissions 
Gary J. Mason, B.A. (Columbia), M.A. (Banks Street School). Assistant Dean 

of Admissions 
Kalbryn A. McLean, A.B (Davidson), Admissions Counselor 
Robyn M Oldham. B.A. (Rice). Staff Secretary/Receptionist 
James B. Shaw, Jr., B.S. (Davidson), Admissions Counselor 
Kathleen Stevenson. B.A. (Southwestern). MB. A. (Queens), Associate Dean 

of Financial Aid 
Lynda D. Suther. B.A. (U. N.C. -Charlotte). Staff Secretary 

College Union 

William H Brown. B.A. (Davidson). MCE. (Presbyterian School of Christian 
Education). Director of the College Union and Coordinator of Student Activities 

J. Erik Christensen, Sound and Lighting Technician 

Lynda Daniels. Staff Secretary 

Edward L. Daugherty. B.S. (Davidson), Night Manager 

Stephen Randolph Hartsell. B.A. (Davidson). Operations Manager 

Myrtle Knox. Staff Secretary 

Ruth Pittard. B.S. (East Carolina), Program Coordinator 

Dean of Students 

William Holt Terry. A.B. (Davidson). M.Div. (Union Seminary. Richmond). Dean 
of Students 

Joretta Archie. Administrative Secretary. Dean of Students' Office 
Ronnie T. Beamon. B.A.. M.D. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill), College Physician 
Edith Christian. R.N.. Staff Nurse. Infirmary 
Christine Davidson. B.A. (Flora MacDonald College). Secretary. College 

Amelia Dockery, Licence-en-Lettres (Montpellier). Diploma D'Etudes 

Supeneur (D.E.P.). en Psycho-Pathologie (Toulouse). Clinical Psychologist 
Rebecca M. Ervin. B.S. (Gardner-Webb). Departmental Assistant. Department 

of Education 
Dorothy Fleming, R.N . Staff Nurse. Infirmary 
Harnette H Fulton. A.B. (Queens). M.H.D.L. (U. N.C. -Charlotte). Assistant 

Dean of Students 
Avonne W. Goodson, R.N.. Staff Nurse, Infirmary 
Thomas W. Jennings, Jr.. A.B. (James Madison College). Director of 

Residence Life 
Carol W. Jordan. B.A.. M.Ed. (U. N.C. -Charlotte). Assistant Director. Careers 

Elaine N Krause, Secretary, Careers Office 
Miriam A. Leiva, B.S. (Guilford), MA. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill). Ph D. (Union 

Graduate School). Chairman. Department of Education 
Stephen K Mange, B.S. (Emory), M.D. (South Alabama). College Physical 
Ann K. Melton. B.A. (Mary Baldwin). M. Christian Education (Presbyterian 

School of Christian Education). Secretary. Infirmary 
Paula J. Moore. B.A. (Williams). Assistant Dean of Students 
Thomas M Plott. B A (Williams). Ph.D. (University of Tennessee). Clinical 

Elizabeth A. Shaw, B.A. (University of Dallas). M.A. (Assumption College), 

Ph.D. (U.S. International University). Clinical Psychologist 
Dorothy Sherrill. R.N.. Supervisor of Infirmary 
Audrey W. Shields, B.S. (University of Georgia). M.D (Emory). College 

W. David Staton. A.B. (Davidson). Ph.D. (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill), Clinical 

Charles A. Summers. A.B. (Davidson). M.Div. (Louisville Seminary). College 

Brenda Sue Summers. A A. (Mitchell). Staff Secretary. Careers Office 
Brenda H. Tapia. B.S. (Howard University). M.Div (Johnston C. Smith 

Seminary). Assistant Chaplain 
William T. Williams. Jr., B.S. (Davidson), M.D. (Baylor), College Physical 
Kenneth N. Wood, B.A. (Westminister). M.Div. (Princeton), Director of the 

Careers Office 
Debra Young. Secretary. Residence Life Office 

James P. Hendrix. Jr.. B.A. (Davidson). M.A., PhD (Louisiana State). Dean of 
Admissions and Financial Aid 

The 1986-7 edition of the Quips and Cranks is noticably different from immediate previous 
years. The main difference is the lack of copy. I am a photographer. and I have relied on my 
photographs to tell the stories behind the events of the 1986-7 academic year. It was a special year 
forme, and I hope for you as well. Let the photographs in this book bring back the memories from 
this Sesquicentennial Year. — Jane E. Campbell 


Liz Carlton 

Robbie Howell 

Jackie Glynn 

Lucia Kendall 

Nelle McCorkle 

Michele Miller 

Jane E. Campbell — Editor 

Cotten Aslton 

Bill Giduz 

Alex Hayden 

Mike Hood 

Jane E. Campbell 


Bill Giduz and all of the College Relations staff 

Pat Gardner, Judi Murphy, and Betty Walley for typing in emergencies 
Debbie Hogg for the numerous lists run off of the computer 

(Thank you — John, Missy. Tim, and Jamie for putting up with me.) 



"Mooning the Library"